non-ferrous metal equipment in Oregon

  • Model NM 720S - Non Metallic Chain

    SENQCIA MAXCO’s latest generation of non-metallic 6' pitch collector chain features many enhancements to insure a long productive life in a wide range of applications and service conditions. Manufactured of Acetal Resin, the chain link has a smooth finish with a very generous cross-section. The pin press-fits into the sidebar with a 'T' head ...

    By Senqcia Maxco, Ltd. Office in Portland, OREGON (USA). from Non Metallic Chain Product line

  • Non Metallic Helical Skimmer

    HMAX Helical Skimmers are available in both metallic (stainless steel) and non-metallic (FRP) for a broad range of application requirements.

    By Senqcia Maxco, Ltd. Office in Portland, OREGON (USA). from Non Metallic Helical Skimmer Product line

  • MAG-SORT® - Metal Re-Claimer

    The MAG-SORT® system efficiently recovers valuable ferrous metals from non-ferrous bulk materials via the use of powerful suspended in-line magnetic separators in conjunction with an underlying multi-deck vibrating conveyor.

    By Action Equipment Company, Inc. (ACTION) based in Newberg, OREGON (USA).

  • Model FRP - Non-Metallic Scum Skimmer Pipe Assembly

    HMAX Non-Metallic Scum Skimmer Pipes feature a tube of FRP with a gel coated interior for easy release of grease or solids, limiting build-up. Wall bearings are made of long lasting UHMW-PE material. Lightweight, easy to install this scum pipe will eliminate all corrosion and unsightly build-up, common with carbon steel and even stainless steel ...

    By Senqcia Maxco, Ltd. Office in Portland, OREGON (USA). from Non-Metallic Scum Skimmer Pipe Assembly Product line

  • Premium

    Cyclops L - Model CO55L Meltmaster & C100L/C160L/C390L - Portable Non-Contact Pyrometers

    Easy to handle, simple to operate, Cyclops L portable non-contact pyrometers provide precise temperature measurements. Easily take measurements in multiple locations and verify on-line pyrometer readings. Durable, yet light weight construction means you can operate it for hours at a time without fatigue. Designed for single-handed use, Cyclops ...

    By AMETEK Land Office in Canby, OREGON (USA). from Portable Non-Contact Pyrometers Product line

  • MetalZorb - Metals Removal Media

    MetalZorb is a non-toxic, biodegradable, organic polymer that is ideal for reducing, removing and recovering dissolved heavy metals and metallic ions in applications where rapid capture is required. Applications include stormwater runoff, industrial effluent, landfill leachates, precious metal recovery and land remediation.

    By CleanWay Environmental Partners, Inc. based in Portland, OREGON (USA).

  • Ezra Terra - Apatite Metal Stabilization Technology

    Ezra Terra acquired the Apatite Metal Stabilization Technology to handle metal contaminated porous media (soil and sediment).  The technology uses a proprietary process to chemically stabilize the metals in soil or sediment by bonding the metals to the soil or sediment. The process addresses the ability for the metals to leach from the ...

    By Ezra Terra, Inc based in Bend, OREGON (USA).

  • MDI - Model XR-3000 - Under Conveyor Systems

    The XR-3000 joins our family of digitally controlled metal detectors with the new XR-9 Digital Function Block  and entirely new internal search coil design that  utilizes our groundbreaking Diamond  Construction Process. The XR-9 represents MDI's latest advancement in CB radio filtering and AC noise interference, giving you greater ...

    By Metal Detectors, Inc. (MDI) based in Eugene, OREGON (USA). from Under Conveyor Systems Product line

  • Pipes Hoses and Fittings

    The pipes are lay-flat and rigid. The hoses are metallic and non-metallics. The fittings are: Quick Disconnect, Cam and Groove, Industrial Groove, Flanges, Restrained Joint and PVC.

    By BakerCorp Office in Portland, OREGON (USA). from Pipes Hoses and Fittings Product line

  • SSI - Low Speed Shredding Technology

    SSI shredding equipment using low-speed technology offer a variety of benefits. When used in conjunction with SSI’s auto-reverse and shock-load protection features, these shredders process a wide range of materials, including ferrous metal.

    By SSI Shredding Systems, Inc. based in Wilsonville, OREGON (USA). from Low Speed Shredding Technology Product line

  • Continous Casting Die

    Continuous casting of non-ferrous metals requires quality graphite materials and precision machining of casting dies for good performance. Toyo has a long lineage of experience through out, not only North America, but the world in casting applications. Our graphite grades are well known, as the industry standard, for good thermal properties and ...

    By Toyo Tanso USA, Inc. based in Troutdale, OREGON (USA). from Continous Casting Die Product line

  • Model NH 78 - Drive Chain

    Pitch: 2.609' . Working Load (Max): 1,750 lbs. Avg Ultimate Strength: 4,000 lbs. Material: Link: Acetal. Pin: 304 SS. Sprocket: 78 Series (Metallic or Non-Metallic) . Weight: 4.0 lbs. per ft

    By Senqcia Maxco, Ltd. Office in Portland, OREGON (USA). from Drive Chain Product line

  • SSI Uni-Shear - Model SR900 - Single Rotor Shredder/Grinder

    The SR900 single rotor shredder/grinder is built to downsize and liberate commingled items in a single pass while producing predictable, consistently sized particles. The Uni-Shear SR900 is designed to accept a wide range of pre-shredded materials. This heavy duty single rotor machine can process tires, non-ferrous metals, copper wire, RDF, ...

    By SSI Shredding Systems, Inc. based in Wilsonville, OREGON (USA). from Single Rotor Shredder/Grinder Product line

  • ACTION - Magnetic Separators

    ACTION’s Magnetic Separator generates a constant force and performs “work” on ferrous objects below. Ferrous materials are lifted from the lower product stream by a strong, deep reach overhead magnet with material being captured on a cleated overhead belt prior to discharge beyond the head pulley. Magnetic circuit configurations ...

    By Action Equipment Company, Inc. (ACTION) based in Newberg, OREGON (USA).

  • Cast Nylon Headshaft Bearing

    Featuring a Cast Nylon body with oil filled nylon bearing inserts. Self-aligning, split design allows for bearing replacement without removing shaft. Metallic shaft does not come into direct contact with the bearing material as a thick sleeve of non-metallic material is mounted on shaft ends, extending service life by providing low friction ...

    By Senqcia Maxco, Ltd. Office in Portland, OREGON (USA). from Cast Nylon Headshaft Bearing Product line

  • Model HB 78 - Stainless Steel Chain

    Superior resistance to wear and corrosion of any 78 series chain. Stainless steel construction offers high load, chemical and corrosion resistance and extremely minimal stretch, especially when compared to non-metallic NH-78 style chains. Toughest chain for the harsh extremes of clarifier drives and similar applications. Economically priced this ...

    By Senqcia Maxco, Ltd. Office in Portland, OREGON (USA). from Stainless Steel Chain Product line

  • DENSE-OUT® - Vibratory AIR Separator

    The DENSE-OUT® is a cost effective solution for bulk processing of a wide range of materials fully capable of removing 'heavies' such as rocks, bricks, metals, glass, asphalt, ice lumps, nuts & bolts from less dense materials. The ideal combination of form and function. ACTION's versatile, multi-stage, density separator integrates the advantages ...

    By Action Equipment Company, Inc. (ACTION) based in Newberg, OREGON (USA).

  • Premium

    Land - Model GST - Galvanneal Strip Thermometer

    A high accuracy infrared thermometer providing non-contact measurements of steel strip in the Galvannealing section of a hot dip galvanizing process. The Galvanneal Strip Thermometer (GST) provides continuous, accurate measurements of temperature and emissivity on coated steel during the galvannealing reaction. By maintaining control of the ...

    By AMETEK Land Office in Canby, OREGON (USA). from Galvanneal Strip Thermometer Product line

  • The Heavy Duty Titeseal Copolymer Slide Gate

    The Heavy Duty Titeseal Copolymer Slide Gate is a non-metallic, corrosion resistant gate that provides the engineer with a superior alternative to stainless steel and cast iron slide gates, often called sluice gates. It is designed to handle high head applications of 10 feet or more in seating or unseating service. The guide includes a top closure ...

    By Plasti-Fab, Inc. based in Tualatin, OREGON (USA). from The Heavy Duty Titeseal Copolymer Slide Gate Product line

  • Premium

    Land - Model ABT - Aluminium Billet Temperature Monitoring

    Fast, accurate, non-contact thermometer designed specifically to measure the temperature profile of aluminium billets as they exit the heating furnace, regardless of the billet emissivity or surface condition. ABT is a dedicated Aluminium Billet Thermometer that gives a highly accurate custom measurement for aluminium billet surfaces, providing an ...

    By AMETEK Land Office in Canby, OREGON (USA). from Aluminium Billet Temperature Monitoring Product line

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