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misting odour control system equipment

  • Renby - Model MicronFogTM - Control of Dust and Odour

    Renby Micronfog – Cooling, Dust and Odour Control With increasing focus by regulatory bodies, many improvements have been made in dust reduction in industry. For comprehensive industrial dust control, and cooling Renby supply MicronFog. Fogging systems (also called misting systems) are proving highly effective at supressing fugitive dust. ...

    By Renby Limited based in Tarvin, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Dust Control Systems - Model L3,V7,V12S, V22 - Coldmist Latest Dust Control Technologies

    NEW High Performance Dust Control TechnologyColdmist Australia , in association with EmiControls Germany, now offers customized solutions for dust control in various fields of application.•Remote control function & 360° oscillation are just some of the innovative and efficient solutions for dust and odor control offered by ALL the new Coldmist ...

    By ColdMist Cooling Australia based in Empire Bay, AUSTRALIA.

  • Floral - Odour Control Neutralizers

    Odoconirol - Floral is mainly used to neutralize odours through atomization. It's ideal for landfills, rendering plants, sewage treatment plants, basins, sewage treatment ponds and chimneys. The atomization leaves a light hanging mist which, when mixed with the odour, directly neutralizes it in the ambient air. Application in landfills is carried ...

    By Bio Service Montreal Inc based in Brossard, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Odour Control Neutralizers Product line

  • Landfill Odour Control

    Gases released from municipal waste landfills have the potential to cause odours in neighbourhoods surrounding the landfill.The household and commercial wastes brought to landfills decompose over time largely through the action of bacteria. This process produces odorous gases, the amount formed depends upon a variety of factors: nature and ...

    By Anotec Environmental Pty Limited based in Moorebank , AUSTRALIA.

  • Hi Pressure Misting System

    The Cobra Hydro UK Perimeter System protection unit is a high-pressure odour control unit which is designed to provide protection against unpleasant odours escaping past site boundaries. To achieve this, an odour control chemical is automatically dosed into the system. This, diluted with water, is pumped through a series of misting nozzles around ...

    By Cobra Hydro UK Ltd based in Romsey, UNITED KINGDOM. from Hi Pressure Misting System Product line

  • Sentinal Misting System

    The Sentinal is a 2.5 meter high, floor mounted, stand-alone unit. The Sentinal is secured to either a concrete base or similar fixed-level surface using Rawl bolts or clamps. The unit can be located internally or externally for odour & dust control. The Static Sentinal gives a linear spray of between 20 and 30 meters with a 10 degree ...

    By Probe Industries USA. based in Jay, MAINE (USA).

  • Mobile Atomiser Misting System

    If you have an odour or dust issue on site (e.g. Landfill) where power or water are not readily available, the Mobile Unit misting system can solve your problem. The Mobile misting system can be quickly towed to the required location, is fully self-sufficient with its own water and power supply and can handle any terrain. When used with ...

    By Probe Industries Limited based in West Sleekburn, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • AirStreme-Automated Misting System

    The AirStreme product line consists of fully automated hydro-pneumatic misting systems and solutions targeted to the municipal, industrial and agricultural markets for odour control, environmental/animal cooling, pest control, dust suppression and humidification.

    By EnviroPro Alternatives Pty Ltd based in Emerald Beach, AUSTRALIA. from AirStreme-Automated Misting System Product line

  • Jetstream - Model 100 - In-Duct Nozzle ATEX Compliant Odour Control System

    An intrinsically safe, ATEX compliant odour control system, the Jetstream 100 is a compact, low-cost misting unit, which runs on compressed air. The Jetstream 100 is ideal for small applications, where space is limited or where a low-cost solution is needed. Because it runs on compressed air rather than electricity, there is no risk of the ...

    By Air Spectrum Environmental Limited based in Worcester, UNITED KINGDOM. from In-Duct Nozzle ATEX Compliant Odour Control System Product line

  • Duztech - Model Mosquito - Mist Cannon

    Duztech Mosquito mist cannon is a small machine that can be moved by hand. Compact and light in weight makes is perfect for indoor demolition. Standard is automatic swing operation to distribute the water mist over larger areas with a throwing distance of 10-15 m. The unit feature low power consumption. It´s connected to a standard 1 phase ...

    By Duztech AB based in Östersund, SWEDEN. from Mist Cannon Product line

  • AtomisterAiro - Odour Suppression Unit

    AtomisterAiro utilises a compressed air supply to produce an ultra-fine mist spray which combats both odour and dust. These systems are perfect for both highly targeted treatment and treatment of general airspace, whether indoors or outdoors.

    By Corgin Ltd based in Stratford, UNITED KINGDOM. from Odour Suppression Unit Product line

  • Wall Mounted Odour and Dust Control Unit

    The Probe Atomiser uses a spinning head and centrifugal action to splice water into billions of microscopic droplets producing a uniformed light mist which covers up to 30 metres. The system is never blocks, is highly reliable and can be employed in any location, inside or outside for odour and dust control. The Wall Mounted is secured to walls ...

    By Probe Industries Limited based in West Sleekburn, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Jetstream - Model 200 - Multiple Nozzles, Compressed Air Misting System

    The Jetstream 200 is an electrically powered, compressed air misting system, driving multiple nozzles to effectively suppress odour in extraction or ductwork systems, for use in misting scrubbers, or in localised external applications. Featuring a 7-day timer, it can also be supplied with pulse control and remote control response facility which ...

    By Air Spectrum Environmental Limited based in Worcester, UNITED KINGDOM. from Multiple Nozzles, Compressed Air Misting System Product line

  • elofogger - Fogger System

    Effective application of electrolysed water for disinfection and odour control.

    By Ozo Innovations based in Kidlington, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model TSC - Odor Control System

    Odor nuisance is no longer acceptable to the general public and increasing pressure is being placed on management to control site odors. Although malodors do not cause physical harm, they effect human well being and quality of life. Odor nuisance is no longer a problem as Tech Universal technology for odour control are the update for the ...

    By Tech Universal (UK) Ltd based in Cardiff, UNITED KINGDOM. from Odor Control System Product line

  • ProSonic - Air System

    The ProSonic Air System is designed to provide a customised solution to odour and dust problems in areas which require and almost dry mist.

    By Probe Industries Limited based in West Sleekburn, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Vortex - Mini Mobile Fan for Odour Control Using ODR Neutraliser

    The Vortex Mini Mobile Fan system is a portable odour control system specifically designed to treat localised odour issues, effectively neutralising odour when and wherever it occurs. This robust wheel-mounted unit can be quickly and easily moved to the sources of the odour problem. Its availability on-site for emergency use ensures the operator ...

  • APPS - Humidification System

    The APPS UK Ltd Ultrasonic Humidifier is primarily a method of distributing an Airborne10/water mix into the atmosphere by means of a fine mist. These can be located in a single room as to intercept and absorb unwanted airborne irritants such as odour, dust and bacteria. The Ultrasonic Humidifier brings moisture-rich air to and you can easily ...

    By Air Pollution Products & Systems (APPS) UK Ltd. based in Huntingdon, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Industrial Odor Control Systems

    Bakon proposes reliable and economical systems of single-stage or multi-stage wet scrubbers to control industrial odors. Wet scrubbers have been used as odor control equipments in many industries and are very successful with removal of odorous gases. In each stage of a multi-stage wet scrubber, gas flow is scrubbed with different chemical ...

    By Bakon Engineering Ltd. based in Bornova / İZMİR, TURKEY.

  • APPS - Terragator System

    The APPS UK Ltd Terragator System is primarily a method of distributing an Airborne10/water mix into the atmosphere by means of misting nozzles. These are mounted onto the back of a Terragator/Muck Spreader and are spaced at specific intervals/positions as to intercept and absorb unwanted airborne irritants such as odour, dust and bacteria as the ...

    By Air Pollution Products & Systems (APPS) UK Ltd. based in Huntingdon, UNITED KINGDOM.

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