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    Model HISC - Stainless Steel Electronic All-Metal Separator - Electronic Waste Recycling

    The electronic waste recycling and metal sorting of Printing Circuit Boards is an issue for recycling companies, especially those in the waste electronic industry involved in WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) . PCBs contain a number of components mounted on a non-conductive substrate including capacitors, resistors and active ...

    By Master Magnets Ltd based in Redditch, UNITED KINGDOM.

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    TOMRA - Model Combisense - High Purity Metal Fractions Separator

    The COMBISNESE is a specialized high end machine to separate high purity metal fractions from even the most difficult fractions in terms of composition, grain size and mix from mixed waste and metal streams.

    By TOMRA Sorting GmbH. based in Mülheim-Kärlich, GERMANY. from High Purity Metal Fractions Separator Product line

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    TOMRA - Model Finder - High Purity Metal Fractions Separator

    Now in its fourth generation, the FINDER specializes in effectively separating high purity metal fractions from even the most difficult fractions in terms of composition, grain size and mix from mixed waste and metal streams.

    By TOMRA Sorting GmbH. based in Mülheim-Kärlich, GERMANY. from High Purity Metal Fractions Separator Product line

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    Master Magnets - Eddy Current Separators (ECS) For Metal Sorting

    The Eddy Current Separator (ECS) is an advanced metal sorting and metal fractions separator unit that is capable of separating non-ferrous metals such as aluminium and copper from dry recyclables. Non-ferrous separators are very common in the fast growing market of beverage can sorting, where they can provide an accurate separation of aluminium ...

    By Master Magnets Ltd based in Redditch, UNITED KINGDOM.

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    TOMRA - Model X-Tract - Waste Separator with X-Ray Technology

    Cutting edge X-ray sensors empower the X-TRACT for special sorting tasks. By combining X-ray transmission (XRT) and DUOLINE technology, TOMRA's X-TRACT enjoys superior recognition of secondary resources - irrespective of input material desity. Through TOMRA's exclusive high-speed X-ray processing technology, customers benefit from an exceptional ...

    By TOMRA Sorting GmbH. based in Mülheim-Kärlich, GERMANY. from Waste Separator with X-Ray Technology Product line

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    REDWAVE - Model XRF-G and XRF-M - XRF Sorting Machine for Metal and Glass Recycling

    REDWAVE XRF for recognition of materials according to the chemical composition. REDWAVE XRF-G: Separation of lead glass and glass ceramics. REDWAVE XRF-M: E-Scrap, Scrap Metal (Brominated plastics, screen glass, waste tainted with precious or recoverable metals (Cu, brass, silver, etc.).

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    HARDEN - Model TDH812 - Bulky Waste Recycling Systems

    HARDEN developed a bulky waste recyclingsystem that include shredders andseparation equipment. Large pieces ofmunicipal waste such as used sofas andwood tables can be shredded andseparated into metal and RDF for furtherprocessing.

    By Harden Shredder Machinery Ltd. based in Zhongshan City, CHINA.

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    HARDEN - Model TL1316 - Pulper ropes recycling

    Ragger wires, also known as “pulper tails” and “pulper ropes”, are reject secondary raw materials that are created when waste paper is recycled. Ragger wires consists of the plastic trimmings, staples, tape, labels and baling wire found in baled post-consumer paper waste. It is made up of approximately 45% steel and 55% post consumer waste and ...

    By Harden Shredder Machinery Ltd. based in Zhongshan City, CHINA.

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    ENERPAT - Model MSB-22 - Oil Filter Shredding Line

    Enerpat produce shredders for oil filter for 10 years we choose our smallest model MSB-22 for shredding big size oil filter and max size oil filter.in 2015 our customer from South Africa placed us the order making the oil filter recycling line for recycling the oil filter,the oil filter will be shred,the scrap metal will be separated out left the ...

    By Enerpat Group UK Ltd based in Brentwood, UNITED KINGDOM. from Oil Filter Shredding Line Product line

  • Waste Cable Resource Recycling Equipment

    This equipment is designed for recycling metal and non-metal materials from disused wire and cable. It adoptsmechanical treatment to crush and separate used wire and cable. It has Benefits of low noise, high production and high recycling rate.

    By Hunan Vary Technology Co., Ltd based in Changsha, CHINA. from Waste Cable Resource Recycling Equipment Product line

  • water well screen

    Welded wedge wire screen is manufactured by flat welded screen in panel or cylinder type. Flat welded wedge wire panels offer a perfectly flat and smooth surface with rectangular openings.Welded Wedge Wire Screens are made from V shaped profile wire, with an unique welding process, offering great strength, precision, long service life and a wide ...

    By Haixing Filter Company based in Hengshui, CHINA.

  • Ballistic Separator

    The function of this separator is to ensure the separation of a flow into a mix, in 3 fractions : The majority of the flat bodies and the 2D advance and go up to the top of ballistics The bottle manufactures and the 3D rebound and fall to the bottom of ballistics Fines pass through the holes of the plates and are recovered under the equipment. ...

    By Groupe Vauché based in Sedan, FRANCE.

  • Conical Flotation Separator

    Water separation system for the removal of stones, metal and any heavy material from a plastic or wood waste stream. A centre paddle allows controlled flow of waste through the system.

    By Haith Industrial based in Armthorpe, UNITED KINGDOM. from Conical Flotation Separator Product line

  • swissRTec - Delamination Mill

    Developed especially to handle pre-shredded, hard and wear intensive composite materials, the Delamination Mill from swissRTec is an excellent solution for the processing of electronic waste, auto shredder residue, printed circuit boards and materials from other waste streams. The shredded input materials enter the Delamination Mill at the top. ...

    By swissRTec AG based in Kreuzlingen, SWITZERLAND.

  • Model SRT 2 - Delamination and Separation Plant

    SRT 2 represents the next level in profitable metal recovery from composite input materials. E-Waste, ASR, Cable etc. is material with a composite raw material value locked within. Typical feedstock for the system is material which has been pre-processed by the swissRTec SRT 1 Shredding and Separation Plant.

    By swissRTec AG based in Kreuzlingen, SWITZERLAND.

  • EPL - Waste Recovery System

    Recovery systems are customized as per the Clients requirement & end used of the product (Form). As per the end user requirement the process equipments are customized. We offer end to end solutions in following products; Ammonium Nitrate phosphate recovery. Caustic Recovery. Acid Recovery / Regeneration / Separation. Heavy Metals Recovery. ...

    By Envergy Projects Limited based in Vadodara, INDIA. from Waste Recovery System Product line

  • Demag - Coolants Magnetic Separator

    DEMAG is a coolants magnetic separator able to filter metallic machining swarf. The rotating magnetic discs system, suitable for magnetic particles only,. Has very low running costs as it does not employ consumable material, and allows separated waste disposal.

    By LOSMA S.p.A. based in Curno, ITALY. from Coolants Magnetic Separator Product line

  • Kodiak - Metal Miner

    The Metal Miner is a specialized system to separate stainless steel, brass, and other non-ferrous conductive materials from non-metallic materials such as in downstream automotive shredder operations. These valuable materials are not separated in common eddy current systems which typically only remove aluminum from the shredder stream ...

    By Kodiak Group based in Grayling, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • HAMMEL - Model VB 850 - Primary Shredder

    Even the HAMMEL-primary shredder VB 850 is particularly suitable for shredding large-volume materials from wood, waste and metal. Moreover, in addition to other options, metal separation, breaker bar or stone crusher are available,

    By Hammel Recyclingtechnik GmbH based in Bad Salzungen, GERMANY. from Primary Shredder Product line

  • pandamachinery - Model 1000 - PCB waste recycling machine

    PCB recycling machine is for waste printer PCB / computer PCB boards / waste printer PCB boards/ copper clad board / printer PCB boards through the specialized crusher crushing , electrostatic separator machine to sort the copper from the resin powder . the metal recycling rate surpass 98%. 1. Environment friendly , there is no any pollution ...

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