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lead and arsenic equipment

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    SORB - Model 33 - Adsorption Arsenic Removal Solution

    Our SORB33 solutions can provide you with a cost effective media and system solution to meet your arsenic removal needs. The SORB33 media, a robust ferric oxide arsenic removal media, was specifically designed with a high capacity for both arsenic (III) and arsenic (V), providing long operating cycles and low operating costs. The media also ...

  • Model Arsen - Test Kit

    The arsenic test is due to its high sensitivity suitable for the determination of arsenic in drinking water.

    By AQUALYTIC® based in Dortmund, GERMANY. from Test Kit Product line

  • Filtronics - Model NXT-2 - Arsenic Removal Media

    The NXT-2 patented technology was developed in cooperation between EP Minerals and the University of Nevada-Reno, to provide cost-effective treatment for the removal of arsenic from drinking water to less than 10 ppb to meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requirements. NXT-2 is a free-flowing, lanthanum-based mixed metal oxy-hydroxide media ...

    By Filtronics, Incorporated based in Anaheim, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Arsenic Removal Media Product line

  • SEIBOLD - Online Arsenic Analyser

    Arsenic is found in the atmosphere, in water, soils, sediments and organisms due to releasing by various industrial processes, mining or smelting and agricultural activities as well as a byproduct of coal combustion. Natural sources. Arsenic is found in more than 245 minerals.

    By SEIBOLD Wasser - Analysatorenfabrik GmbH based in Klosterneuburg, AUSTRIA.

  • Apyron - Arsenic Treatment Unit

    Apyron's Arsenic Treatment Unit is an integrated water treatment system, custom designed to remove arsenic levels as high as 3,500 ppb and iron up to 15 ppm. The easy to use unit provides water on demand within villages of India and Bangladesh allowing the villagers safe water for drinking and cooking.

    By Apyron Technologies based in Atlanta, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Apyron - Arsenic Test Kit

    Apyron's Arsenic Test Kit provides a safe, quick, and cost-effective method to test water for the presence of total arsenic. With increased sensitivity indicating arsenic levels from 5 to 800 ppb, the arsenic test kit is an ideal tool to identify the need for treatment and verify performance of the treatment system once installed.

    By Apyron Technologies based in Atlanta, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Re-Melted Lead

    We bring into being and Import Remelted Lead Ingots / Blocks that contains about 99-98% Lead Metal with remaining Impurity Elements (Total 1-2%) as Antimony, Tin, Arsenic, Iron, Bismuth, Copper etc. This is commercially called as 'Raw Lead or Lead Bullion', which is further processed to Pure Lead (99.97 purity) and / or Specific Lead Alloys. ...

    By Pagrik Ethiopia P.L.C. based in Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA.

  • Showcase

    Trace2o Metalyser - Model Field Pro HM3000 - Professional Portable Heavy Metals Analysis System

    A professional portable heavy metals analysis system, combining the reliable Metalyser handheld unit with a high-quality waterproof 10 inch tablet PC, offering enhanced levels of precision. The tablet PC permits multi-point standard addition analysis, and with the manual peak height calculation function, peaks can be measured that automatic ...

    By Trace2o ltd based in Thatcham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Professional Portable Heavy Metals Analysis System Product line

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    Trace2o Metalyser - Model Deluxe HM2000 - Portable Heavy Metals Analysis System

    An enhanced portable heavy metals analysis system, with a combination of electrochemical and photometric instruments for improved ranges and additional parameters. The Metalyser offers easy field detection of cadmium, lead, zinc, mercury and arsenic, as well as low-range copper and manganese. The Metalometer offers high-range copper and manganese, ...

    By Trace2o ltd based in Thatcham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Portable Heavy Metals Analysis System Product line

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    Atomisol - Metal Stabilization Technology

    Atomisol Metal stabilization and encapsulation is an alternative treatment technology for stabilizing toxic heavy metals in soils and production waste streams. The Atomisol proprietary stabilization systems render high levels of lead, chromium, cadmium, arsenic and other heavy metals into non-leachable, safe forms, suitable for onsite deposition ...

    By Ivey International Inc. based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

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    NoMonia - Biological Filtration Systems

    Ammonia is an increasing concern for many communities throughout North America. While it is currently unregulated by the USEPA, the World Health Organization (WHO) set a recommended maximum contaminant level of 0.2 mg/L in drinking water. Concerns, however, related to water contaminated by ammonia should not be taken lightly. If ammonia-generated ...

    By Adedge Water Technologies, LLC based in Buford, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Biological Filtration Systems Product line

  • Phoenix - Model 986 AAS Series - Hydride Generator

    The hydride atomic absorption method is used to determine trace elements such as arsenic, selenium, antimony, bismuth, lead, tin, tellurium and germanium. The cold atomic absorption is used to determine mercury in the sample.

    By Sedico Ltd. based in Nicosia, CYPRUS. from Hydride Generator Product line

  • Enviro - Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

    Our Reverse Osmosis (RO) System is perfect if you are concerned about specific contaminants in your municipal water like Arsenic V, Cysts, Fluoride, Lead and high Total Dissolved Solids that cannot be reduced with carbon filtration alone.

    By Enviro Water Products based in DeLand, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Advantec - Model GB100R - Glass Fiber Filter Media

    Advantec's grade GB100R Glass Fiber Filter is a fine-porosity (0.6 micron particle retention) filter with ow trace metal content and is used to sample high and low volume aerosols for airborne dust and metal contaminants. Low trace metals include: Arsenic (As), Cadmium (Cd), and Lead (Pb).

    By Sterlitech Corporation based in Kent, WASHINGTON (USA). from Glass Fiber Filter Media Product line

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    GE Whatman - Model Grade 2V - Qualitative Filter Papers, Fluted

    Compared with quadrant-folded filters, GE’s Whatman Grade 2V pre-folded filter paper exposes extra surface area, which enables a higher loading capacity and shorter filtration time.

    By GE Healthcare Life Sciences based in Marlborough, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Qualitative Filter Papers, Fluted Product line

  • Remotox - Removal of Heavy Metals from Laboratory Waste Stream

    Remotox removes arsenic, mercury, cadmium, lead, selenium, copper, zinc and other metals commonly found in laboratory wastes. Hexavalent chromium is easily removed and does not need to be reduced to its trivalent state. The resulting metal precipitate can be removed by filtration or by allowing the solids to settle and decanting the water. Remotox ...

    By Graus Chemicals, LLC based in Glendale, ARIZONA (USA).

  • Hellenbrand - Millennium Reverse Osmosis

    Remove up to 99% of contaminants found in drinking water. Our most advanced system uses reverse osmosis, four stages of enhanced filtration to filter out up to 99% of the contaminants that standard filtration leaves behind so you won’t have to worry about harmful things like nitrates, arsenic or lead making it to your faucet.

    By Hellenbrand, Inc. based in Waunakee, WISCONSIN (USA). from Millennium Reverse Osmosis Product line

  • WhiteWater - 3-Stage Inline Water Filtration System

    3-Stage Inline Water Filtration System w/Dedicated Faucet Removes Fluoride and Arsenic ; Stage one - Catalytic Carbon/KDF85.Stage two - Activated Alumina . Stage three - .5-micron Carbon Block. Filters reduce or remove dirt, sand, sediment, chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, arsenic, VOCs, lead, cysts and other chemicals from the water. Filters last ...

    By WhiteWater Concepts based in Culver City, CALIFORNIA (USA). from 3-Stage Inline Water Filtration System Product line

  • ViroFlow - Industrial Wastewater and Solids Treatment

    ViroFlow Technology provides a total solution to contaminated wastewater and solids in industrial applications, including metal finishing, tanneries and manufacturing. ViroFlow Technology reduces high concentrations of heavy metals, including lead, chromium, nickel, and zinc, as well as Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Total Suspended Solids (TSS), ...

    By Virotec Global Solutions Pty Ltd. based in Coomera Waters, AUSTRALIA.

  • H2O-RC

    The Solution to Water Pollution: Our systems contain a patented bacteriostatic media, KDF (U.S. Patent 4,642,192), which has been tested to drastically reduce or effectively remove: Chlorine, Lead, Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium, Selenium, Mercury, Iron and other metals that may be present in the water. KDF is listed under NSF International ...

    By H2O International, Inc. based in Deerfield Beach, FLORIDA (USA).

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