machine to machine system equipment in California

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    TOMRA - Model Cerberus - Tobacco Sorting Machine

    TOMRA Sorting Tobacco developed the world’s first tobacco sorting machine integrating string removal, small product fragmentation, metal detection and product singulation/monolayer formation, all within one compact machine: the Cerberus. TOMRA’s Cerberus is the first of its kind, which makes it an exemplary piece of advanced tobacco ...

    By TOMRA Sorting GmbH. Office in Sacramento, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Tobacco Sorting Machine Product line

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    Flottweg - Model OSE - Decanter Centrifuge

    The Flottweg OSE Decanter. Optimal Sludge Dewatering of Primary and Excess Sludge. The decomposition process in a sewage treatment facility continually generates biological sludge. To ensure a stable decomposition process in the biological cleaning stage, this biological sludge must be removed. The removed biological sludge is called surplus ...

    By Flottweg SE Office in Lincoln, CALIFORNIA (USA).

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    TOMRA - Model Helius 2400 - Tobacco Sorting Machine

    What differentiates the Helius Tobacco 2400 from the Helius Tobacco is the fact that the Helius Tobacco 2400 is almost a true black-box sorter arrangement as it comes with all necessary peripheral items (infeed, outfeed and reject arrangement including all required maintenance and safety features). As the system only has one in- and outfeed, the ...

    By TOMRA Sorting GmbH. Office in Sacramento, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Tobacco Sorting Machine Product line

  • HI-Q - Gas Sampling & ISO-Kinetic Sampling Probes

    HI-Q Environmental Products Company's product line includes complete stack sampling systems, consisting of a specified type of probe, in-line filter holder, the transport line, sampling pump and flow controller. We recommend, design, and supply complete systems. HI-Q Environmental Products Company is able to make stack-sampling systems design ...

    By HI-Q Environmental Products Company based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Gas Sampling & ISO-Kinetic Sampling Probes Product line

  • Ice Machine

    Pure Water Technology has ice systems that we install and service at your location. No more deliveries or trips to the store. We have both bin and “hands-free” Systems for safe ice.

    By Pure Water Technology, Inc. based in Redlands, CALIFORNIA (USA).

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    TOMRA - Model Autosort Laser - Laser Sorting Machine

    High throughput, high consistency and high product yield at peak performance owing to LASER state-of-the-art technology. TOMRA Sorting maintains its leadership by the brand new AUTOSORT LASER and its patented system amongst a range of applications.

    By TOMRA Sorting GmbH. Office in Sacramento, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Laser Sorting Machine Product line

  • Precision Machining System

    Our Turbocharger product line includes the Advanced Turbocharger (AT) and the Low Pressure Turbocharger (LPT).

    By Energy Recovery Inc based in San Leandro, CALIFORNIA (USA).

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    TOMRA - Model COM Series - Mining Sorting Machine

    Our COM Series sorting equipment covers the range of applications with inhomogeneous feed or critical moisture content which require a belt feeding system. The belt principle allows the presentation of a non-uniform feed, and particles can stabilise on the belt before they are scanned by the sensor(s). This principle also allows for a higher ...

    By TOMRA Sorting GmbH. Office in Sacramento, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Mining Sorting Machine Product line

  • San-i-pak - Sharps Machine

    The San-i-pak Sharps Machine comes in two versions, each having a different price. One system is designed to render sterilized sharps Unreusable and the other style renders sharpsunrecognizable. The units have been designed specifically for sharps materials, utilizing low speed, high torque cutting. The sophisticated ...

    By San-I-Pak Pacific, Inc. based in Tracy, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Sharps Machine Product line

  • Model 208B - Portable Beveling Machining System

    The extremely, rugged, powerful Model 208B has the features you want for dependable weld preps. The machine is rigid, light in weight, and features adjustable torque keys which compensate for wear, preventing slop and vibration and producing smoother cuts. Elbow mandrel, miter mandrel, and flange facing modules enhance machining capabilities. The ...

    By Tri Tool Inc. based in Rancho Cordova, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Portable Beveling Machining System Product line

  • AdaptARC - Automated Welding Machines

    The AdaptARC automated welding machines offer the most advanced orbital and linear pipe welding systems for the professional welder. Designed for durability and versatility, the AdaptARC system offers multiple processes for Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), Gas Metal Arc Welding pulsed spray (GMAW-P) and short arc (GMAW-S), and Flux Core Arc ...

    By Tri Tool Inc. based in Rancho Cordova, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Automated Welding Machines Product line

  • Airplaco - Model C10SL - Rotary Gunite Machine

    The Airplaco C-10SL is a rotary bowl-type dry-mix gunite machine powered by an air motor designed for high production concrete construction applications. The C-10SL is the concrete sprayer contractors choose who want a durable shotcrete machine for concrete construction projects. The Airplaco C-10SL gunite machine provides maximum performance and ...

    By Airplaco Equipment Company Office in Monrovia, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Rotary Gunite Machine Product line

  • LoadTrac - Model II - Load Frame Machine

    LoadTrac-II is a versatile and intelligent system composed of a load frame and a computer with monitor. The load frame houses a high speed, precision micro stepper motor that moves the load platen and thereby applies a vertical load to the soil specimen. An embedded control board with a dedicated CPU uses readings from the force and displacement ...

    By Geocomp Corporation Office in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Load Frame Machine Product line

  • Blanching Machines for Peanuts

    Machines for peeling peanuts, (raw, natural or after roasting). Peeling process by controlled abrasion, carried out without water or steam. Machine construction in carbon steel or stainless steel, includes electromagnetic vibrator to feed the machine and electrical control panel. Easy to clean, low maintenance and operating costs. Different types ...

    By José Borrell S.A. Office in Merced, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Blanching Machines for Peanuts Product line

  • ScaleZERO - Water Conditioning Systems for Ice Machines, Restaurants

    Water Conditioning Systems for Ice Machines, Restaurants; 2½” x 20” system with ¾” ports (8-10gpm); can be reduced for smaller connections. Stage One - 5-micron polyester pleated sediment filter with Siliphos® down the center. Stage two - Filter with KDF85 and coconut shell catalytic carbon reduces chlorine, ...

    By WhiteWater Concepts based in Culver City, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Water Conditioning Systems for Ice Machines, Restaurants Product line

  • BioXp - Model 3200 - System

    SGI-DNA, a Synthetic Genomics company, has introduced the world’s first DNA printer, a machine which will allow any biotechnology company or academic laboratory to create genes, genetic elements and molecular tools on their benchtop hands-free, starting with electronically transmitted sequence data. SGI-DNA’s BioXp™ 3200 ...

    By Synthetic Genomics, Inc. based in La Jolla, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • ATC - Model SS500/JK702 & JK704 - Laser Beam Welding Machine

    Laser processing has proven to be a high quality, cost effective manufacturing process requiring minimal tooling. Reduced tooling / fixturing makes laser processing ideal for prototype development and assists the part cost on production type work. Laser marking offers a fast and permanent way to label parts with text, logos, serial numbers and ...

    By Advanced Technology Company (ATCO) based in Pasadena, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • ATC - Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Machine

    ATCo provides both conventional and automated GTAW. The manual GTAW stations are supported with modern welding machines, rotary positioners and 'Glove Boxes.' The automated work station features an AcuWeld system that provides a computer controlled precision gas tungsten arc welding process, as well as a plasma arc process. The AcuWeld system ...

    By Advanced Technology Company (ATCO) based in Pasadena, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Handyprobe - Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

    The HandyPROBE arm-free probing system generates high-accuracy measurements (accuracy of up to 22 µm), and outperforms traditional portable CMMs on the shop floor. The HandyPROBE portable CMM is currently used on the production lines of major players from the automotive, aerospace and manufacturing industries.

    By Creaform Inc Office in Costa Mesa, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Product line

  • Cyclone - Dry Mix Shotcrete Gunite Machine

    The Airplaco Cyclone is a rotary bowl-type gunite machine designed and manufactured for powerful material placement using a compact mobile gunite machine. The Cyclone delivers a smooth, steady flow of premixed material into various hose sizes and allows even hydration at the nozzle. The Cyclone shotcrete machine is ideal for concrete repair ...

    By Airplaco Equipment Company Office in Monrovia, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Dry Mix Shotcrete Gunite Machine Product line

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