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    Resistex - Geosynthetic Clay Liners

    ResistexTM GCLs are dry blended, polymer-treated GCLs that are designed to provide improved chemical resistance in moderately aggressive leachate environments.  Resistex GCLs contain polymer that helps reduce the effects of cation exchange by swelling and partly offsetting the reduced bentonite swell.  Resistex GCLs are available in many ...

    By Colloid Environmental Technologies Company (CETCO) based in Hoffman Estates, UNITED KINGDOM. from Geosynthetic Clay Liners Product line

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    Model ECO DPM Series - Multiple Effect Vacuum Evaporators with Alternative Energy Source

    Distillation throughput from 165 to 1250 l/h. Single or modular multiple effect vacuum evaporator, for the effective concentration of water-based solutions. To be applied whenever alternative source energy are available. It can be powered with hot water, steam, diathermic oil. Ideal to recycle any waste heat and to be combined with alternative ...

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    Model 12.14 - Motorized Foot Valve Pump Set

    Among other items the standard set contains a foot valve pump suitable for two pumping tubes, tube guides, ball valves, polyethylene tube and an aluminium tripod. The revolutionary PowerPack PP1, a borehole sampling system for groundwater and leachate, is light enough to be carried by one person. It’s powerful enough to lift water from 50 m ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water based in Giesbeek, NETHERLANDS. from Motorized Foot Valve Pump Set Product line

  • EvapoDry - Evaporation system

    Ecologix provides low temperature evaporation systems designed to efficiently evaporate wastewater from landfill leachate recovery systems using the low BTU landfill gas as a fuel. The EvapoDry design incorporates a submerged burner tube that fires below the solution level and achieves 95%+ energy efficiency. This low temperature system evaporates ...

    By Ecologix Environmental Systems, LLC based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Evaporation system Product line

  • Model SPG120 - Leachate Sampling Plate

    SPG120 leachate sampling plate made of porous borosilicate glass. Suitable for phosphate and DOC.

    By METER Group, Inc. based in Pullman, WASHINGTON (USA). from Leachate Sampling Plate Product line

  • Leachate Tanks

    We will construct leachate tanks for you to collect any leachate draining from composting plants and animal feed silo facilities. The reinforced concrete round tanks of WOLF System suits ideally for the using as collector tanks. Your WOLF System leachate tanks are constructed monolithically from reinforced concrete with our own developed special ...

    By Wolf System GmbH based in Osterhofen, GERMANY. from Leachate Tanks Product line

  • Conventional Biological Plants

    The double stage of nitrification /denitrification technology for high nitrogen content waters (as an example slaughter house waters, leachate of landfill sites) allows to diminish the energetic consumptions relative to the recycling from the divisions of nitrification to the divisions of denitrification ( reduction of recycling capacity to ...

    By Tecam srl based in PORDENONE, ITALY. from Conventional Biological Plants Product line

  • Skim-pak - Model Series 2500 - Stainless Steel Flow - Control and Floating Fixed Weir Surface Skimmer Systems

    Skim-pak series 2500 is also designed for operations such as: Sumps up to 12 x 12 feet. Storage Tanks up to 10,000 gallons. Equalization Tanks. Settling Ponds. Oil/Water Separators. Waste Water Intake, Treatment and Discharge. Lift Stations. Environmental: Oil and other VOC Spill Recovery. Surface Water Pollution Control and Remediation. Leachate ...

    By Skim-pak based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Stainless Steel Flow - Control and Floating Fixed Weir Surface Skimmer Systems Product line

  • Intereco - Leachate Mobile Unit

    This unit has been assembled on a trailer to be used in two public landfills. The process is one chemical-physical unit (it could be UF), followed by two stages RO, due to the high concentration of pollutants. Completely automatic with PLC, to discharge in surface water.

    By Intereco S.n.c. based in Scalenghe (TO), ITALY. from Leachate Mobile Unit Product line

  • Airwell - Landfill Leachate Recovery System

    Airwell pumping systems are used extensively in leachate recovery both in Australia and overseas. Uses include the detection and recovery from leaks in residue ponds, tailings dams and landfill sites. We have experience in developing systems for both hazardous and non-hazardous environments. The low flow capabilities of the Airwell system as well ...

    By Airwell Group Pty Ltd based in Malaga, AUSTRALIA. from Landfill Leachate Recovery System Product line

  • Linkon - Adulteration Dryer

    Adulteration and sand lifted from regular and fine screens and sediment lifter are dried simultaneously. Prevention of leachate, which is an old problem of intake unit, and secondary contamination (bad odor and harmful insect outbreak by leachate). Operational obstruction by winter freezing is resolved. Treatment cost is lowered due to volume ...

    By Linkon Technology co. based in Seongnam, SOUTH KOREA.

  • Industrial Advanced Aeration Bio-Bubble

    Bio-Bubble Advanced-Aeration has been used for a number of industrial waste water applications including abattoirs, meat processing plants, vegetable preparation factories and landfill leachate. A further application includes a treatment plant used for the decommissioning of explosive material. Numerous smaller treatment systems are serving a ...

    By Bio-Bubble Technologies Ltd based in Farlington, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Macpresse - Leachate Collection System

    The MAC leachate collection is a belt with chain and scrapers used along the length of the baler perimeter. The belt collects leachate and drops it into a tank under the floor level so there are no leachate puddles on the floor or organic residues that require labor to be cleaned up. Organic residues can then be discharged into an container.

    By Macpresse Europa S.R.L based in Vernate, ITALY. from Leachate Collection System Product line

  • Easy Level - Liquid Level Indicator

    The new Easy Level Liquid Level Indicator makes it easy to see if the liquid level has exceeded the maximum level desired. The Easy Level (U.S. Patent Number 8,756,991) liquid level indicator is faster and easier than traditional liquid level measurement with portable tapes. If the liquid level rises above the chosen set point, the bright orange ...

    By QED Environmental Systems, Inc based in Dexter, MICHIGAN (USA). from Liquid Level Indicator Product line

  • Model FLO-MAX - Flow Meter

    Accurate and Reliable Leachate Flow Measurement With Flo-Max. QED continues to provide better ways for the Landfill Gas industry to perform day to day operations. Knowing you have the right equipment for the job allows you to focus on productivity rather than troubleshooting equipment and recording inaccurate data. The FLO-MAX inline leachate flow ...

    By QED Environmental Systems, Inc based in Dexter, MICHIGAN (USA). from Flow Meter Product line

  • R.E.M. - Septage Receiving Stations

    Multipurpose Combined systems for septage tanker trucks.Systems for screening, degritting and degreasing suitable for low and mid-range flowrate. The mechanical pre-treatment is the key to every efficient municipal and industrial waste water treatment plant. It is vital to remove most of the screenings and non-organic material from the waste ...

    By R.E.M. srl based in Cavriago, ITALY.

  • Meifute - Model MFT-SR-11-90/160 - reverse osmosis filter membrane wastewater treatment

    1.SUPER MODULECharacteristics:High anti-fouling and work under high pressure. High anti-fouling and long service life.Core parts of the special membrane : filter membranes, guide plates, central pull rod, high pressure resistant vessel, flange at both ends, sealing elements and connecting bolts. Applications:Zero Liquid DischargeHigh Concentration ...

  • BioRound - Sequence Batch Reactors (SBR)

    There are increasing demands on industry and plants with landfill today to have full control of the leachate. The method proved to be superior for leachate water is SBR technology (Sequence Batch Reactor). It provides a very effective treatment of the complex leachate. Malmberg BioRound™ is a complete solution from reactor to ...

    By Malmberg Gruppen AB based in Yngsjö, SWEDEN. from Sequence Batch Reactors (SBR) Product line

  • T-CUT - Tubular Modules for Ultrafiltration

    CUT Membrane Technology is able to provide different cut-offs with their range of robust T-CUT tubular modules. The membranes are applied on high-quality support material and are particularly distinguished by their durable and long-lasting service lives.T-CUT tubular modules can also be used in applications with extreme requirements thanks to the ...

    By Christian Bürkert GmbH & Co. KG based in Ingelfingen, GERMANY.

  • Ground Water Treatment Plant

    Rising levels of groundwater pollution are confronting water utilities with increasing difficulties. The problem of nitrates and pesticides in areas of intensive agricultural activity and the contamination caused by halogenated hydrocarbons from site leachate, make the treatment of natural water reserves essential.

    By VA TECH WABAG GmbH based in Vienna, AUSTRIA. from Ground Water Treatment Plant Product line

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