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landfill liner equipment

  • GAUSSAN - Model EST - Automatic Always-On Interply and Below Membrane Leak Detection

    Gaussan  EST provides the most comprehensive and accurate leak detection system available for hot or cold bituminous, torch-applied modified bitumen or single ply roofing and waterproofing. Our sensor cables are robust enough to be used not only in building pplications, but also in applications as demanding as landfill liners, chemical waste ...

    By Gaussan Inc. based in Tilton, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA).

  • BHS Sonthofen - Model LFK - Twin Shaft Continuous Mixer

    The BHS twin-shaft continuous mixer (LFK) is a powerful, reliable solution for continuous mixing processes, particularly those with coarse aggregates. This mixer is especially suitable for producing mineral mixtures, RCC, landfill liners, lean concrete, heavy concrete and dry mixtures, etc. The counter-rotating motion of the two mixing shafts as ...

    By BHS-Sonthofen GmbH based in Sonthofen, GERMANY. from Mixing Technology Product line

  • Jingwei - Model HDPE - Textured Geomembrane

    Our HDPE textured geomembrane comes in two different models: one with a single textured surface, the other with a double textured surface. Because of its strong tribological properties in which the textured surface increases friction between two surfaces, this geosynthetic liner works well for steep slopes. Therefore, as compared with smooth ...

    By Taian Jingwei Geosynthetics Co., Ltd. based in Taian, CHINA. from Geomembranes Product line

  • Solid Waste Landfills

    Landfill liners are designed and constructed to create a barrier between the waste that is dumped in the landfill and the ground below it. When a new landfill disposal area is constructed, referred to as a landfill cell, the geomembrane liner and other geosynthetic products are installed.

    By Hallaton, Inc based in Sparks, MARYLAND (USA). from Applications Product line

  • Model XR-5 - Geomembrane

    XR Geomembranes are the most durable and strongest geomembranes in use today. They are specified worldwide for projects including wastewater impoundments, landfill liners, floating covers, tank farms, and potable water applications. Each XR Geomembrane is capable of performing in the hardest, most difficult environments. When challenging projects ...

    By Global Plastic Sheeting based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • HDPE Geomembrane - Model HDPE - HDPE Liners

    The popularity of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is primarily due to its low initial material cost and excellent chemical reistance. This allows thicker sections to be used compared to other geomembrane materials. A thick, durable, HDPE liner can be placed in exposed applications where the cost of other materials would be prohibitive. HDPE has ...

    By Laiwu Starring Trading Co.,ltd based in CHINA. from HDPE Geomembrane Product line

  • IEC - Liner Systems - Landfills

    lEC works closely with engineers and contractors on the design, layout and installation of landfill caps and leachate liners. Our experienced crews have successfully installed geomembrane in some of the most challenging basins and shapes and in some of the harshest conditions around the world. Our fleet of trucks, trailers and equipment are ...

    By Industrial & Environmental Concepts, Inc. (IEC) based in Lakeville, MINNESOTA (USA). from Liner Systems Product line

  • Clay Liner

    GCLs are constructed of two geotextiles encapsulating a layer of low permeability sodium bentonite to create an impermeable liner for use in landfills and ponds.

    By ACF Environmental based in Richmond, VIRGINIA (USA). from Geosynthetics Products- Containment Product line

  • Landfill, Pond Liners and Rain Covers

    Containment products provide an impermeable layer to prevent the passage of solids or liquids from entering the ground. Typical applications are Waste Containment, Hazardous Material Storage and Ponds. A typical product used in this process can include GCL (Geo Composite Clay Liners), Geomembranes / High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Pre ...

    By Landsaver Environmental based in Richmond, VIRGINIA (USA).

  • geosynthetic clay liner - Model 01 - Geosynthetic Clay Liners

    Geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) are an established sealing product in the geoenvironmental industry. They are used in landfill caps and base liner applications under roads, railways, secondary containment for above ground tank farms, as well as within various other containment structures such as dams, canals, ponds, rivers and lakes. They are also ...

    By shandong taian sanyou building materialco., ltd. based in taian city , CHINA.

  • Polyethylene

    Polyethylene is a long chain hydrocarbon thermoplastic material produced from the polymerization of ethylene. Polyethylene is relatively low priced, easily process able, highly impervious, and especially characterized by its high resistance to a wide range of chemically aggressive contaminants. Polyethylene is thus used worldwide as the preferred ...

    By Waan Enviro Tech. (WET) based in Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA.

  • Model ITL 40X & ITL40XGL - CWPE Liners

    100% Recyclable. Reinforced Liners . . . 5 & 6 layers thick. 'X' symbol = 'double scrim' for 'multiple strength'. Plant Fabricated & Tested (significantly reduce time and related weather issues for In-field seam welding). No geotextile underlayment* (time savings, reduce labor, less material to recycle and/or landfill). Offers field repair ...

    By Inland Tarp & Liner, LLC (ITL) based in Moses Lake, WASHINGTON (USA). from Liner Product line

  • Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCL)

    Geosynthetic Clay Liners are innovative products consisting composites that consist of dry bentonite sandwiched between two layers of geotextile. They are available in a range thicknesses and capabilities that are engineered for a variety of lining applications. Geosynthetic Clay Liners provide an alternative to conventional Compacted Clay Liners ...

    By GeoSolutions, Inc. based in Austin, TEXAS (USA). from Liners Product line

  • Jalcover - 16 mil Geomembrane that has a long life

    JalCover 16 is a durable geomembrane designed for maximum strength and performance. JalCover is quickly becoming the popular choice for use in high strength durability applications. JalCover products are designed for use as heavy-duty liners and covers for various applications in oil fields, landfills, spill containments, remediation, trucks and ...

    By Gulnar Plastics Pvt. Ltd based in INDIA.

  • Claymat GCLs - Liquid and Gas Barrier

    Claymat GCLs have many applications in landfill lining and capping, reservoirs, canals, ornamental ponds, highway balancing reservoirs and retention ponds. Claymat GCLs can also be used in the environmental lining of roads and projects in contaminated land, fuel spillage containment, cut off trenches and waterproofing.

    By ABG Ltd based in Meltham, UNITED KINGDOM. from GCL Product line

  • Landfills

    Landfills continue to be ecologically sensitive projects requiring top notch construction products. ACP Applied Products can provide and install bottom liners and caps for both private and public landfill sites. Our professional installers provide a custom fit for every size of project and for any and all requirements. Coletanche is the most ...

    By ACP Applied Products based in Acheson, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • Jingwei - Model PVC - Geomembrane

    The PVC geomembrane is a watertight macromolecular material of high quality. We begin with PVC resin and add plasticizer, anti-ultraviolet agents, inhibitors, and stabilizers and then use extrusion molding to finish it. This waterproofing membrane is stable with a low thermal expansion coefficient, ideal for applications which require long-term ...

    By Taian Jingwei Geosynthetics Co., Ltd. based in Taian, CHINA. from Geomembranes Product line


    Mokarrar Composite Co. is the first and only GCL producer in Iran.GCL is a geo-composite sheets of geotextile composed of two layers of polypropylene and sodium Bentonite between the layers. The Bentonite will convert into a gel after contact to a fluid which makes it very special and in case of punching, with its high swell index, causes a ...

    By Mokarrar Composite Co. based in Tehran, IRAN.

  • EPT - Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)

    EPT’s rLLDPE is available in two standard finishes: Two-sided taffeta 36 mil and 45 mil with taffeta on one side; and a diamond plate enhanced traction surface on the other.  Available at 120” width and shipped directly from our factory.

    By Engineered Polymer Technologies (EPT) based in Hillside, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Polymer Products Product line

  • Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs)

    Geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) is one type of geocomposite product which consisting of a layer of natural sodium bentonite between a woven and a non-woven geotextile which are needle-punched together. Geosynthetic clay ...

    By Taian Eastar Geosynthetical Material Co., Ltd. based in Taian City, CHINA.

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