non-revenue-water equipment in Washington

  • Ambient Water - Model 2500 - Home and Office Countertop Unit

    The Model 2500 is a home and office countertop unit that can produce some of the cleanest, best tasting drinking water on earth. With a low carbon footprint - no plastic bottles to throw away or fuel for weekly deliveries - and a US EPA-approved, proprietary technology that ensures you are getting the safest, cleanest water available, you can ...

    By Ambient Water Inc based in Liberty Lake, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Ambient Water - Model 20K - Customized Systems

    The oil and gas industry is very water intensive. We are developing a customized system to produce clean water from the air for use in oil and gas fracking operations. This will reduce the oil and gas industry’s draw on municipal water supplies and enable cost-effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable energy exploration to power ...

    By Ambient Water Inc based in Liberty Lake, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Ambient Water - Model 400 - Commercial and Industrial System

    Ambient Water 400 is a commercial and industrial system that can produce up to 400 gallons of clean drinking water per day, from the air.

    By Ambient Water Inc based in Liberty Lake, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Model MCE - Membrane Filters, Non-Sterile

    These hydrophilic, non-sterile, MCE membrane filters are a high-purity mixture of CN/CA fibers with superior flow rates, precise pores, and high protein binding for bio-fluid sterilization, contamination analysis, and air-monitoring.

    By Sterlitech Corporation based in Kent, WASHINGTON (USA). from Membrane Filters, Non-Sterile Product line

  • Viking Chains - Model VC78NM - Non Metallic Drive Chain

    Glass Filled Nylon Material. 2,609' Pitch. 304SS Pin and Roll Pin. Maximum Working Load 1,800 lbs. 5,000 lbs Average Ultimate Strength

    By Viking Chains Enviro Group Office in Vancouver, WASHINGTON (USA). from Non Metallic Drive Chain Product line

  • WaveOx - Non Sacrificial Electrodes System

    The WaveOx system utilizes various types of non-sacrificial electrodes that are designed to generate powerful oxidants. The type and quantity of the oxidant generated can be adjusted based on the requirements of the application. The  oxidant make-up can include hydroxyl radicals, persulfate radicals, ozone, persulfate, hydrogen peroxide, ...

    By Water Tectonics, Inc. based in Everett, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Oracle - Non-Contacting Gas Detector

    The Oracle is a non-contacting gas identifier  with part-per-million sensitivity that requires no consumables and which is operable over a wide temperature range.  It is essentially a long baseline infrared spectrometer that identifies gases by comparing their infrared (IR) signatures with a built-in library of target gas ...

    By Research International, Inc. based in Monroe, WASHINGTON (USA). from Non-Contacting Gas Detector Product line

  • Viking Chains - Model VC720NM - Non Metallic Collector Chain

    Glass Filled Nylon Material. 6.00' Pitch. Maximum Working Load 3,100 lbs. 7,000 lbs Average Ultimate Strength

    By Viking Chains Enviro Group Office in Vancouver, WASHINGTON (USA). from Non Metallic Collector Chain Product line

  • Premium

    Tekran - Model 1306 - Water Filtration System

    The Tekran® Model 1306 Water Filtration System is an inexpensive, convenient source of deionized, mercury free water for the Series 3300 Mercury CEM. With two stages of pre-filtration eliminating particulate and organic contamination, the final stage R/O membrane and ion-exchange filters have extremely long life.

    By Tekran Instruments Corporation Office in Seattle, WASHINGTON (USA). from Water Filtration System Product line

  • SCAFCO - Water Tanks

    SCAFCO designs and manufactures water tank systems in 11 different diameters (6' to 36') and wall heights up to 14 feet, with capacities in excess of 100,000 gallons.Our high-quality galvanized steel tank exteriors get the proven protection of hot-dipped zinc coating. Water tanks have a flexible liner. The liner is suspended inside the water tank, ...

    By SCAFCO Grain Systems Co. based in Spokane, WASHINGTON (USA). from Water Tanks Product line

  • Model SBE 55 ECO - Water Sampler

    Small, lightweight, robust water sampler package with magnetically activated lanyard release latch is compatible with most Sea-Bird CTDs. Three or six 4-liter bottles, real time or autonomous operation.

    By Sea-Bird Scientific - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation based in Bellevue, WASHINGTON (USA). from Water Sampler Product line

  • Aptus - Non-Seismic Flooded Battery Racks

    Aptus' non-seismic flooded battery racks offer rugged construction and economical solutions for most needs. All designs have been approved by a California Structural Engineer, meeting the industry's toughest rack design standards. Numerous configurations support most manufacturer's batteries, and satisfy most battery room installation needs.

    By EnviroGuard Office in Seattle, WASHINGTON (USA). from Non-Seismic Flooded Battery Racks Product line

  • Neofit - Model Plus - Non-Invasive Pipe Lining System

    Neofit+ Plus System is a non-invasive pipe lining system especially designed for small diameter potable water service piping. The Neofit®+ Plus Liner seals small leaks and pinholes in 1/2' thru 2' ID service piping. It also acts as a barrier between existing lead piping and potable drinking water. The Neofit®+ Plus Liner is NSF-61 approved ...

    By Flow-Liner Systems, Ltd. Office in Washington, WASHINGTON (USA). from Non-Invasive Pipe Lining System Product line

  • Sterlitech - Nylon Syringe Filters, Non-Sterile

    Sterlitech non-sterile nylon syringe filters are specifically designed for the sterilization and clarification of aqueous and solvent samples in a wide array of analytical and research applications. Containing a hydrophilic nylon membrane, these small filter devices are known for their high particulate load and their ability to improve sample ...

    By Sterlitech Corporation based in Kent, WASHINGTON (USA). from Nylon Syringe Filters, Non-Sterile Product line

  • Sterlitech - MCE Syringe Filters, Non-Sterile

    Sterlitech MCE syringe filters are made with hydrophilic material for filtration and clarification of aqueous samples.  These filters are frequently used in the medical and environmental testing industries. Medical assay applications include: Pathogenic microorganisms, drugs of abuse, HCG, and HIV. Also available are discounted MCE syringe ...

    By Sterlitech Corporation based in Kent, WASHINGTON (USA). from MCE Syringe Filters, Non-Sterile Product line

  • Lundberg - Non-Condensible Gas Handling Systems

    Lundberg designs state of the art Non-Condensible Gas handling systems for Dilute, Concentrated and Stripper Off Gas systems. These systems are designed for the safest possible operation and to meet the most stringent environmental regulations. These systems are designed to minimize potential venting episodes as well.

    By Lundberg, LLC based in Bellevue, WASHINGTON (USA). from Non-Condensible Gas Handling Systems Product line

  • MCE Syringe Filters, Non-Sterile

    Sterile MCE Syringe Filters are made from high quality nitrocellulose and perfect for biological samples. Like our other MCE syringe filters, they are hydrophilic and easily blocked to give them a low background. Available in 0.22 and 0.45 micron pore sizes with a 25 mm diameter.

    By Sterlitech Corporation based in Kent, WASHINGTON (USA). from MCE Syringe Filters, Non-Sterile Product line

  • Wylie - Model 500 Gal - Water Trailers

    Whether the job requires holding down the dust or packing the site for a foundation, watering remote vegetation or fighting grass fires, the Wylie 'Express' Water Wagon is the industrial sprayer especially designed with the contractor/builder/rental store in mind. The rugged channel iron frame with the heavy duty poly tank combine into a durable ...

    By Van`s Equipment Company based in Burlington, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • HydroFLOW - Model I Range - Water Conditioner

    The HydroFLOW I Range water conditioner is our newest and most diverse range. The unit is over two times more powerful than our older models. Additional features include an imbedded power supply inside the transducer and a hardwired brass electrical connector that make it extremely robust. The water conditioner is designed to combat limescale, ...

    By HydroFLOW USA based in Redmond, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • CirCulator - Stabilizes Water

    The CirCulator stabilizes water held in stagnant ponds in a sustainable, engineered natural photo-biological process. This is a simple system that couples vortex mixing, oxygen and water circulation with photosynthesis to utilize these powerful natural phenomena to treat water with low energy inputs.

    By Circul8 Systems based in Reardan, WASHINGTON (USA).

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