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landfill containment equipment

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    Landfill Gas

    Landfill gas is created during the anaerobic decomposition of organic substances in municipal solid waste (MSW) and commercial and industrial (C&I) wastes. Depending upon the landfill design and its management, as well as waste composition, compaction, moisture and several other factors, thousands of landfills are available worldwide to ...

    By Clarke Energy based in Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM. from Landfill Gas Product line

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    Sebright - Model SC-4064 - Self Contained Compactor (2 Cubic Yard Capacity)

    Our newest self-contained model, the SC4060 is available in container capacities from 23 to 39 cubic yards, and has dual, crossed, 4” bore cylinders, resulting in 50,200 lbs of pressure. A great choice for higher volume, wet waste applications. A 1,200 gallon sump for excess liquids from the waste stream can be drained before the compactor ...

    By Sebright Products, Inc. based in Hopkins, MICHIGAN (USA). from Self Contained Compactor (2 Cubic Yard Capacity) Product line

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    EcoBioClean - Model 103 CE - Oil/Chemical Contamination Products

    As with our other formulas, EcoBioClean®103 CE reacts rapidly to control, degrade and eliminate contaminations whether in aerobic or anaerobic areas. For closed environment use such as in holding tanks, containers, pipes, wells, onboard ships, trucks, train cars, landfills, etc. you may apply dry powder enough to cover spill or dilute 1 lb ...

    By Jacor, LLC based in ILLINOIS (USA).

  • EnviroPure - Food Waste Disposal Systems

    EnviroPure's revolutionary food waste elimination systems are self-contained, continual feed, organic waste disposal systems designed to solve the environmental, operational and economic problems of dealing with food waste.

    By EnviroPure Systems, Inc. based in Travelers Rest, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA).

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    Mastermag - Model HISC - Stainless Steel Separators

    The separation of Printing Circuit Boards is an issue for many recycling companies, especially those involved in WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). PCBs contain a number of components mounted on a non-conductive substrate including capacitors, resistors and active devices. A PCB will contain gold, palladium, silver, copper and ...

    By Master Magnets Ltd based in Redditch, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Biostabilization

    Where putrescible waste disposal is still the waste management method of choice but the landfill gas formation shall be avoided and disposal volumes reduced, the biological stabilisation technology offers a commercially attractive solution.

    By AP Business & Technology Consultancy (APBTC) based in Mt Waverly, AUSTRALIA.

  • High-Tip : Reception/Transfer Container

    The cost of transporting dewatered sludge to landfill sites can be reduced significantly if you choose the MOOS High Tip System for on site accumulation of for example dewatered sludge from the jet-vac, tankers, MOOS KSA system etc. The dewatered waste which has remained in the initial High Tip reception container will at some point accumulate and ...

    By Simon Moos Maskinfabrik A/S based in S√łnderborg, DENMARK.

  • Model PURE-RO/LTC - Domestic Landfills Plant

    Domestic waste, being placed on landfills, contain huge amount of bio- and chemical degradable organic materials. Treatment of leachate - arising from its moisture and rainfall - is difficult due to its unstable characteristics, high organic and ammonia content, but is essential to avoid huge environmental risks. Pureco provides turn-key, ...

    By Pureco Idea Ltd. based in Budapest, HUNGARY.

  • Model Trial on Municipal Solid Waste - Landfill Avoidance

    The final challenge that ESR must face lies in the total elimination of landfill, and this brings us back to a trial that was conducted in Belgium in 1996 on 30,000 tons of MSW. This waste contained everything but food and garden waste, paper and cardboard. The results of this trial were fairly amazing: the floats of the 1.25 separator yielded an ...

    By ESR International LLC based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA).

  • Ventsorb - Model 55-gallon - Canisters Contain

    VENTSORB canisters, each containing 180 pounds of activated carbon, are ideal for low-flow air purification applications at industrial and municipal facilities. These economical adsorption systems control small volume organic contaminants and/or odorous gas emissions from: Storage tank vents, Reactor vents, API separator vents, Sludge thickener ...

    By Calgon Carbon Corporation based in Moon Township, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Canisters Contain Product line

  • Portable Landfill Tipper

    The Phelps Low Profile Landfill Trailer Tipper is designed for over-the-road transportation, when several major components are unpinned and removed comprising a second trailer load. Tipper is designed to raise itself in front for coupling to a truck/tractor or converter dolly for relocation in the landfill. Time required for in-the-cell relocation ...

    By Phelps Industries, Inc. based in Little Rock, ARKANSAS (USA).

  • Controlled MSW Landfill

    Every controlled MSW landfill is a potential source for the contamination of air, soil and water. The main carriers of such contaminations are leachate and biogas, produced by the interaction with seepage water and by the processes of waste degradation. In case of ineffective containing systems, leachate can get in contact with natural systems and ...

    By West Systems S.r.l. based in Firenze, ITALY.

  • Model KP1HT - Self-Contained Compactor

    K-PAC’s KP1HT Self-Contained Compactor is an excellent choice where vehicle maneuvering space is limited, including chute or dock fed applications. By building the compactor onto the door where compacted solid waste material is emptied, time is saved by eliminating the extra maneuver required to turn conventional roll-off compactors. The ...

    By Preferred Recycling Equipment Inc based in Grimsby, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Self-Contained Compactor Product line

  • Model MCBF-Series - Modular Container Biofilter

    Our Modular Container Biofilter Systems consist of one to four double walled filtercontainers to treat airflow rates in a range of 300 m3/h to 20.000 m3/h. The outer wall is made of steel with a treated and painted outer surface. The inner surfaces are coated with 4 mm heavy-duty polyethylene. For higher air flow rates we offer special tanks as ...

    By Bioteg Biofilter Systems GmbH based in Thurnau, GERMANY. from Modular Container Biofilter Product line

  • Landfill, Pond Liners and Rain Covers

    Containment products provide an impermeable layer to prevent the passage of solids or liquids from entering the ground. Typical applications are Waste Containment, Hazardous Material Storage and Ponds. A typical product used in this process can include GCL (Geo Composite Clay Liners), Geomembranes / High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Pre ...

    By Landsaver Environmental based in Richmond, VIRGINIA (USA).

  • FINN - Alternative Daily Cover for Landfill Applications

    FINN Waste Cover is an Alternative Daily Cover (ADC) manufactured from recycled paper and wood and containing polymers, an enzyme complex, and other proprietary ingredients. When mixed with water in a FINN landfill spray application machine, the black spray on slurry is applied to the “open face” forming a cement-like crust. Waste ...

    By FINN Corporation based in Fairfield, OHIO (USA). from Alternative Daily Cover for Landfill Applications Product line

  • Ribble Enviro - Model GFM435 - Truly Universal Landfill Gas Analyser

    The GFM 435 is a truly universal landfill gas analyser. Measuring gas concentrations,pressures,flows and temperatures it can be used to equally great effect at peripheral boreholes and gas extraction wells. Contains the following sensor configuration. Infra Red CH4 analysis @ 0-100% / LEL @ 0-100% / Infra Red CO2 @ 0-100% / Electrochemical O2 ...

    By Ribble Enviro Ltd based in Gisburn, UNITED KINGDOM. from Truly Universal Landfill Gas Analyser Product line

  • Grit Gator - High-Speed Decanting, Separation and Dewatering Container

    This is the proprietary high-speed decanting, separation and dewatering container that receives the slurry from the Brenford Pump. Solids are captured while returning 99% debris-free grey water to the sewer or system. Moisture content is reduced to such a low level that the Paint Filler Test requirements are met, and economical disposal in a type ...

    By Brenford Environmental Systems based in Pearland, TEXAS (USA).

  • Rusmar - Model PFU 400/25 - Completely Self-Contained and Portable Foam Generating System

    This completely self-contained and portable foam-generating system is designed to withstand even the mostrugged demands and harsh elements of remediation sites. Quick start-up time means that emission control is available when you need it. The PFU400 Pneumatic Foam Unit is recommended for small to medium-size remediation projects, dredging ...

    By Rusmar Inc. based in West Chester, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Completely Self-Contained and Portable Foam Generating System Product line

  • Trash Bins ( 2-Wheels and 4-Wheels Containers )

    Solid Waste Collection Equipment and Materials Systems. 2-Wheels containers & 4-Wheels containers. Environmental Choices, Inc. offers a full line of high quality above ground and underground trash collection and storage containers for residential, municipal, and commercial uses from Germany, France and the US. We also design and source ...

    By Environmental Choices, Inc. based in Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

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