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mine drainage equipment

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    WesTech - Conventional Gravity Thickener

    WesTech's complete line of high rate, heavy duty thickeners offers the most advanced designs for use in the industry. WesTech equipment is engineered and manufactured to the highest standard in quality. It offers the precision and durability required to keep your process going. Using customer specifications, standard methods, and computer software ...

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Thickeners Product line

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    WesTech - Industrial Drive Units

    WesTech is well known for providing top-quality process equipment for industrial and minerals liquid-solids separation. WesTech stands behind their equipment, which has proven to meet the toughest of requirements. The WesTech drive unit has helped earn this reputation.

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Drive Units Product line

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    WesTech HiFlo - High-rate Thickeners

    WesTech HiFlo™ high-rate thickeners are used in many types of process circuits to separate liquids and solids at very high rates. They are highly effective in coal refuse thickening, gold recovery, CCD circuits, copper leaching, molybdenum processing and other mining and chemical flowsheets. Separation is effected rapidly because of the ...

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Thickeners Product line

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    WesTech - Solids CONTACT CLARIFIER™

    The WesTech Solids CONTACT CLARIFIER™ has the ability to act as both an enhanced flocculation device as well as a high rate chemical precipitator. Mixing, internal solids recirculation, gentle flocculation and gravity sedimentation are all combined into a single unit.

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Clarification Product line

  • SupaZorb - AMD Treatment

    SupaZorb as a mixture of needles and bark from pine trees has the ability to bind, immobilise and precipitate heavy metals out of acid mine drainage (AMD). This technology is sustainable , so that the removal of heavy metals is garanteed over a long term.

    By SupaZOrb based in Aureus, SOUTH AFRICA.

  • P2W - Sulfates Reduction System

    The Sulfates Reduction Technology that was developed especially for the AMD (Acid Mining Drainage) crisis in South Africa is based on and is a modification of the P2W Electrolytic Process that was implemented successfully for the last 7 years in Latin America, Europe, the Far East and Africa. The electrolytic processes are the core technology of ...

    By P2W Ltd. based in ISRAEL.

  • Model MD-2 - Acid Mine Drainage Test Kit, Drop Count Titration

    Acid Mine Drainage: In areas where strip mining has occurred, runoff is often either acidic or alkaline and may contain large amounts of soluble metal salts. It could cause pH changes or otherwise contaminate lakes or streams, kill fish, and bans on public use may result. Acid Mine Drainage Test Kit Model MD-2 provides the analytical capabilities ...

    By Hach Company - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation based in Loveland, COLORADO (USA). from Test Kits and Portable Systems Product line

  • Q.Flow - Packaged System

    A packaged system of modular equipment that is ‘fit for purpose’and typically encompasses water separation, clarification and filtration processes for Produced Water and Acid Mine Drainage water re-use. However, these waters are complex and require a degree of ‘process engineering’ prior to packaging and deployment.

    By Quatraflow Limited based in Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM.

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    SULFATEQ - Sulphate And Metal Recovery

    SULFATEQ removes sulphate to less than 300 mg/l and converts it into hydrophilic (non-clogging) elemental sulphur. In addition, it recovers valuable metals such as copper, nickel and zinc as marketable metal sulphides.

    By Paques Technology B.V. based in EL Balk, NETHERLANDS.

  • ChitoRem - Chitin Complex Inherent Buffering Agent

    Long-lasting, inherent buffering agent perfect for excavations and acid mine drainage. Long-Lasting: Provides both a fast and slow release carbon source and nutrients.

    By JRW Bioremediation, L.L.C. based in Lenexa, KANSAS (USA).

  • Cutthroat Flume

    Cutthroat flumes are ideal for measuring water flow rates. Applications include: stream surveys, well pumping tests, irrigation studies, drainage surveys, seepage inspections, industrial outflows, sewage treatment plant flows, mine drainage, tail water runoff, and spring discharge. The name 'cutthroat' comes from the fact that there is no parallel ...

    By Baski, Inc. based in Englewood, COLORADO (USA). from Other Products Product line

  • Model XR-88 - Air Systems Technology (AST)

    XR-88 is a proprietary product that stabilizes and renders benign a wide variety of metals (such as uranium, copper, hexavalent chromium, nickel, zinc, lead, arsenic and many others) that are found in industrial waste, acid mine drainage and nuclear power plant radioactive waste waters. XR-88 effectively and efficiently neutralizes heavy metals ...

    By WI Environmental based in Clinton, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • EOS - Model 450 - Emulsified Vegetable Oil (EVO)

    EOS 450 is a low cost food-grade emulsified vegetable oil (EVO) that provides basic support for sites with established microbial communities, maximizing substrate value while enhancing anaerobic bioremediation in contaminated groundwater. EOS 450 can be used to reduce chlorinated solvents, perchlorate, energetics, acid mine drainage, redox ...

    By EOS Remediation, LLC based in Raleigh, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Emulsified and Water-Mixable Oils Product line

  • Model XR-88 - Portable Water Remediation Systems

    WI Environmental's XR-88 Portable Water Remediation Systems is a efficient solution to clean-up of water pollution due to industrial wates, acid mine drainage, stormwater runoff, or any other contamination of water. Portable systems provide the means to provide remediation at sites ranging from industrial complexes, urban commercial sites, ...

    By WI Environmental based in Clinton, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Model TDS821 - Acid Mine Drainage Water Treatment

    Global Advantech’s system for the treatment of acid mine water removes sulphates and other cations in water discharges from working and abandoned mines and other industrial works. These cations both contribute to acidity and solubilise heavy metals into solution, making these discharges hazardous to the environment

    By Global Advantech Resources Limited based in Westhill, UNITED KINGDOM. from Decontamination Product line

  • EOS - Model PRO - Nutrient-Enriched, DoD-Validated, Emulsified Vegetable Oil (EVO)

    EOS PRO is a nutrient-enriched, DoD-validated, emulsified vegetable oil (EVO). EOS PRO is engineered to quickly stimulate microbial activity while providing long-term nourishment to enhance anaerobic bioremediation of chlorinated solvents, nitrates, perchlorate, energetics, acid mine drainage, and other recalcitrant chemicals in contaminated ...

    By EOS Remediation, LLC based in Raleigh, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Emulsified and Water-Mixable Oils Product line

  • WRI - Model AquaTex™ COG - Wastewater Treatment Solutions for the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry

    We offer AquaTex COG for deployment to oil and gas fields to reclaim, pretreat, and recycle well wastewaters (i.e. drilling fluids, frac flowback, and produced water). It can be deployed as a rugged mobile pretreatment plant, installed as a central pretreatment plant, or integrated as a pretreatment device on the front end of our advanced ...

    By Wastewater Resources Inc. (WRI) based in Scottsdale,, ARIZONA (USA). from Industrial Product Product line

  • An-Pump - Model AM Series - Centrifugal Mining Pump

    The AM series horizontal centrifugal slurry Pump is the heavy duty pump handling tough and abrasive duties intended for clear liquids. It is the pump transporting Solid-liquid mixture with solid suspending (like ore, sand, gravel, ash and slime etc.) or the abrasive strongly and high concentration slurry. The heavy and robust slurry pump and ...

    By Shijiazhuang An Pump Machinery Co., Ltd based in Shijiazhuang, CHINA. from Slurry Pump Product line

  • FRED-Acidity - Ield-Ready Acidity Detector Analysis System for Acid Mine Drainage

    Field monitoring is difficult, often lacking real-time sensors or robust systems that can allow for continuous sampling. Sites must be driven to, analytical labs introduce delays, and field kits are difficult to use or lack data integrity. FRED-Acidity is designed to be robust, automated, and easy to use for a variety of applications. The ...

    By FREDsense Technologies Corp. based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • Wastewater Evaporation

    Mining operators need water to make bare rock give up its valuable minerals, however stricter regulations on acid mine drainage, removing metals from process water, and total dissolved solids (TDS) are pushing companies to look for more environmentally friendly solutions. Often tailing ponds are used to hold large quantities of process water. The ...

    By BKB Dust Suppression Solutions based in SOUTH AFRICA.

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