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methane emissions equipment

  • Selma - Gas Leak Detector Device

    SELMA is one of the most modern gas leak detector device. The main application is the Leak detection in gas pipelines, compressor stations and other potential sources of methane emissions. The principle of SELMA is a pulsating infrared laser, which is directed to the location to be examined.

    By Pergam-Suisse AG based in Zürich, SWITZERLAND.

  • Gas.Trac - Model FPL - Fixed-Point Laser Methane Emissions Monitor

    GAS•TRAC FPL is a fixed-point methane gas detector that uses laser technology to monitor fugitive methane gas emissions. FPL offers a 130 foot detection range, real-time analytics and remote data stream ideal for natural gas well heads, storage fields and compressor stations.

    By Sensit Technologies based in Valparaiso, INDIANA (USA). from Remote Methane Gas Detection Product line

  • Model G2132-i - δ13C for methane (CH4)

    Distinguishing between various sources of CH4 can help in a number of ways, such as: identifying its origin in groundwater near a hydraulic fracturing well, monitoring fugitive methane emissions from a landfill, or teasing apart the biochemical pathways that produce and consume methane in wetlands. Each source of methane has a characteristic ratio ...

    By Picarro, Inc based in Santa Clara, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • JCT - Model JFID-ES - Total Hydrocarbon and Non-Methane Hydrocarbon Analyzer

    Applications; Continuous monitoring of Total hydrocarbon THC or Non-methane hydrocarbon NMHC or Methane CH4. Emission monitoring. Process monitoring. LEL monitoring.

    By JCT Analysentechnik GmbH based in Wiener Neustadt, AUSTRIA. from Gas Analyzers Product line

  • GAS•TRAC - Model LZ-50 - Hand-Held Laser Remote Gas Leak Detector

    GAS•TRAC LZ-50 is a compact, hand-held methane gas detector that uses laser light to detect and monitor fugitive methane gas emissions. Quickly and safely detect methane gas leaks at distances up to 150 feet. Easily access hard-to-reach locations, avoid obstacles and investigate gas hazards from a safe distance.

    By Sensit Technologies based in Valparaiso, INDIANA (USA). from Remote Methane Gas Detection Product line

  • HomeBioGas - Model TG1B - Anaerobic Digester

    We offer the most advanced, compact and cost effective anaerobic biodigesters. Our systems convert organic waste and animal manure into clean Biogas for cooking, heating and lighting, and also produce filtered, liquid fertilizer, while maintaining the highest safety and health standards.Our SolutionsRecycle organic waste onsite, generating Biogas ...


  • Amine Stripper Off-Gas Oxidizer

    Reduce methane and VOC emissions, control odors and be a good neighbor. Contact Catalytic Combustion Corporation today for a quotation on a suitable Amine Stripper Off Gas Oxidizer for reducing methane, VOC’s and odoriferous compounds from your gas processing operations.

    By Catalytic Combustion Corporation (CCC) based in Bloomer, WISCONSIN (USA). from VOC Control Catalysts Product line

  • Climate - Model BPI - Bi-Polar Ionization Unit

    Bipolar ionization (BPI) is one proven technology that cleans air in much the same way that nature eliminates contaminants from the outdoor air. First used commercially in the food industry in 1972, BPI generators produce ions that react with oxygen and water vapor to create free hydroxyl radicals, which are extremely reactive and very effective ...

    By Climate Technologies Corp. based in Farmington Hills, MICHIGAN (USA). from Bioclimatic Air Systems Product line

  • ECOTEC - Model TDL-500 - Fugitive Emissions Monitor

    The Latest Technology for Low Level Methane Detection. Using tunable diode laser spectroscopy, the TDL-500 is a high performance methane analyzer offering total selectivity to methane and sensitivity of 1ppm. The instrument offers ATEX certification and makes it possible to detect methane leaks, surface emissions, and determine their location with ...

    By ECOTEC based in Colton, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Laser Instrumentation Product line

  • ETG - Model 6900 - Methane Gas Analyser for Emission Monitoring in Landfill

    The ETG 6900 can reliably & selectively measure methane in low ppm concentrations without the need for frequent recalibrations. It is thus ideally suited for study on emission CH4 monitoring in landfill or remote-site applications, e.g. in environmental research.

    By ETG Risorse e Tecnologia S.r.l. based in Montiglio, ITALY. from Emission Monitoring Product line

  • Hydrocarbon Emissions Technologies

    Most hydrocarbon emissions are residues of the fuel, although they may change their form whilst they are in the combustion chamber. Engines running ‘rich’ produce more hydrocarbon emissions than engines with a ‘lean’ mixture, but even with a lean engine they can be problematic. In terms of perception a sub-group known as ...

    By Blackthorn Environmental Ltd based in Chichester, UNITED KINGDOM. from Emissions Product line

  • Exhaust Gas Cleansing Systems

    During operation, gas engines release carbon oxides and hydrocarbons as well as products of their oxidation processes, such as formaldehyde. Exhaust gas cleansing involving thermal afterburning can minimise the release of harmful emissions. This makes it easier for you to comply with the statutory emissions limits, which were revised in Germany in ...

    By Bosch KWK Systeme GmbH based in Lollar, GERMANY.

  • Model 250 KW (EC250) - Power Oxidizer Powerstation

    The Ener-Core Power Oxidizer 250 KW (EC250) Powerstation is the only clean power generation solution which runs directly on low pressure, low quality gases which typically cannot be utilized or even flared. By integrating thermal oxidation with proven turbines, the system consumes the widest range of gases from 100% to as low as 1.5% methane ...

    By Ener-Core, Inc. based in Irvine, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Coal Mining Methane System

    Coal mining has always been plagued by the constant risk of gas explosions. A risk that was predominantly caused by the presence of methane gas (CH4) in the mine.

    By Biogas Technology Limited based in Sawtry, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Tianjin - Model WFS–2017 - Automatic Online Reaction Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry Instrument

    WFS -2017 is aset of reaction evaluation device with complete supporting facilities.  It can facilitate various kinds of reactions among gas, solidity and fluid and record the whole course of reaction by preheating reaction in distributing gas and fluid or automating the whole process of online sampling chromatography, mass spectrometry and ...

    By Tianjin Xianquan Industry and Trade Development Co., LTD based in Wuqing District, CHINA. from Reaction Devices Product line

  • GasCam - Model SG - Detection Specialised System

    The new GasCam SG model offers you a significantly lighter and more compact system. As a highly specialised system for the detection of methane, it is the ideal choice for the detection of leaks in biogas and natural gassystems. Methane can be detected reliably even from distances of up to 100 metres, and is displayed against the background as a ...

    By Esders GmbH based in Haselünne, GERMANY. from Gas Technology Product line

  • West Systems - Portable Flux-Meter

    The portable flux-meter West Systems is an instrument for the evaluation of gas exchange at interface between soil and atmosphere or between the atmosphere and liquid surfaces (lakes, swamps, etc.)

    By West Systems S.r.l. based in Firenze, ITALY. from Diffuse Emissions Product line

  • Pergam - Laser Methane Copter (LMC)

    Natural gas is composed of more than 75% methane. There is high demand for an easy and cost-efficient method for the detection of methane in all sectors of the natural gas industry. From production through processing and transmission, to distribution; an impressive number of applications can be realized with the LMC (Laser methane copter) ...

    By Pergam-Suisse AG based in Zürich, SWITZERLAND.

  • Picarro Surveyor for Natural Gas Emissions

    For the first time ever, you can quickly, easily and accurately measure fugitive emissions across an entire natural gas production field. Picarro Surveyor for Natural Gas Emissions is a fully integrated vehicle-mounted instrument and geo-informatics platform that continuously transmits information for real-time evaluation. Since gathering ...

    By Picarro, Inc based in Santa Clara, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Solutions Product line

  • EnviroPure - Food Waste Diversion Systems

    Environmentally sound. Economically smart. EnviroPure food waste diversion systems provide rapid breakdown and removal of food waste on site, where it is produced. The EnviroPure organic, self-contained, continual feed system is designed to transform food waste into a greywater effluent that can be safely disposed of into existing municipal water ...

    By Air Cycle Corporation based in Lisle, ILLINOIS (USA).

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