materials recycling equipment equipment in Germany

  • hamos - Model WRS - Recycling Systems for PVC Window Profiles

    This combination of a hamos EKS electrostatic plastics separator and SEA PIXEL opto-electronic colour sorting equipment has been designed specifically for economic recycling of PVC profile off-cuts and used PVC windows.

    By hamos GmbH based in Penzberg, GERMANY. from Recycling Systems for PVC Window Profiles Product line

  • ANDRITZ MeWa - Refuse Derived Fuels (RDF) Production Plants

    ANDRITZ Recycling supplies specific technologies, processes and equipment for the conversion of waste to energy. This includes equipment for shredding, screening, classification and drying. The outcome is valuable goods, such as high-calorific RDF, as well as non-combustible fractions.

    By ANDRITZ MeWa - ANDRITZ Group based in Gechingen, GERMANY. from Refuse Derived Fuels (RDF) Production Plants Product line

  • hamos - Model LCS - Last Chance Metal Separators

    Electronic all-metal separators of the hamos LCS ('Last Chance Separator') series are used especially in plastics processing with slow moving or 'stationary' material columns. They offer the last chance of detecting damaging metal parts and removing them fully automatically, before these disappear into the intakes of extruders or injection ...

    By hamos GmbH based in Penzberg, GERMANY. from Last Chance Metal Separators Product line

  • ANDRITZ MeWa - Model UG Series - Universal Granulator

    The Universal Granulator UG of ANDRITZ Recycling processes a variety of different materials to high quality results and convinces in particular due to the dynamic application and the shredding results. The Granulator UG series consists of four different machine sizes: The Granulators UG 600, UG 1000, UG 1600 and UG 2000. The equipment of the ...

    By ANDRITZ MeWa - ANDRITZ Group based in Gechingen, GERMANY. from Universal Granulator Product line

  • ComTec - Recycling System

    The ComTec incorporates a large washing chamber that allows fast discharge of material into the receiving hopper. It is equipped with a patented design discharge conveyor that is available in different lenghts to offer material storage to suit your requirements. The machine is fitted with an aluminium cover for easy inspection. An optional extra ...

    By BIBKO Umwelt- und Reinigungstechnik GmbH based in Beilstein, GERMANY. from Recycling System Product line

  • Bollegraaf PaperSpike - Recycling Machinery

    The PaperSpike is a system for removing cardboard residue, sized between A3 and A5, left behind after the screening of cardboard and used paper, from the paper flow. The PaperSpike is manufactured exclusively for Bollegraaf by Grumbach. The principle is astonishingly simple and yet effective: The material is spread out into the thinnest possible ...

    By Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions Office in Düsseldorf, GERMANY. from Recycling Machinery Product line

  • Pallmann HydroFiner - Model Type PRA - Plastics Recycling System

    For cleaning of precut PE-film as well as the removal of sticky labels out of cellulose from PET-bottles in order to produce clean plastics for further processing. The equipment is designed to recycle large amounts of material. Hydraulic grinding gap adjustment. Water injection system. Auger in-feed system. Infeed,- cleaning- and discharge ...

    By PALLMANN Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG based in Zweibrücken, GERMANY. from Plastics Recycling System Product line

  • Model MSU SQ IND - Industrial Mixer-Settler Equipment

    The industrial mixer-settler equipment type SQ, are ideally suited for solvent extraction plant operation. The mixers are equipped with AC-motors and adjustable frequency inverters for mixer speed control. A complete range of standard mixer-settler sizes is available. The standard units are offered separately or integrated in complete process ...

    By MEAB Metallextraktion AB Office in Aachen, GERMANY.

  • Herborn - Lamp Recycling System

    The patented mobile and stationary lamp recycling method “system herborn” ensures a professional, environmentally friendly and economical recycling of discharge lamps containing harmful substances, outmatching by far the regulations imposed by law. “system herborn” use air for the transport of all material inside the ...

    By Herborn GmbH Lamp Recycling based in Ginsheim-Gustavsburg, GERMANY.

  • Intensive Washer

    The function of the Intensive Washer (IW) in polymer recycling is continuous cleaning and simultaneous drying of ground material within one piece of equipment.

    By B+B Anlagenbau GmbH - part of the HEILIG GROUP based in Detmold, GERMANY. from Intensive Washer Product line

  • Steel Belt Conveyor

    Conveying (a large part of) sharp materials, such as glass? Or dealing with heavy loads? The steel belt conveyors of BOA Recycling Equipment are very solid and resistant to sharp materials. Thanks to its strong and robust construction, this type of conveyor can easily handle heavyweight and continuous loads.

    By BOA Recycling Equipment BV Office in Besigheim, GERMANY. from Steel Belt Conveyor Product line

  • Chain Belt Conveyor

    The chain belt conveyors of BOA Recycling Equipment can be used for many applications. It is often applied as a feed conveyor to transport materials to balers or to other waste processing machines. Other ways to use our chain conveyor (in e.g. recycling or recovery facilities) are: Bunker belt conveyor: to store or collect;Discharge conveyor: to ...

    By BOA Recycling Equipment BV Office in Besigheim, GERMANY. from Chain Belt Conveyor Product line

  • DOKON - Channel Balers

    The DOKON is a powerful and efficient baling press for recyclable materials using Poly Propylene Tying. It is equipped with shear blade system, and has three different channel cross-sections (110x75 and 110x110 cm - h x w) with high pressing forces from 1000 - 2000kN.

    By PAAL GmbH based in Georgsmarienhütte, GERMANY.

  • Circulation Belt Conveyor

    The circulation belt conveyors of BOA Recycling Equipment are often applied in the corrugated industry. The BOA circulation belts convey for example trim waste, faulty or surplus cardboard material, usually with the following purpose: to discharge to another conveyor or an air exhaustion system, to transport to other machines, such as a shredder.

    By BOA Recycling Equipment BV Office in Besigheim, GERMANY. from Circulation Belt Conveyor Product line

  • Continuous Hot Washer

    A PET hot washer, is an indispensable piece of equipment for any plastic recycling industry. Also known as a plastic hot wash machine, it produces recyclables requiring food grade or high-quality grades. Adding this machine to the washing line of plastics such as PET, HDPE, PP/PE, etc., removes contaminants. Materials such as adhesives, scrap ...

    By B+B Anlagenbau GmbH - part of the HEILIG GROUP based in Detmold, GERMANY. from Continuous Hot Washer Product line

  • Terra Select - Model S 60 - Lock-Washer Screen

    Customer expectations of a recycling machine in this performance class have played a decisive role in the development of the S 60. The wide, one-piece discharge conveyors are ideally arranged opposite to each other and facilitate movement of the machine into the working position. Large maintenance flaps provide exemplary access to the machine. A ...

    By Eggersmann GmbH based in Ibbenbüren, GERMANY. from Lock-Washer Screen Product line

  • Model CR - Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet

    Craemer’s CR plastic pallets are manufactured for universal use across all industries. Ideal for handling heavy duty loads and use in high rack warehouses or automated processes. This heavy duty plastic pallet can be equipped with steel reinforcement rods for increased load capacity. The antislip topdeck ensures maximum load safety. The ...

    By Paul Craemer GmbH based in Herzebrock-Clarholz, GERMANY. from Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet Product line

  • BOA - Rubber Belt Conveyor

    A rubber belt conveyor of BOA Recycling Equipment can be applied for several purposes. For instance, the BOA rubber belt conveyor (type RB) can be used as: a sorting belt in picking lines, a bunker belt (collect and store), feeding conveyor and discharge conveyor. In general, this type of conveyor is suitable to transport various kinds of (waste) ...

    By BOA Recycling Equipment BV Office in Besigheim, GERMANY. from Rubber Belt Conveyor Product line

  • PALLMANN - Model Type TIGER - Single shaft Shredder

    The single shaft shredder, type TIGER is used in recycling operations for the production of valuable secondary raw materials. The feed material should be in pieces in order to be metered into the machine. Whereby, it does not make any difference to the TIGER whether or not it is fed with old tire chips or electronic waste. It does neither sneeze ...

    By PALLMANN Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG based in Zweibrücken, GERMANY. from Single shaft Shredder Product line

  • BioSal - Test Center / Research and Development

    Our test center is equipped with multiple large-scale dynamic biological systems for waste treatment and with diverse exhaust air processing and water recycling systems. We carry out research and development in close cooperation with partner universities, institutes and the industry. For interested companies and organizations we also conduct tests ...

    By BioSal Anlagenbau GmbH based in Bad Lausick, GERMANY.

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