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low NOx technology equipment

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    CECO CCA - Model RRI - Rich Reagent Injection

    Our CCA Combustion Systems brand is a licensed implementer of the Rich Reagent Injection (RRI) technology, jointly developed by Reaction Engineering International (REI) in collaboration with EPRI and DOE. The Rich Reagent Injection is a technology designed to reduce NOx emissions. The RRI process utilizes a reagent (urea) that is injected into the ...

    By CECO Environmental based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA). from CECO CCA Combustion Systems Product line

  • Emissions Control Catalysts

    The Company’s catalysts are novel nanoparticles composition of noble and base metals oxides combined with titanium and rare earth oxides. The catalysts for abatement of toxic exhaust emissions from ICE have low light-off temperature and incorporate NOx trap.

    By Adventure AD based in Sofia, BULGARIA.

  • GCES - Model Traveler Series - Portable Thermal Oxidizers

    Gulf Coast Environmental hits the road in 2011 with a state of the art mobile Thermal Oxidizer. The Traveler Series Thermal Oxidizers are considered Best Available Control Technology (BACT) and also are designed for low NOx emissions. These robust and portable designs are perfect for our clients that service industries where VOC abatement is ...

  • Ultra Low NOx Emission Burners

    Ultra low NOx burners are required in many areas of California as well as several other states.  All of ALZETA’s burner technologies can deliver less than 7 ppm NOx in most applications.  Key to achieving reliable and repeatable results is our premixed, surface-stabilized combustion that provides uniform heating and operates at ...

    By Alzeta Corporation based in Santa Clara, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Advanced Burner Products Product line

  • ETEC - NOx Control for Air Preheat Systems

    New advancements in combustion control technologies, such as flue gas recirculation (FGR) and low NOx burners (LNB), have made it possible to achieve ultra low NOx levels without using expensive post-combustion flue gas clean-up technology. For some natural draft units it may be possible to meet the most stringent of the NOx regulations with ...

  • PCC - Vapor Combustors

    Process Combustion’s vapor combustors are a simple, effective means of processing gaseous streams that cannot be emitted to the atmosphere. In addition to being a cost-conscious solution, our equipment is designed to maximize fuel efficiency while offering operational flexibility in terms of processing potentially variable flows and ...

    By Process Combustion Corporation based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Layered NOx Control Technologies

    Layered NOx Control technologies can be combined to reach lower NOx emissions and are used in conjunction with ETEC’s expertise in boiler testing and fine tuning. Using the following technologies, ETEC can provide a much higher level of reduction guarantees for a fraction of the cost of expensive SRC and scrubber systems.

  • Flue Gas Recirculation Systems

    Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR) acts to reduce NOx formation by reducing peak flames temperatures. In conventional applications, the recirculated flue gas is typically extracted from the boiler outlet duct upstream of the air heater. The flue gas is then returned through a separate duct and hot gas fan to the combustion air duct that feeds the wind ...

    By Epcon Industrial Systems, LP based in The Woodlands, TEXAS (USA). from Air Pollution Control Systems Product line

  • QCI - Multi-Pass Wet Electrostatic Precipitator

    QCI Pollution Control. Particulate Scrubbers. Gas Absorbers. Wet Electrostatic Precipitators. Carbon Bed Absorbers. Dry inertial separators.

    By Burn Less Coal based in Sheffield Village, OHIO (USA).

  • I-NOx - Integrated NOx Reduction System

    Fuel Tech’s I-NOx Integrated NOx Reduction System combines proven technologies for cost-effective NOx control from the point of combustion to the stack. These combined technologies may be applied as a retrofit solution for existing units or may be new generating units, capable of NOx reduction exceeding 80%.

    By Fuel Tech, Inc. based in Warrenville, ILLINOIS (USA). from Air Pollution Control Product line

  • Varmodan - Model SKV(G) 15-400 - Duoblock Rotary Cup Low-NOx Burner

    Where the combustion of liquid and gaseous fuels makes high demands on economy, operational reliability, control range, and environmental consciousness, SAACKE rotary cup atomising burners are the first choice. Environment-conscious and economic use of the energy that is made available to us by nature - that is what SAACKE’s rotary atomising ...

    By Varmodan A/S based in Vojens, DENMARK. from Low NOx Burners Product line

  • Solutions for the Cement Industry

    NOx-reduction in the cement industry are complex. Requirements are demanding not only on reduction in NOx but also in added ammonia to the flue gas together with elimination of the potential risk of enhanced CO-emissions as well as inter activated formation of N2O.

    By AB Combustion & Iridescence based in Askersund, SWEDEN. from Applications Product line

  • Model FGR - NOx Control for Process Heaters

    Traditionally, Low NOx burners (LNB) have been thought to be the only solution for lowering NOx emissions from fired heaters. However, recent field experience with LNB has been a mixed onei,ii,iii. Due to limited success of LNB alone in achieving ultra low levels of NOx, most burner manufacturers have endorsed Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR). FGR has ...

  • Solutions for the steel industry

    ABC&I´s products in the field of NOx-reduction encompass three different methodologies. The first alternative uses a mathematical modelling method in which combustion-controlling parameters are optimised in such a way that the NOx-formation is steered to a minimum level. Used mathematical tools are CFD – and/or multivariate ...

    By AB Combustion & Iridescence based in Askersund, SWEDEN. from Applications Product line

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