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    ClearLogic - Model MBR - Membrane Bioreactor

    The WesTech ClearLogic™ Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) featuring the new Alfa Laval Hollow Sheet™ Membrane Technology offers clear advantages to the MBR process. Advantages of the ClearLogic™ MBR include ultra-low transmembrane pressure, even flux distribution across the membrane and full chemical circulation during clean-in-place (CIP) operation.

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. Office in São Paulo, BRAZIL. from Membranes Product line

  • EVALASTIC - Waterproofing Membranes

    The alwitra contribution not just for a good climate on the construction site: EVALASTIC waterproofing membranes are special EPDM membranes combining the requirements for a high-quality, long-term reliable roof sealing with the ecological advantages of synthetic and rubber technology. The specific material properties allow for easy, flexible and ...

    By alwitra GmbH & Co Office in Araçoiaba da Serra, BRAZIL. from Waterproofing Membranes Product line

  • Membranes

    The Reverse Osmosis process separates water from a salt solution dissolved by the bombing of water through a semi permeable membrane. As the pressure is applied in the solution, normally by a bomb, the water and other molecules with low molecular weight (smaller than 200 grams per mol approx.) go through the micro pores of the membrane. Larger ...

    By Perenne based in Centro - São Paulo, BRAZIL.

  • EVALON - Waterproofing Membranes

    EVALON waterproofing membranes are high-quality synthetic membranes for single-ply sealing. The extraordinarily high percentage of high polymeric solids make them particularly homogeneous, soft and elastic. At the same time, they are particularly stable and resistant to common chemical environmental loads, resistant to root and rhizome penetration ...

    By alwitra GmbH & Co Office in Araçoiaba da Serra, BRAZIL. from Waterproofing Membranes Product line

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    Kuriverter & Osmotech - Membrane Cleaners System

    Kurita´s broad range of membrane cleaners, scale inhibitors and dispersants, for reverse osmosis as well as for ultra- and nano-filtration.

    By Kurita Office in Artur Nogueira, BRAZIL. from Water Solutions Technologies Product line

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    Kuriverter - Model IK-110 - Biofilm Control Agent for Membrane Systems

    Biofouling is one of the most critical issues Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems are facing, especially in system with high organic load like waste water recovery plants, sea water desalination plants, pharmaceutical industry or Food industry among others. Kurita developed Kuriverter IK-110, a biofilm control agent, which protects your plant from ...

    By Kurita Office in Artur Nogueira, BRAZIL. from Innovations Product line

  • BIOMEMBRAT - Membrane Bioreactors with External Membranes

    BIOMEMBRAT is the optimal process for highly loaded wastewater, since it offers, in comparison to other treatment processes, low investment and operating costs. The reduced production of excess sludge keeps sludge disposal costs down. The process of aerobically biodegrading contaminants is extremely stable and in comparison to thermal processes, ...

    By WEHRLE Umwelt GmbH Office in Curitiba, BRAZIL.

  • Evac - Model MBR - Membrane Bio-reactor

    EVAC membrane bio-reactor (MBR) consists in merged intensive biological and ultra-filtration processes. The package wastewater treatment plant is composed of an equalizing anoxic tank, an aerated tank for biological process and a membrane submerged in the aerated tank (Figure 1). The effluent is produced by gravity flow or slight vacuum through ...

    By Evac E.U.R.L. Office in São Paulo, BRAZIL. from Wastewater Treatment Plants Product line

  • Membrane Processes System

    Water Recycling in the Paper Industry Without a system for recycling water, freshwater consumption in the paper industry would be more than 100 litres per kg of paper. The introduction of internal recycling systems and, where possible, the use of biologically treated wastewater can reduce the use of freshwater down to ca. 12 litres per kg of ...

    By WEHRLE Umwelt GmbH Office in Curitiba, BRAZIL.

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    HORIBA - Model HD-200 - Four-Wire Analyzer

    Self-diagnosis of membrane damage and infiltration into the probe. On-site membrane replacement as well as whole sensor replacement. Span calibration by air preceded by auto-zeroing (Electrical auto zeroing function). Extensive interfaces (2-channel transmission output, RS-485 compatible, 4-relay output).

  • HYDRAcap - Model MAX - Superior Microfiltration

    HYDRAcap MAX is used to treat a wide range of highly variable waters as either primary treatment or as pretreatment to reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF). Compared to conventional pretreatment, the HYDRAcap MAX offers the combined benefits of high recovery and low footprint requirement due to its optimized membrane area and novel ...

    By Hydranautics A Nitto Denko Company Office in Valinhos - São Paulo, BRAZIL. from UF Product line

  • BIO-CEL - Model MCP - Mechanical Cleaning Process

    The MBR process is the most advanced wastewater treatment process currently available. The submerged BIO-CEL® membrane modules replace space-intensive secondary clarifiers and safely separate the purified wastewater from the biomass. MBR systems offer many advantages over conventional systems, namely the excellent effluent quality and minimal ...

    By MICRODYN-NADIR GmbH Distributor in Piracicaba, BRAZIL.

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    BUCHI - Model B-400 - Powerful Homogenization Mixer

    The Mixer B-400 combines optimal homogenization efficiency with simple operation. It is an essential tool for sample preparation within your analysis process chain.

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG Office in Valinhos, Sâo Paulo , BRAZIL. from Extraction Solutions Product line

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    HORIBA - Model ZNV-7 - Zero Gas Generator

    HORIBA’s compact designed Zero Gas Generator ZNV-7 is used for mobile, stationary or laboratory scale zero point checking & diluting span gas sources for the calibration of ambient air analyzers.

  • Eco-Physics - Model CLD 800 Series - Detecting Nitrogen Oxides Analyzers

    No matter where and al what concentrations nitrogen oxides have to be detected, you can depend on ECO PHYSICS analyzers to handle the job quickly, reliably and with a precision that is unmatched anywhere in the world. Whether at trace levels in a clean room environment or for the analysis of exhaust gases directly at the source, you will find the ...

    By ECO PHYSICS INC. Office in São Paulo, BRAZIL. from NO, NO2, NOy and NOx Analyzers Product line

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    Chloromax - Model CCS142D - Digital Disinfection Sensor

    Chloromax CCS142D is the digital free chlorine sensor for all kinds of water. It measures reliably even if fluctuations in flow or conductivity occur and enables control of the disinfection loop so that the water is free of germs. The sensor offers low maintenance saving you time. Thanks to Memosens digital technology,CCS142D

    By Endress Hauser Office in São Paulo, BRAZIL. from Liquid Analysis Product line

  • Eco Physics - Model CLD 66 - Nitrogen Oxid Analysator

    The new CLD 66 nitrogen oxide analyzer is the economical solution for the continuous measurement of NO, NO2 and NOX concentrations even in the range of parts per trillion! Compact design. Internal ozone generator and scrubber. Molybdenum or steel converter for NOX detection. Four freely selectable measurement ranges. Operation and control via ...

    By ECO PHYSICS INC. Office in São Paulo, BRAZIL. from NO, NO2, NOy and NOx Analyzers Product line

  • High Rate Aeration with OXY-DEP VSA

    Air Products offers a unique wastewater aerator, which operates via the simple combination of an air blower and a gas separation bed. The OXY-DEP VSA technology works by replacing the inert nitrogen with high purity oxygen in your wastewater treatment process. This system uses a low-energy mixer to dissolve the oxygen and mix the tank contents.

    By Air Products Office in São Paulo, BRAZIL. from Wastewater Treatment Technology Product line

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    Krebs - Close Packed Cyclone Separators

    Krebs Close Packed Cyclones are compact, high capacity, centrifugal separators designed to efficiently separate fine solid particles from a liquid. Close Packed gMAX® cyclone (Vessels) for a Solid/Liquid Separation know as Desanding Krebs Close Packed Cyclones are ideal for the removal of fine solids in the chemical, power and petroleum ...

    By FLSmidth KREBS Office in Sao Paulo, BRAZIL. from Hydrocyclones Product line

  • OxyGuard - Model DO - Oxygen Probe

    The OxyGuard Standard Probe – the probe that revolutionised oxygen monitoring. The probe that you can purchase today is even better than the probe introduced in 1987 that helped revolutionize fish farming and make modern aquaculture the industry it is today.Today’s OxyGuard Standard Probe is hermetically sealed. If needed you can open ...

    By OxyGuard International A/S Distributor in BRAZIL. from OxyGuard Probe Product line

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