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membrane filtration equipment

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    EnviroFALK - Compact Membrane Filtration Plants

    We supply plants for micro filtration, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration or nanofiltration in a compact design for low throughput volumes. We customise the plant exactly to your requirements, ensuring that the water quality you need is generated. Our experienced service team is at your disposal for all questions relating to the plant.

    By EnviroChemie GmbH based in Rossdorf bei Darmstadt, GERMANY. from Membrane Process Product line

  • Membrane Filtration

    With an increased membrane lifetime and through dramatically reduced cost, membrane applications for quality water and wastewater treatment are without doubt one of the most exciting developments over the past 10 years. Simplicity, efficiency and industrial factory configuration provide for a stable and high-quality effluent and make it one of the ...

    By GreenTech Water Engineering Co.,Ltd. based in Beijing, CHINA.

  • Membrane-Filtration

    Applications: Close circuit flow of grinding water. Close circuit flow of polishing water. Close circuit flow of ultrasonic bath water. Effective live span extension of degreasing bathes. Oil - Water separation. Reconditioning of industrial washing water. Microseparation of extra fineparticle.

    By Mess-Regel-Umwelt-Technik GmbH & Co KG based in Kämpfelbach, GERMANY.

  • Focus - Membrane Filtration

    Sample prepared in diluent as in Pour Plate or Spread plate but the resulting dilution is passed through a 0.22 micron filter.  The filter is removed and placed on the surface of nutrient agar plates, allowing microbes to growth to visible colony forming units.  Membrane filtration is recommended with chemical neutralization of ...

  • Membrane Filtration

    Membrane Systems are mechanical pressure driven processes that separate contaminants in waste streams from water. At the heart of every system is a semi-permeable micro-porous membrane acting as a positive physical barrier that performs the separations. Membrane pore size can be chosen to separate large molecules such as oil, colloidal materials ...

    By SkimOil Inc. based in Carrboro, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Wastewater Treatment Product line

  • IRGATREAT - Membrane Filtration

    Scaling and biofouling of the membrane can cause expensive downtime or costly repairs.  We can supply physical and chemical solutions that maintain a high permeate flow without risk to the membrane.

    By CCP Gransden based in Ballygowan, NORTHERN IRELAND. from Flocculation Product line

  • Membrane Filtration System

    Crossflow membrane filtration is now a mature technology, regularly employed as a standard technique for liquid processing to effect clarification, product isolation, concentration and/or separation in a large number of manufacturing industries. 

    By Membrane Specialists LLC based in Hamilton, OHIO (USA).

  • Global Water - Model MemX - Membrane Filtration Systems

    Global Water supply and maintain a range of reverse osmosis desalination equipment that can produce any quantity of scheme, brackish or sea water into pure drinking water.

    By Global Water Group based in Tonsley, AUSTRALIA. from Potable Water Treatment Product line

  • GEA Filtration - Model M Pharma - Membrane Filtration Plant

    The Model M Pharma membrane filtration plant is a highly flexible laboratory scale system for pharmaceutical and biotechnology cGMP processing and application development.

    By GEA Filtration based in Hudson, WISCONSIN (USA). from Pilot Plant Product line

  • Membrane Filtration Systems

    Capital Controls Reverse Osmosis Systems are suitable for tap, brackish or seawater needs are offered to meet a variety of small to large municipal, commercial and industrial applications. Capital Controls systems treat capacities from 15 l/hr to 1500 m3/hr.

    By Capital Controls India Pvt. Ltd. based in Andheri (W) Mumbai, INDIA.

  • M-GB - Membrane Filtration System

    M.GB. is able to supply, according to which extent the removal has to be pushed, microfiltration, nano-filtration and reverse osmosis plants. Membrane filtration is a pressure-driven technology able to separate molecules of different size, ranging from some microns to few nanometers. This kind of treatment splits the incoming flow into a ...

    By M.GB. Srl based in Santorso (VI), ITALY. from Production Machinery Product line

  • Membrane Filtration Technologies

    CRS have utilised membrane filtration technologies in numerous treatment applications throughout Australia.Membrane filtration is a physical barrier technology that utilises semipermeable membranes to separate suspended solids and high molecular weight solutes. It is fundamentally similar to particle filtration in that it is based on size ...

    By CRS Industrial Water Treatment Systems based in Sydney, AUSTRALIA. from Water Treatment Product line

  • Membrane Filtration Modules

    MaxFlow Membran Modules MMF MaxFlow Membran Filtration GmbH manufactures membrane filtration modules for water and wastewater treatment, and solid/liquid separation processes. We offer our customers a complete service spectrum ranging from the supply of individual membrane modules only, to the design and delivery of complete operating plant ...

    By A3 Water Solutions GmbH based in Saerbeck, GERMANY.

  • ETL - Model TME - Membrane Filtration System

    with submerged Membrane Probe TME for nearly maintenance-free sample filtration from the biogically treatment step and outflow of sewage treatment plants. The membrane module TME becomes automatically cleaned insitu only with compressed air depending on pre-selected cycle time. The supply of the analyser with permeate is not interrupted. Systems ...

    By ETL Verfahrenstechnik GmbH based in Peiting, GERMANY. from Sample Filtration Analysers Product line

  • ETL - Model TMS - Membrane Filtration System

    with submerged Probe Membrane Module TMS for nearly maintenance-free sample filtration for instance applications of measurements in the basin of primary clarifier of municipal or industrial sewage plant. The filtration cycle is free adjustable in the steering. The membrane module TMS is automatically cleaned insitu by chemical and compressed air, ...

    By ETL Verfahrenstechnik GmbH based in Peiting, GERMANY. from Sample Filtration Analysers Product line

  • Membrane Filtration Systems

    Lancy Technology utilises the advantages of different membrane materials and available pore sizes to achieve a maximum of process performance and reliability. Our membrane systems utilise cross flow filtration in which the flow of contaminated liquid is parallel to the membrane surface. This allows the clean water phase (permeate) to pass through ...

    By NHE based in Coventry, UNITED KINGDOM. from Process Water Recycling Product line

  • Membrane Filtration Process

    GEA Filtration covers the full spectrum of membrane filtration. Membrane filtration can be used to meet very distinct liquid separations.

    By GEA Filtration based in Hudson, WISCONSIN (USA).

  • Membrane Filtration Systems

    Membrane systems serve for treatment of sea water, brackish water, drinking and distilled water. Applications: in the petrochemical industry [waste water disposal, back use of technological water], pharmaceutical industry [infusion solutions, production of medicines] and food processing industry [water for production of drinks, processing of fruit ...

    By Power Plastics s.r.o. based in Ždár nad Sázavou, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Others Product line

  • HUBER - Model VRM - Membrane Filtration System

    The HUBER VRM® process is a system of ultrafiltration membranes submerged within the aeration tank. The resultant high effluent quality meets the most stringent regulations whilst also allowing for the capacity to meet the increasing and higher disposal legislation anticipated in the future, with optimised investment and operating costs.

    By Huber SE based in Berching, GERMANY. from Membrane Filtration (MBR) Product line

  • Napier-Reid - Membrane Filtration Systems

    Growing global demand for clean water and increasing environmental concerns make membrane filtration the technology of choice for industries seeking to reuse their wastewater and reduce their water footprint. Knowing which membrane system solution is best for your water treatment challenge can help you increase plant efficiency, while reducing ...

    By Napier-Reid Ltd. based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Water Treatment Solutions Product line

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