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metal precipitant equipment

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    B&W Megtec - Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP)

    MEGTEC's wet ESP offers highly efficient control of submicron particulate, heavy metals, acid mists and condensed metal fumes and organics. Our experience includes installations in the wood products and pelletizing industries, regenerative and metallurgical sulfuric acid plants, petroleum refineries and petrochemical plants.

    By Dürr Megtec LLC based in De Pere, WISCONSIN (USA). from Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) Product line

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    Jenfitch - Metal Precipitants

    Environmental friendly and non toxic blended sulfide based metal precipitants. In full scale plant trials, we have been able to lower the dissolved copper to less than 1 ppb using 10 mg/l or less of our product. And in a similar study, we were able to achieve 70% removal of dissolved zinc (less than 20 ppb). For more information contact.

    By Jenfitch, LLC based in Walnut Creek, CALIFORNIA (USA).

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    Lupreal - Alkaline Neutralization and Precipitation Agent

    LUPREAL is used for: Treatment of industrial wastewater that contains oil, grease, wax, heavy metals or colloidal impurities causing turbidity. Wastewater treatment in municipal sewage plants. Precipitating phosphate from wastewater. Lupreal reacts strongly alkaline and increases the pH without introducing addition anions (compared to the use of ...

    By Kurita based in Tokyo, JAPAN.

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    e+ RAIN - Model 11412201 - Metal Rain Gauge

    Rain gauge e+ RAIN (metal) for heavy conditions, with tipping bucket, 1 pulse per 0.2 mm precipitation, accuracy 2%, surface 400 cm², height 42 cm, incl. heating element 24 Vdc / 250 mA. Cable length 1.5 m with IP68 connector for watertight connection to the e+ RAIN logger. Warranty 2 years.

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water based in Giesbeek, NETHERLANDS. from Metal Rain Gauge Product line

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    THIOTEQ - Sulphate Recovery

    Why let valuable dissolved metals go to waste? Why mix toxic metal with a pile of gypsym? THIOTEQ™ technology recovers dissolved metals from liquids by the formation of high purity metal sulphides. These can either be marketed or else disposed off in a very compact form.

    By Paques B.V. based in EL Balk, NETHERLANDS.

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    Lufloc - Highly Concentrated, Inorganic Flocculants

    LUFLOC is used for: Drinking water treatment: Removal of suspended organic and inorganic matter. It reduces the amount of diluted substances as well as metals. Municipal and industrial water treatment: as Flocculants for suspended matter remaining after biological treatment in the water. It reduces the content of dissolved organic impurities and ...

    By Kurita based in Tokyo, JAPAN.

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    Stevens - Model Met One 370/375/380 - Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges

    The Met One Instruments 370 Series all-metal precipitation gauge measures rain and/or snow in all environments using a tipping bucket mechanism. The economical tipping bucket design allows accurate, repeatable measurements, requiring no regular maintenance. The 370 Series is optimized to meet particular site and sampling requirements and exceeds ...

    By Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc. based in Portland, OREGON (USA). from Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges Product line

  • Physical-Chemical Unit

    It Fits To: Removal of non-organic pollutants, heavy metals, oil, grease, color, sedimentary solids, and solids in suspension, non-biodegradable organic materials, and solids dissolved by chemical precipitation and composed material by chemical oxidation. Advantages of the system: Low installation cost; Simple operation when compared to biological ...

    By ACS Engenharia Ambiental Ltda. based in Parque Novo Mondubim, BRAZIL.

  • Bimaks - Model Antiscalant - Reverse Osmosis System

    Effective in preventing carbonate, phosphate and sulfate based scales, Effective stabilization of Iron, manganese and other metal ions. Prevents the problems of silica polymerization Provides the dispersion of metal oxides, colloidal silicate and aluminum silicate. Helps modification of crystal structure of precipitants.

    By Bimaks Chemicals Food Foreign Trade Ltd based in Anadoluhisari, TURKEY. from Reverse Osmosis System Product line

  • JUNMEI - Model Metacon - soil remediation agent

    Metacon broad-spectrum metal remediation agent is base model of heavy metal solidification and stabilization, constituted by strongly adsorbing materials, hydrolysis and complex materials and hydrous mineral materials, etc, forming calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, lead phosphate, etc, and other insoluble substances by reduction and ...


  • DELTA OHM - Model HD 2015 - Tipping bucket rain gauge collector area 200 cm2

    The HD2015 is a reliable and sturdy bucket rain gauge, entirely constructed of corrosion resistant materials in order to guarantee its durability. To ensure accuratemeasurements even with low temperature climatic conditions or during and after precipitations of snow, a version with heating system, automatically activated around +4 °C, has been ...

    By Delta OHM - member of the GHM GROUP based in Caselle di Selvazzano, ITALY. from Tipping bucket rain gauge collector area 200 cm2 Product line

  • Ecolotron - Model E-FLOC™ - Advanced Wastewater Recovery & Water Treatment Systems

    Electrocoagulation (EC) technology is based upon a process generally referred at as “adsorption and co-precipitation”.   The electrocoagulation water treatment solution offers an alternative to the use of metal salts or polymers and poly-electrolyte additives for breaking stable emulsions and suspensions in wastewater ...

    By Ecolotron, Inc. based in E. Dickinson, TEXAS (USA).

  • Paint Precipitators

    In the event that there are heavy metals such as zinc in the paint at a high rate, systematic solutions are not wanted and that paint is desired to be collected in booth basin and cleaned at specific frequencies, not in water screen, Hydrotur paint precipitators are suggested.

    By Hydro Tur based in Pendik, TURKEY. from Paint Precipitators Product line

  • Model CDP 4623i - Wearplate For Chutes, Buckets, Crushers

    CDP 4623i is the ideal wearplate for chutes, buckets, crushers and any other application that suffers impact and mild abrasion. The wear resistance of CDP 4623i is determined by the microstructure and chemical composition of the wearfacing alloy which solidifies during welding with precipitated Ultra hard (1500 - 2200 HV) titanium carbides and ...

    By Castolin Eutectic based in St-Sulpice, SWITZERLAND. from Wearplate For Chutes, Buckets, Crushers Product line

  • Wet Electrostatic Precipitators

    Clyde Bergemann’s Wet Electrostatic Precipitators (WESPs) are used for simultaneous removal of acid gases and particulate matter. They are particularly effective in removing fine acid mists and fine particulates, which cannot be collected as efficiently with a dry ESP. A WESP also offers the additional benefit of some heavy metal removal.Clyde ...

    By Clyde Bergemann Power Group based in Wesel, GERMANY. from Wet Electrostatic Precipitators Product line

  • Chemical Treatment System

    Chemical Treatment : Neutralization, Coagulation / Flocculation, Heavy Metal Precipitation, ECODAF dissolved air flotation.

    By Eco-System Technologies Inc. based in Mandaluyong City, PHILIPPINES. from Chemical Treatment System Product line

  • Separation Chemicals

    We offer a range of emulsion breaking and flotation aid chemicals,fully integrated with Hudson Industries' separation equipment. Custom designed for your application. Anionic and cationic polymers. Metal precipitants. Flocculants. Adsorbents. Custom blended products.

    By Hudson Industries based in Vienna, OHIO (USA). from Separation Chemicals Product line

  • Caipos - Tipping Bucket Sensor

    Tipping bucket sensor for precipitation measurement.  The sensing part is absolutely protected from insects, leaves, slush and other objects, that could influence on accuracy and measurement quality. Metal parts of the tipping bucket are made of stainless steel. The weight and shape of the bucket is adjusted so that no one drop of water ...

    By Caipos GmbH based in Seiersberg, AUSTRIA. from Tipping Bucket Sensor Product line

  • SPS - Solids Contact Reactor

    Combines: Coagulation/flocculation, Internal recirculation, clarification and sedimentation. Treat raw surface/ground water. Softening, Iron & Heavy Metals removal (precipitation). Flue Gas Desulphurization. Prior Demineralization. Catalyst recapture. Power. Mining. Pulp Paper.

    By SPS Engineering, Inc. based in North Salt Lake, UTAH (USA). from Solids Contact Reactor Product line

  • Magnetic Ballast Clarification Systems (MBC)

    With the Samaritan Water system, Magnetic Ballast Clarification (MBC) is a critical first step to any active water treatment solution.  We provide solutions to municipal and industrial needs for water clarification.  Our technology is proven to remove clay, silt, metal precipitates, and municipal, inorganic and organic wastes from water. ...

    By Samaritan Water LLC based in Raleigh, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

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