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liquid organic waste equipment

  • Kleen - Organic Waste Decomposer Lagoon with Bacteria and Enzymes

    Lagoon Kleen, all-natural product, is a concentration of special enzymes and natural bacteria cultures that help manage unwanted solids in agricultural waste handling systems. The specific cultures have been selected for the rapid and efficient biotreatment of all liquid organic waste in lagoons or other storage systems.

    By Soil Technologies Corporation based in Fairfield, IOWA (USA). from Lagoon Remediation Product line

  • Waste Treatment Technology

    Although there have been enormous efforts to make waste as harmless as possible, there are still some industries that use chemical process producing toxic chemicals and hazardous waste. This is especially true for the pharmaceutical, chemical, oil and gas industries. Our company has developed a system to treat the most concentrated hazardous ...

    By Boson E.S.T. Ltd based in Modiin Maccabim Reut, ISRAEL. from Technology Product line

  • Sebigas - Covered Lagoon Biobeactor (CLBR)

    In order to treat liquid substrates, SEBIGAS can offer a solution based on covered and gas-tight lagoons, temperature controlled. The technology is suitable for all organic liquid agro-industrial waste such as tapioca effluents, palm oil mill effluents (POME), sugar and ethanol processing waste.

    By Sebigas spa based in Olgiate Olona (VA), ITALY.

  • Model DSP 205 - Screw Press

    The Doppstadt Screw Press 205 is designed for solid-liquid separation of organic waste. During this process the bio-available fraction of the input material is concentrated in the liquid phase (filtrate). The filtrate is then used as a substrate to produce biogas using wet fermentation. According to the application the retentate can be composted ...

    By Doppstadt based in Velbert, GERMANY. from Separating - Solid-Liquid Separation Product line

  • Hepburn - Bio Buster

    Kick starts systems & Treats contaminated bilge water For all problem areas where grease, fat, effluent solids or fuel oil have formed and the tanks are anaerobic and smelling. Use Bio Buster to kick start a system that has suffered toxic shock or gone anaerobic. To bio degrade all types of organic liquid waste water quickly – to kick ...

    By Hepburn Bio Care Ltd based in Southampton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wastewater Treatment Products Product line

  • Unka - Thin Film Evaporator

    Thin film evaporators are provided maximum efficiency and solution for difficult and demanding process problems in the areas of distillation. Thin Film Evaporators have benefits in the following main technical features from other evaporator types;

    By Unka Engineering based in Beylikdüzü, TURKEY.

  • AquaClean - Anerobic Digestion System

    AquaClean - Anaerobic Digestion - Microbial Products to enhance Anaerobic Digester Performance. AquaClean™ Products are each a broad diversity of naturally occuring bacteria species in a stable, liquid form which, when applied to organic waste, significantly reduce odours and improve biological process stability and yield.

    By Nova Q LTD based in Dublin, IRELAND. from Bugs & Smells Product line

  • Liquid Waste

    KL Series liquid incineration chambers have been developed to assure an efficient destruction of mixtures from different sources with very heterogeneous characteristics and also complying with the working conditions required by regulation in force.

    By Kalfrisa, S.A. based in Zaragoza, SPAIN. from Waste Valorization - Liquid Waste Product line

  • Recuperative Thermal Oxidation Plant

    It consists of oxidizing fuel compounds from a gas flow, at a temperature higher than its autoignition point, during a fixed time and with optimal mixing conditions.

    By Prodesa Medioambiente based in Zaragoza (España), SPAIN. from Gas Treatment Product line

  • iPURtech - Liquid Purification System

    iPURtech has created a revolutionary liquid purification system, the iPUR-BAC. It uses the power of UV combined with a catalyst to remove bacteria, organic waste and complex organic materials from liquids. Applications range from metal working fluids to crop washing, brewery waste to hydroponic farming. The system builds on existing UV technology ...

    By iPURtech based in Broomhall, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • RotaCut - Model RCQ Series - Inline Macerator

    High Performance Maceration, Heavy Duty Cutting Head, Easy Inline Maintenance. The RotaCut RCQ Series shares all of the qualities of the RC Series but has a few differences to make it suitable for heavy duty applications. It features an extra seal in the cutting head and higher wear materials. The RCQ series is ideal for most solids reduction and ...

    By Vogelsang USA based in Canby, OHIO (USA). from Solids Reduction Product line

  • Model Grade TCLP - Filters

    Binder free, borosilicate glass fiber filters. Meets US EPA requirements for Toxicity Characteristics Leaching Procedure (TCLP). Available 47 mm to 150 mm diameter. Acid treated and multi-stage deionized water rinsed to conform to EPA method 1311.

    By Sterlitech Corporation based in Kent, WASHINGTON (USA). from Filters - Membrane Disc Filters - Glass Fiber Filters Product line

  • SMICON - Screw Compression Filter

    The MAS screw compression filter has proven its worth since its introduction in 1998. This machine is ideally suited for the controlled dehydration and separation of miscellaneous liquid process, waste and residue flows from industrial, organic and agricultural applications. An internal screw with filter system transports the liquid effluent ...

    By SMICON bv based in Wanroij, NETHERLANDS. from Filtration Machine Product line

  • P. Henkel - Model 120/200/240 Litre - Large Waste Bin with Spherical Base

    The waste bin with spherical base represents hygienic waste disposal of food wastes and liquid slops as well as residual waste and organic wastes. MGBs with spherical base are side-loader-optimised. Cost benefits for councils and municipalities as well as private waste management companies. Absolutely low-noise, serially only 89 dB in accordance ...

    By P. Henkel GmbH based in Kreuztal, GERMANY. from Large Waste Containers Product line

  • Commercial Septic Tank Systems

    We specialise in the design and installation of eco-friendly commercial septic tanks. At A&A Worm Farm Waste Systems, we deliver sustainable and efficient sewage, wastewater and organic waste treatment solutions that help to maintain clean eco-systems. 

    By A + A Worm Farm Waste Systems based in Hastings, AUSTRALIA.

  • Hongyi - Model Hy250Ex-PLC - Solvent Recovery Equipment

    Solvent recovery equipment works with intelligent software control and liquid level control, it’s automatic feeding, 24 hours automatic runing

  • Agama Biogas-Pro - Biogas Digester

    The BiogasPro is a high-efficiency biogas digester designed by some of SA's leading biogas experts specifically for domestic- and institutional-scale installations.  BiogasPro is an underground plastic tank that produces a combustible gas and liquid fertilizer by digesting sewage, kitchen waste, wastewater and similar organic materials. The ...

    By WASP Systems based in Nairobi, KENYA. from Biogas Product line

  • RemActiv - Liquid Concentrate

    RemActiv accelerates the bioremediation of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) in soil. RemActiv contains selected micro-organisms and a specially formulated nutrient mix that results in faster remediation times and cheaper processing costs. RemActiv is supplied as a liquid concentrate (20:1) and can be simply applied using a water truck or hand ...

    By Ziltek based in Thebarton, AUSTRALIA.

  • Model MAC Series - Incinerator Furnaces

    These are small and medium size horizontal rotating pyrolitic incinerators (furnaces) with either manual loading ('batch') through the frontal door or automatic loading by means of a ram loader (hydraulic loading machine), which can be mounted only on the bigger units (starting from the model MAC300, due to the head diameter). 

    By Ing.Gallarati based in Broni, ITALY. from Wte Incinerators and Heat Recovery Furnaces Product line

  • IPEC - Model TDP-2-2000 - Continuous Thermal Decomposition Plant

    The amount of electricity generated is calculated in each case; depends on calorific value, type and volume of raw materials!

    By IPEC based in Chapel Hill, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

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