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monitoring of personnel equipment

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    AMETEK PI - Model ta5000 - Gas Analyzers

    Trace Level Gas Monitoring For Bulk Gas, Environmental and Research Laboratory Applications. The presence of trace impurities in gas supplies and ambient air are of significant concern for bulk gas producers, semiconductor manufacturers, plant environmental safety personnel, and research scientists. The presence of impurities can lower product ...

    By Ametek Process Instruments - THERMOX based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Gas Analyzers Product line

  • Rapiscan - Model TSA PM704 - Transportable Personnel Monitor

    The PM704 is a compact and lightweight system that delivers the required radiation detection performance for effective personnel inspection. Large collimated PVT gamma detectors are housed in the vertical pillars. The PM704 meets the requirements of US and international pedestrian inspection standards, as well as the US FEMA standard for ...

    By Rapiscan Systems based in Torrance, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Transportable Personnel Monitor Product line

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    De Nora - Gas & Leak Detectors

    De Nora Water Technologies’ gas and leak detectors provide continuous detection of chlorine gas and sulfur dioxide gas, protecting personnel and property wherever chlorine is unloaded, stored or used. Highly sensitive, the detectors monitor gas levels below U.S. OSHA requirements.

  • ActiveTag - Model AT-132P - Personnel Tag

    The AT-132P Personnel Tag provides robust, convenient, hands-free identification of personnel for access control, people tracking and resource management applications. Tag signals can travel long distances around and through walls, clothing, luggage, even people. Multiple tags can be read at distances of up to 35 feet* inside a typical facility, ...

    By Axcess International, Inc. based in Addison, TEXAS (USA). from Personnel Tag Product line

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    EnegyTech - Model 201 - CO Coalmill MillFire

    The early detection of coal fires in coal handling systems on coal fired power stations is essential to prevent catastrophic damage to expensive plant and serious injury to personnel. The most reliable and accurate method of detecting coal fires or smouldering is to monitor the carbon monoxide levels within the coal handling plant areas such as ...

    By Codel International Ltd based in Bakewell, UNITED KINGDOM. from CO Coalmill MillFire Product line

  • TA - Model PPVM Series - Portable or Fixed Personnel or Vehicle Monitor

    Portable control / alarm module plus two portable weather proof detector housings. PPVM-TA & PPVM-TB each contain two Plastic Scintillators 528 in2 /detectors. PPVM-HM contains two Plastic Scintillators 576 in2 /detectors. Rate of change electronics with audio and visual alarms. Operates on built-in rechargeable batteries or 110/220 AC. ...

    By Technical Associates based in Canoga Park, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Portable or Fixed Personnel or Vehicle Monitor Product line

  • Personnel Protection Indicators

    Can be used by anyone. No hygienists or technicians required. Lightweight - reusable badge weighs 1/4 ounce. Badges and monitors are immediately ready for use. No activation required. Cumulative and one time exposure results are easily obtained and tracked.

    By American Gas & Chemical Co. Ltd based in Northvale, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Mirion - Whole Body Personnel Radiation Contamination Monitors

    Working in a Radiologically Controlled Area (RCA) presents the potential for personnel to become contaminated with trace levels of radioactive material.  Prior to RCA exit, workers must be scanned to verify that this has not occurred.  Whole Body Monitors provide an automated option that is fast, accurate and convenient.

    By Mirion Technologies based in Smyrna, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Whole Body Personnel Radiation Contamination Monitors Product line

  • SuperCELL - Model SC500 - Incident Commander Monitors

    SuperCELL SC500 Incident Commander monitors personnel on scene, sends Global Evacuation signals to all RF PASS and Displays ALARM messages from all RF PASS.

    By Grace Industries, Inc. based in Fredonia, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Incident Commander Monitors Product line

  • FasTracker - Global GPS Tracker

    FasTracker enables near-real time tracking and safety monitoring of vehicles, vessels, aircraft and mobile equipment anywhere in the world. In addition to GPS tracking, FasTracker enables personnel to send instant email and SMS distress messages in the event of an emergency, and allows safety parameters such as excessive speed to be monitored and ...

    By Fastwave based in Subiaco, AUSTRALIA. from Global GPS Tracker Product line

  • ImpulsTec - Model EHF400 - Shock Wave Systems

    Technical features: By default, EHF 400 shock wave systems are equipped with a mobile multi-electrode system.This enables individual adjustment of the electrode distance in the fragmentation process, thus keeping the process stable and efficient throughout the whole fragmentation procedure. During operation, a voltage of between 30 and 50 kV can ...

    By ImpulsTec GmbH based in Dresden, GERMANY.

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    ACME - Model 40-XP Series - Combustible Gas Sensor-Transmitters

    The Acme Combustible gas sensor-transmitter measures the concentration of the target gas in an enclosed area and produces a proportional analog output signal. The Acme 40-ST Combustible Gas sensor is explosion proof. The enclosure of the sensor-transmitter is a explosion proof enclosure. The 40-ST series employs a diffusion type catalytic bead ...

    By Acme Engineering Prod. Ltd. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Combustible Gas Sensor-Transmitters Product line

  • Owlstone - Chemical Agent Monitor (OCAM)

    The Owlstone Chemical Agent Monitor is a first of its kind next generation facility air monitor. Continuous (24/7) air monitoring provides chemical detection well below IDLH levels. The Owlstone Chemical Agent Monitor (OCAM) is a first of its kind next generation facility air monitor. Providing rapid and reliable detection of chemical threats, it ...

    By Owlstone Nanotech, Inc. based in Norwalk, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Chemical Agent Monitor (OCAM) Product line

  • Model SERIES 8500 - Integrated Personnel & Vehicle Entry Control

    Entry Control Element 16 is an anti-tailgating detector ensuring that a vehicle does not tailgate. This Element creates an invisible infrared screen with two IR sensors that detect vehicles passing through the gate. In combination with Gate Sequence Programming any vehicle attempting to tailgate will be detected and alarm on the Access Control ...

    By ECSI International, Inc. based in Clifton, NEW JERSEY (USA).

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    STS - Model 908 TSA PRM470 - Simulator

    The STS 908 TSA PRM470 is in use with training facilitators, training emergency services and MOD personnel in emergency preparedness exercises, the simulator allow the trainers to establish realistic scenarios such as covert identification of sources, lost source recovery and routine monitoring. The STS 908 system comprises a modified TSA Systems ...

    By Safe Training Systems Ltd. (STS) based in Wokingham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Simulator Product line

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    Model 930 - H2S in Sulfur Pit Analyzer

    In many sulfur recovery units, produced sulfur is stored in liquid form in sulfur pits. Operators are increasingly aware that sulfur pits present potential danger to plant personnel and overall plant safety. It is therefore critically important to monitor H2S in the vapour space of sulfur pits to ensure that it remains below the Lower Explosive ...

    By Ametek Process Instruments - THERMOX based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from H2S in Sulfur Pit Analyzer Product line

  • Bedfont Scientific - Model Phosfuma - Phosphine Monitor

    Posphine is used as a fumigant during the storage of agricultural products such as nuts, seeds, grains, coffe and tobacco. The Phosfuma monitor provides a dual monitoring range: The high-sensitivity monitoring capability at low levels provides accurate personnel safety-level readings; the full-scale range provides high-level phosphine monitoring ...

    By Ribble Enviro Ltd based in Gisburn, UNITED KINGDOM. from Phosphine Monitor Product line

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    SaphyRAD MS

    The SaphyRAD MS is a multiprobe survey meter with contamination detection and gamma dose rate measurement functions for operation by hazmat teams or on military fields. Ruggedized and ergonomic with its bright and wide LCD display, it is ideal for day and night operations, even in harsh environmental conditions by non-radiation specialists. Its ...

    By Bertin Instruments based in Montigny-le-Bretonneux, FRANCE. from SaphyRAD MS Product line

  • Systech - Model EC96 - Oxygen Deficiency Monitor

    The EC96 oxygen deficiency monitor is used for the continuous monitoring of oxygen levels in confined spaces, inert storage areas or where low or high levels of oxygen may pose a hazard to personnel.

    By Systech Instruments Ltd based in Thame, UNITED KINGDOM. from Oxygen Deficiency Monitor Product line

  • Miros - Model HMS - Helideck Monitoring System

    Accurate and reliable monitoring of the conditions on a helideck, combined with efficient distribution of relevant information to affected personnel, is vital to obtain safe end cost-efficient air-transport to offshore installations and vessels.

    By MIROS AS based in Asker, NORWAY. from Helideck Monitoring System Product line

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