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modular wastewater treatment technology equipment

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    MBBR: Waste Water Treatment Solutions

    Reliable and cost effective waste water treatment in suburban and rural areas is an issue in many parts of the US and around the world. This need is especially felt in developing countries. To solve this issue, Genesis Water Technologies has introduced a modular MBBR wastewater treatment system utilizing a combination of advanced aeration and ...

    By Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. based in Maitland, FLORIDA (USA). from MBBR: Waste Water Treatment Solutions Product line

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    GWT - Electrocoagulation Water Treatment Solutions

    Electrocoagulation is a specialized coagulation technology utilizing electrical energy. This electrolysis process utilizes methods that precipitate out large quantities of contaminants in one operation. This Genesis Water Technologies electrocoagulation wastewater treatment technology is the distinct economical and environmental choice for ...

    By Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. based in Maitland, FLORIDA (USA). from Electrocoagulation Water Treatment Solutions Product line

  • PCS - Wastewater Treatment Package Plants

    Pollution Control Systems is recognized worldwide for its products and technologies to treat wastewater to a safe sanitary water effluent quality discharge meeting and/or exceeding effluent standards recommended by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

    By Pollution Control Systems, Inc. (PCS) based in Milford, OHIO (USA). from Wastewater Treatment Package Plants Product line

  • Unique Modular SBR Systems

    Greener Waste Technology has teamed with Topol Water, a company with over 25 years experience selling modular SBR systems to the utility and industrial markets across the EU. As Topols representatives here in the UK Greener Waste Technology aims to provide a unique SBR system for small works as a complete treatment process with no need for ...

    By Greener Waste Technology based in Shipley, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • IMR SCHWANDER - Model SBR - Wastewater Treatment Plants

    Our plants are produced with the SBR technology and are intended for the treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater. The plant is modular: plants is suitable for urban center, from villages to large cities, and production unit such as farm, milk factories, beverage industry. The plant consists of a stainless steel silo. The purifying phases ...

    By IMR E&T S.r.l based in Romans d`Isonzo, ITALY.

  • Gas Phase Treatment Biofilters

    Biofilters are an odor treatment technology that utilizes biological processes as the treatment mechanism. Biofilters are considered to be a “green” approach to odor control, because they utilize microorganisms in media to oxidize odor and air emission compounds to carbon dioxide, water, biomass, and other benign by-products such as ...

    By Webster Environmental Associates, Inc. based in Louisville, KENTUCKY (USA). from Gas Phase Treatment Biofilters Product line

  • Klärocom - Communal Wastewater Treatment Plant

    klärocom wastewater treatment plants are standard plants modularly built in a modular system that has been developed especially for the cleaning of municipal wastewaters. Due to the combination of individual SBR modules, nearly all technically possible cleaning parameters can be realized from 51 to 300 PE. Our klärocom wastewater ...

    By utp - umwelttechnik pöhnl GmbH based in Seybothenreuth, GERMANY.

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    TETRA DeepBed - Model MDBF - Skid-Mounted Filtration System

    The DE NORA TETRA Modular DeepBed Filter (MDBF) is a skid-mounted filtration system designed after the DE NORA TETRA DeepBed technology to be a competitive tertiary filtration plant for secondary effluent from smaller sized wastewater treatment facilities. Consisting of a number of stainless steel filter cells (normally 6, 8, 10 or 12), backwash ...

  • Boydel WaterMiner - Model W750--ST - Hybrid Electrocoagulation-electrolysis Wastewater Treatment System

    Introducing the globally patented or patent pending BOYDEL 750,000 litre per day 1.6m WaterMiner modular hybrid EC-EAO electro-chemical wastewater treatment system. We are designing a new 1000 m3 per day scale platform we are working to have engineered for late 2016. High and Low removals of: Organics - Hydrocarbons- Heavy Metals- Pesticides - ...

    By Boydel Wastewater Technologies Inc. - Electrocoagulation based in Chemainus, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Kläropro - Commercial Waste Water Treatment Plant

    kläropro – the industrial wastewater treatment plant. kläropro wastewater treatment plants are special plants for object-related application, in which cases no standardized wastewater treatment plants can be realized. Especially for objects with very special wastewaters or strongly fluctuation inflow amounts, kläropro ...

    By utp - umwelttechnik pöhnl GmbH based in Seybothenreuth, GERMANY.

  • Wastewater Technology

    TIA generally provides all process steps employed in wastewater technology today. Selected steps will be combined to offer the ideal overall solution for any kind of wastewater problem or process water problem in industry or municipality. The modular way of construction proofs of value for treatment plants for complete treatment as well as for ...

  • Model W - Compact Modular Units for Wastewater Treatment

    Our W models are built in standard dimension of containerized modular structures (20 ', 40') and treat up to 300 m3/d. They are based on biological processes optimized for the removal of organic load and excess nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) in water. They use Sequencing Batch Reactor (SRB) technology, which ensures a robust and flexible ...

    By CUBO - Environmental Technologies, S.A. based in Castelo da Maia, PORTUGAL.

  • Containerized Modular

    Silvermere has partnered with premium technology providers to offer containerized modular wastewater treatment plants with freshwater recovery, and municipal solid waste treatment systems using advanced thermal gasification with energy recovery as process heat, steam and electricity.

    By Silvermere Lighting based in Saint Paul, MINNESOTA (USA).

  • Adipur - Model S2 - Compact Wastewater Treatment Plants

    Gross wastewater pumping station, sieving, homogenization, pumping and sludge storing module. Technological module for equipments. Modular system for mechanical-biological wastewater treating. Instruments for measurement and control. Wastewater treating plant command module and automation.

    By Adiss S.A. based in Maramures, ROMANIA. from Compact Wastewater Treatment Plants Product line

  • Membrane Modules

    The application of membrane bioreactor technology represents a quantum leap in the use of biological wastewater treatment processes. While conventional treatment processes focus on the degradation of organic contaminants and nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous, MBR processes also retain turbidity and microorganisms. This generates ...

    By MaxFlow Membran Filtration GmbH based in Gelsenkirchen, GERMANY.

  • Modular Floating Covers

    Geomembrane Technologies designs and installs patented modular floating covers for effective odor abatement, thermal protection, and algae control for wastewater treatment applications worldwide.

    By Geomembrane Technologies, an Evoqua brand based in Fredericton, NEW BRUNSWICK (CANADA). from Modular Floating Covers Product line

  • Containerized Industrial Wastewater Treatment

    A fully self contained climate controlled system capable of treating many types of industrial waste waters. Our turnkey industrial wastewater treatment units are fully containerized turnkey systems that are housed in a stainless steel and aluminum climate controlled container. They are very well suited for the treatment of many kinds of industrial ...

    By Southwater LLC based in Jacksonville, FLORIDA (USA).

  • AMP - Modular Reed Beds

    AMP Water Recycling offer the supply and installation of modular reed bed systems. Modular reed beds are an innovative approach to tried and tested wastewater treatment technology that offers a range of benefits over other treatment systems. They have the advantages of very low capital and revenue costs, and have low manpower requirements. 

    By AMP Water Recycling Limited based in Waddingham, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Auger Monster - Modular Headworks System

    The Auger Monster is a robust and affordable wastewater screen which combines three of JWC’s finest technologies – a grinder, a fine screen and a compactor. It removes trash and unwanted solids so the treatment plant runs more efficiently. The Auger Monster is proven to result in cleaner, more compact discharge and lowered disposal ...

    By JWC Environmental - a Sulzer Brand based in Santa Ana, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Modular Headworks System Product line

  • Model HIT - Integrated Treatment System

    Headworks Integrated Treatment (HIT) System The world’s MBBR/IFAS technology experts at Headworks BIO have developed a smarter way to treat wastewater for reuse. The result is the Headworks Integrated Treatment (HIT) System: a modular, compact wastewater treatment system designed for smaller communities and industries. The HIT System ...

    By Headworks Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Integrated Treatment System Product line

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