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LiDAR technology equipment

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    Micro Pulse LiDAR - Model MiniMPL - Atmospheric Monitoring System

    The first generation of micro pulse lidar technology was designed by NASA for detecting high cirrus clouds. Our subsequent commercial “Micro Pulse LiDAR” generations (MPL and MiniMPL) have evolved with the goal of making the most cost-effective, robust, and sensitive backscatter lidar possible. This has been achieved by using quality ...

    By Micro Pulse LiDAR, part of Hexagon based in Lanham, MARYLAND (USA).

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    EVERISE - Ozone Laser LiDAR O3 Finder

    The ozone laser lidar O3 Finder, integrated with a number of core technologies, is used to online monitor vertical distribution of atmospheric ozone concentration in real time. Atmosphere monitoring at comprehensive three dimensions provides strong data support to meet the current and future development trend.

    By Everise Technology Ltd. based in Beijing, CHINA. from Remote Sensing LiDAR Detection Product line

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    Micro Pulse LiDAR - Model MPL - Atmospheric Air Monitoring System

    Our Micro Pulse LiDARs use photon-counting detectors with high quantum efficiency at the chosen wavelength, coupled with high pulse rate, lower energy per pulse lasers. When combined with extremely stable optics this efficient approach to photon management leads to much higher sensitivity than big pulse alternatives for detecting and ...

    By Micro Pulse LiDAR, part of Hexagon based in Lanham, MARYLAND (USA).

  • LiDAR

    LiDAR (Light detecting and ranging) is a remote sensing tool now widely used and accepted in the wind industry by users and financial institutions. LiDAR comes in many iterations including ground based LiDAR, Floating LiDAR, Nacelle LiDAR, and Scanning LiDAR. Oldbaum are experts in all these LiDAR forms and are able to provide technical advice on ...

    By Oldbaum Services Limited based in Stirling, UNITED KINGDOM. from Instrumentation Product line

  • Jogler - Model LLT- 1000 - LiDAR Level Transmitter

    Jogler’s LIDAR Level Transmitter is a non-contact, laser based instrument that measures the level in silos, tanks, hoppers, chutes and bunkers. With long measuring range, high accuracy and a narrow beam, the LLT-1000 can be used in many different applications to measure to different types of surface. The 4...20 mA and relay interfaces ...

    By Jogler LLC. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Laser Level Transmitters Product line

  • Delair - Model DT26X - Democratizes Airborne LiDAR Drone

    The Delair DT26X LiDAR democratizes airborne LiDAR by enabling the technology to be used in a much wider range of projects. The solution hugely reduces costs and safety risks which makes the DT26X LiDAR a scalable alternative to manned aircraft for corridor and large-area mapping.

    By Delair based in Toulouse, FRANCE. from DT26 Line Product line

  • Sigma - Model AMCS-USB - Multi Channel Scalers

    The AMCS-USB card was designed to support low-power, compact systems with a convenient USB interface. Initially designed as a key component of the MicroPulse LiDAR (MPL) systems, the AMCS-USB card has been deployed worldwide for use in numerous data systems running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It has been used in the following NASA GSFC LiDAR ...

    By Sigma Space Corporation based in Lanham, MARYLAND (USA). from Aerospace Instruments Product line

  • SewerVUE - Floating Platform for Long Range Multi-Sensor Pipe Inspection Technology

    SewerVUE’s long range multi-sensor pipe inspection technology combines state of the art data collection and analysis with proprietary processing and reporting software. The SewerVUE float based inspection platform is outfitted with high definition CCTV, LIDAR and sonar sensors and has a 6000 ft deployment capability. LIDAR measurements ...

    By SewerVUE based in Burnaby, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • FaunaPhotonics - Model LIDAR - Optics Technology

    LIDAR is a technology that resembles radar and sonar but exploits light. Our instrument shines infrared, invisible light on flying insects and automatically detects the back reflected light of each individual insect. This allows us to accurately measure the wing beat frequency, polarisation and other spectroscopic properties of insects flying ...

    By FaunaPhotonics ApS based in Copenhagen N, DENMARK.

  • SewerVUE - Surveyor for Long Range Pipe Inspection Technology

    Introducing SewerVUE’s long range pipe inspection technology: the fourth generation Surveyor. This tracked robot is equipped with high definition CCTV, LiDAR, Sonar, and our revolutionary pipe penetrating radar (PPR.) Combined with state of the art collection and analysis software, and the ability to deploy up to 6000 ft, the Surveyor is ...

    By SewerVUE based in Burnaby, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR)

    LIDAR technology (Light Detection and Ranging) is a ground-based laser system that measures the wind profile from 10 m to 200 m. Wind Measurement International has chosen the ZephIR LIDAR system as offering the most bankable data. It is a candidate to replace the met mast based wind measurements used in power curve calculations for offshore wind ...

    By Wind Measurement International based in Berkhamsted, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • OPAL™ - 3D LiDAR Scanner

    Introducing the completely redesigned OPAL 3D LiDAR scanner from Neptec Technologies. Based on the latest innovations in laser optics and intelligent 3D processing, the OPAL delivers an unprecedented combination of range, data density, acquisition speed, and obscurant-penetration capability in a smaller, lighter package. The ...

    By Neptec Technologies Corp. based in Ottawa, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Ocean Visuals - Model OWL - Shipborne Light Detection and Ranging System (LIDAR)

    OWL is the world’s smallest HLIF LiDAR weighing 40 kg with dimensions of 30x40x60 cm and with measurement range of 15-30 meters. The detector is weatherized to withstand harsh weather such as extreme cold and is well suited for Arctic conditions.The technology is essentially a Hyperspectral Laser Induced Fluorescence (HLIF) ...

    By Ocean Visuals AS based in Ålesund, NORWAY.

  • Sigma - Advanced Photon Counting System (APCS)

    The Advanced Photon Counting System (APCS) card was designed to enhance and expand NASA’s Cloud Physics LiDAR (CPL) system. Since 2003, the APCS has been used in CPL, flying in both ER-2 and Global Hawk platforms. To date, it has flown in over 20 different field campaigns. The APCS card is also used as the primary data collection source for ...

    By Sigma Space Corporation based in Lanham, MARYLAND (USA). from Aerospace Instruments Product line

  • SuperFox - Model 6 - Lidar and Photogrammetric Drone

    Multiply your flight time by 3 with the 43 minutes autonomy of the SuperFox6. The SuperFox6 drone surveyor has 43 minutes autonomy. Thus, it triples the capabilities of its predecessor: the Fox6. A single flight of SuperFox6 is equivalent to 3 flights of Fox6. In addition, this aerial multi-rotor drone is fully automated. It can carry out a wide ...

    By Hélicéo based in NANTES, FRANCE. from Technologies - Drone Photogrammetry Product line

  • OPAL™ - Specialty Series Scanner

    At Neptec Technologies we are committed to working with our customers to deliver solutions relevant to their specific application and environment. OEM customers requiring specialized features, specific performance, or enhanced build-quality choose OPAL™ Specialty Series as their LiDAR platform. For further information on solving your ...

    By Neptec Technologies Corp. based in Ottawa, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • 3D Laser Scanner

    The OPAL-ECR is a rugged, multi-purpose 3D laser scanner specifically designed for automation applications with low reflectivity targets and obscurants. Based on Neptec Technologies’ innovative scanner design and patented obscurant-penetrating OPAL™ LiDAR technology, the OPAL-ECR is a versatile and powerful situational awareness ...

    By Neptec Technologies Corp. based in Ottawa, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Legacy Products Product line

  • SewerVUE - Model SONAR - Sensors

    For measurements below the flow, SewerVUE Technology deploys industry leading sonar sensors. With sub-centimeter precision, these sensors are capable of determining sediment volume, and profiling the pipe below the flow. When used in conjunction with LiDAR imaging above the flow, SewerVUE will generate a 360 degree image of the pipe including ...

    By SewerVUE based in Burnaby, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Multi-Sensor Pipe Inspection System Product line

  • Floating LiDAR

    We are pleased and excited to announce the partnership with AXYS technologies to market, sell and support the innovative WindSENTINEL system. Offshore wind is an expensive business, with wind speed data crucial to the energy yield and cost of energy prediction. The traditional wind energy measurement mast is still the default method, however ...

    By Oldbaum Services Limited based in Stirling, UNITED KINGDOM. from Instrumentation Product line

  • SuperBathy - Bathymetric Drone

    The SuperBathy is an automatic bathymetric drone with a dual technology of aerial or aquatic propulsion. Thanks to a doubled autonomy compared to its predecessor, this drone can be used during 10 hours of mission. Its completely new waterproof design allows it to be compatible with a LiDAR system for scanning banks and bridges. In addition to ...

    By Hélicéo based in NANTES, FRANCE. from Aquatic Product line

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