liquid waste equipment in Hungary

  • Droplet Separation from Liquids

    Traditional fields of application for droplet sep ration from liquids are refineries, extraction processes, dewatering of bio diesel, washing processes, manufacturing plants of plastics or silicone oils as well as waste-water treatment. RHODIUS knitted wire mesh is also used in (wet) air filters, for example in grinding machines, for military ...

    By RHODIUS GmbH Office in Tapolca, HUNGARY. from Droplet Separation from Liquids Product line

  • Vimex Energy - Pellets

    It is a completely natural material made by recycling wood waste. Pellets – often called as liquid timber – usually are 6-8 mm in diameter and 3-5 cm in length.

    By VIMEX Energy JSC based in Bekescsaba, HUNGARY. from Pellets Product line

  • Model QWB - Submersible Sewage Pump

    Appropriate for draining of liquids, sludge which containing solid particles and various textile substances, and dirty waste water .It is mainly used in urban waste water processing, waste water for rivers and lakes, waste water drainage of industrial enterprises.Model: QWB, Discharge: 5 to 6000 m3/h (1.4-1666.7l/s) Lift Head: 6 to 80 m (19.7- ...

  • Model DSP 205 - Screw Press

    The Doppstadt Screw Press 205 is designed for solid-liquid separation of organic waste. During this process the bio-available fraction of the input material is concentrated in the liquid phase (filtrate). The filtrate is then used as a substrate to produce biogas using wet fermentation. According to the application the retentate can be composted ...

    By Doppstadt Office in Budapest, HUNGARY. from Screw Press Product line

  • BioAmp - On-Site Microbial Fermentation and Delivery System

    The BioAmp is an on-site microbial fermentation and delivery system that produces an unprecedented amount of active, naturally occurring bacteria, automatically everyday. This BioAmp system delivers 30 trillion live, vegetative Pseudomonas and Bacillus bacterial cells every 24 hours into your drains, grease traps or waste water systems at ...

    By NCH UK Ltd Office in Budapest, HUNGARY.

  • EKOTON Industrial Group - Aeration systems for Purpose of the Aeration System

    Aeration systems are intended for uniform distribution of air, supplied from the compressor or blower pump, in layer of water. To solve this problem the system forms small air bubbles which saturate water with oxygen and provide liquid mixing. Aeration systems are used at flotation, in aerobic stabilizers of deposits, in reservoirs, but aeration ...

    By EKOTON Industrial Group Office in Budapest, HUNGARY.

  • Premium

    ProMinent - Model Spectra - Eccentric Screw Pump

    Capacity range 2.4 – 12,000 l/h, 12 – 3 bar; The eccentric screw pump Spectra meters liquid polyelectrolytes in concentrated and dilute form. It can be used, for example, in waste water treatment or sludge dewatering.

    By ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH Distributor in Gyor, HUNGARY. from Eccentric Screw Pump Product line

  • Premium

    THIOTEQ - Sulphate Recovery

    Why let valuable dissolved metals go to waste? Why mix toxic metal with a pile of gypsym? THIOTEQ™ technology recovers dissolved metals from liquids by the formation of high purity metal sulphides. These can either be marketed or else disposed off in a very compact form.

    By Paques B.V. Distributor in Budapest, HUNGARY.

  • P. Henkel - Model FATBOXX and FATBOXXmax - Waste Bins

    FATBOXX and FATBOXXmax are perfectly new waste bins for disposing of cooking fats, oils, food wastes and liquid slops and slaughterhouse wastes and animal by-products. The special construction of the body and lid offer many benefits for end consumers and waste management companies.

    By P. Henkel GmbH Distributor in Budapest, HUNGARY. from Waste Bins Product line

  • Liquid Jet Gas Compressor

    Using a liquid as motive medium, liquid jet gas compressors compress gases or vapours with large pressure differences. There is a special ejector design for mixing air or other gases with the motive liquid or for aerating waste water. These ejectors operate at a high gas/liquid mass transfer rate with simultaneous intensive mixing of the liquid ...

    By Körting Hannover AG Distributor in Budapest, HUNGARY. from Liquid Jet Gas Compressor Product line

  • P. Henkel - Model 120/200/240 Litre - Large Waste Bin with Spherical Base

    The waste bin with spherical base represents hygienic waste disposal of food wastes and liquid slops as well as residual waste and organic wastes. MGBs with spherical base are side-loader-optimised. Cost benefits for councils and municipalities as well as private waste management companies. Absolutely low-noise, serially only 89 dB in accordance ...

    By P. Henkel GmbH Distributor in Budapest, HUNGARY. from Large Waste Bin with Spherical Base Product line

  • Premium

    Komptech - Pre-Treatment for Digestion System

    In this process, various types of organic waste are prepared for liquid fermentation (dry matter less than 12%m). They can include packaging and contamination. Preshredding, using a Terminator and screen drum or Crambo, prepares the material for subsequent dissolution and contrary separation. The latter is done in 3 steps. Step 1 is pulping, step ...

    By Komptech Americas LLC Distributor in Környe, HUNGARY. from Pre-Treatment for Digestion System Product line

  • Mixing Condensers

    In mixing condensers condensation of the vapours takes place in direct contact with the cooling water. Cooling water and condensate are mixed together. As a measure to reduce fresh- and waste water requirements such systems can be designed with a closed cooling water loop and then it is only necessary to discharge the surplus liquid.

    By Körting Hannover AG Distributor in Budapest, HUNGARY. from Mixing Condensers Product line

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