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Mact Standard equipment

  • Cemtek - Boiler & Utility Mact

    Cemtek is uniquely positioned to provide CEMS for the Boiler MACT and Utility MACT. Our Boiler MACT CEMS package includes all probe, analyzers, sample conditioning, system controller and compliance software along with everything else you need to comply with the new rules. The MACT rules cover Air Toxics Standards for Industrial, Commercial and ...

    By Cemtek Environmental, Inc. (CEI) based in Santa Ana, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Premium

    Sierra InnovaMass - Model 240i Inline - iSeries Next Generation Vortex Flow Meters

    Pipe sizes from 1.0 to 8.0 inches (DN25 to DN200). Ideal for saturated or superheated steam, gas, and liquid applications. Mass and/or volumetric flow rate. Multivariable for five (5) measurements in one compact device. Latest iSeries Raptor II OS flow engine. Complete suite of digital communications. Certified for Boiler MACT measurement meeting ...

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc. based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Vortex Flow Meters Product line

  • AirPol - Absorption Spray Towers

    AirPol’s acid gas absorbers or packed absorber have demonstrated long-term compliance with Federal Maximum Achievable Control Technologies (MACT) and Best Available Control Technologies (BACT) Standards.

    By AirPol based in Ramsey, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Acid Gas Absorbers Product line

  • Spectra - Model U-Series - Chrome Scrubbers

    Before the prominence of Chrome Scrubbers, wet scrubbers were used to control emissions from chromium electroplating processes.  In 1995, The US EPA promulgated a Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) Standard, which created a need for ultra-efficient control devices for hard chrome electroplating operations.

    By KCH Services, Inc. based in Forest City, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Mist Eliminators Product line

  • Sorbent Trap System

    The M&C Sorbent Trap Sampler system is designed to monitor total vapor-phase mercury (Hg) emissions in stationary source flue gas streams for Utility MACT (Maximum Achievable Control Technology standards) and MATS (Mercury and Air Toxics Standards) compliance for industries such as: power generation, cement, waste incinerators and several ...

    By M&C TechGroup North America based in Ventura, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Model AuroraPAC and AuroraPAC Plus - Signature Vapor Phase Activated Carbons

    AuroraPAC and AuroraPAC Plus are Atlas Carbon’s signature vapor phase activated carbons. AuroraPAC has demonstrated excellent vapor phase mercury removal performance. AuroraPAC carbons have outperformed completing activated carbons produced from other methods even those utilizing the same coal supply feed stock. Full-scale ...

    By Atlas Carbon, LLC based in New Orleans, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • Premium

    Sierra InnovaSonic - Model 210i - Portable Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meters

    The InnovaSonic® 210i portable ultrasonic flow meter succeeds at delivering expanded functionality and field portability when a permanent installation is not required.  The 210i is a complete liquid measurement kit with portable clamp-on transducers featuring a small handheld display interface with bright color ...

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc. based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Ultrasonic Flow Meters Product line

  • Premium

    Sierra InnovaSonic - Model 207i - Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter

    High accuracy transit-time ultrasonic technology. Software apps for ease of installation & diagnostics. Optimized for thermal energy/BTU measurement. Clamp-on sensors, no pipe cutting, no shutdown. Real-time liquid density compensation. Upgrade meter firmware and software in the field.

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc. based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Ultrasonic Flow Meters Product line

  • Premium

    Sierra InnovaMass - Model 241i - Insertion iSeries Next Generation Vortex Flow Meters

    The 241i insertion vortex flow meter is an economical solution for applications from 2-inch (50.8 mm) pipes to 72 inches (2M) in diameter and larger. Volumetric or multivariable measurement is possible with a single pipe insertion point, greatly reducing installation costs. The 241i can be hot tapped into applications with an optional probe ...

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc. based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Vortex Flow Meters Product line

  • Cormetech - Model COMET™ - Oxidized Mercury Emissions Technology

    Cormetech's Oxidized Mercury Emissions Technology (COMET™) is Cormetech's next generation catalyst technology that allows coal-fired power plants to meet stringent mercury emission standards, such as Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS), while reducing the cost of activated carbon injection (ACI) solutions.

    By Cormetech, Inc. based in Durham, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Stationary Catalysts Product line

  • Altech - Model AMESA-M - Mercury Sorbent Trap System (STMS)

    With over 10 years experience with mercury monitoring, from providing complete on-line mercury CEMS to our own “AMESA – M” sorbent trap monitoring system (STMS), Altech has the solution to your mercury monitoring needs.

    By envea™ Altech Environment U.S.A. based in Geneva, ILLINOIS (USA). from Engine Gas Monitoring Product line

  • Tellkamp - Painted Extruded Aluminum

    Tellkamp Systems, Inc. works with clients to design the most efficient aluminum extrusion paint finishing system available. We provide each of the components necessary for installation of an extrusion paint line. The decision between a vertical or horizontal paint system is typically based on production capacity requirements and the need for ...

    By Tellkamp Systems Inc based in Santa Fe Springs, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Premium

    Land - Model 4650-PM - Compliance Particulate Matter Monitor

    High-sensitivity, forward-scatter laser measurement for particulate matter, for use in combustion processes where condensed water is not present (for sale in the USA and China only). 4650-PM provides the stable, accurate low-range measurement of particulate matter in stacks and ducts where water droplets are not present in the flue gas. NOTE: The ...

    By AMETEK Land based in Dronfield, UNITED KINGDOM. from Opacity and Dust Monitors Product line

  • Vanaire - Mist Eliminators

    High Efficiency Mist Eliminators Vanaire Mist Eliminator Technology; Many chemistries evolve in mist form, with airborne particle sizes that are large enough to be effectively collected through means of mist elimination rather than the use of a wet scrubber. Many of these compounds can actually be collected more efficiently by means of inertial ...

    By Vanaire based in Louisville, KENTUCKY (USA).

  • ECharge - Electrostatic Precipitator

    Features a Highly Efficient Design for Maximum Process or Indoor Air Pollution Control: The economical Bionomic ECharge Electrostatic Precipitator is able to achieve extremely high removal efficiency on small micron and submicron particulate to easily meet PM 2.5 environmental regulations. Opacity problems associated with smoke-type submicron ...

    By Bionomic Industries Inc. based in Mahwah, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Wet/Dry Electrostatic Precipitator Product line

  • FilterSense - Model EM 30 LGX - Particulate Monitor

    Featuring FilterSense’s virtually maintenance-free particulate flow sensing technology, the EM 30LGX is the process industries most reliable baghouse monitor, filter leak detector and cyclone overflow detector. It is also easy to operate.

    By FilterSense based in Beverly, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Particulate Monitors and Filter Leak Detectors Product line

  • Despatch - VOC Thermal Oxidizer

    Virtually maintenance-free elimination of Volatile Organic Compounds in exhaust gasses. Despatch’s VOC Thermal Oxidizer was designed to eliminate 99% of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from gasses exhausted during the drying step of solar cell manufacturing.

    By Despatch Industries based in Lakeville, MINNESOTA (USA). from Solar Products Product line

  • Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer

    Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizers are designed for plant processes where the waste gas stream has VOC loading high enough to meet the energy requirement of regenerative catalytic systems for fuel-free operation. However, VOC’s low enough to make a regenerative thermal oxidizer to costly to operate. In that case a Regenerative Catalytic ...

    By American Environmental Fabrication & Supply, LLC based in Hulbert, OKLAHOMA (USA).

  • IWS - Ionizing Wet Scrubber

    The Verantis® Ionizing Wet Scrubber, or IWS®, is a patented design developed to simultaneously remove noxious gases and particulates from industrial process airstreams while eliminating opacity. With more than 100 installations worldwide, IWS systems have been at work for five decades, solving the most demanding environmental control ...

    By Verantis Environmental Solutions Group based in Middleburg Hts, OHIO (USA). from Wet Scrubbers Product line

  • LEAK ALERT - Model 65-02 - Dust Filter Leak Monitors

    The LEAK ALERT 65-02 is particularly suited for use on fabric filter type dust collectors (baghouses).  It provides reliable and robust monitoring of particulate dust levels and leaks from faulty bag media.  The sensor, installed after the bagfilter, conditions, amplifies and analyses the dust signal and communicates a secure digital ...

    By PCME Ltd - part of the Environnement S.A Group based in St. Ives, UNITED KINGDOM. from Filter Leak Monitors Product line

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