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NOx pollution equipment

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    AirGen - Model ZA-HC & ZA-Total - Gas Generators

    The AirGen series ZA-HC is able to remove the total hydrocarbons to less than 0.05 ppm from the external compressed Air. If higher purity is requested, then the ZA-Total will also remove other pollutent like Humidity, CO2, CO, NOx, SO2 and Hydrocarbons. Very small in size, the ZA-HC and ZA-Total can filter up to 30 L/min of compressed Air and can ...

    By LNI Swissgas based in Versoix, SWITZERLAND. from Gas Generators Product line

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    CataFlex - Catalytic Filter Bags

    The new CataFlex catalytic filter bags offers a universal design with a unique catalytic formula, effective at low temperatures, which reduces CAPEX expenses compared to other solutions on the market.

    By FLSmidth AFT based in Evans, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Cement Industry Product line

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    Anguil - Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Abatement Systems

    Anguil provides a broad line of technologically advanced, yet user-friendly air pollution control products for the abatement of industrial emissions like Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), Nitrogen Oxides (NOX) and process odors. Each thermal and catalytic oxidizer product represents a value-engineered system with ...

    By Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc. based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA). from Thermal & Catlytic Oxidizers Product line

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    Tri-Mer - Filters for NOx Reduction (DeNOx)

    To remove NOx, catalytic ceramic filter elements are manufactured with nano-bits of SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) catalyst embedded in the walls, about 3/4 inch (20 mm) thick. These filters achieve NOx removal with over 90% efficiency.

  • De-NOx Systems

    Also included within KC Cottrell's extensive portfolio are De-NOx systems which reduce harmful nitrous oxide gases. Together with our parent company, KC Cottrell, we are facing the pressing task of removing nitrous oxide (NOx) and other major pollutants, such as sulphuric acid, carbon monoxide and dioxin. The company is an experienced provider of ...

    By KC Cottrell, Inc based in The Woodlands, TEXAS (USA).

  • Stack Monitoring Kit

    It is used for rapid and accurate measurements of concentrate gaseous pollutants such as SO2, NOX and also Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) under Isokinetic Conditions, Volumetric Flow, Linear Velocity and Stack Gas Temperature. It meets with EPA Regulations.

    By Spectro Lab Equipment Pvt. Ltd. based in New Delhi, INDIA.

  • Mobile Emission Labs

    Housed in Mitsubishi Hi-Cube trucks, Horizon’s mobile emissions laboratories provides on-site test results and real-time emission measurements. Each truck is fully equipped for on-site continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) of criteria pollutants (NOx, CO, THC, SO2, CO2, O2) using state-of-the-art analyzers. An Excel-based data ...

    By Horizon Air Measurement Services Inc based in Camarillo, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Small Engines

    Gaseous emissions present in small spark ignition engines of 25 horsepower or less are subject to stringent exhaust emission control standards for CO, Hydrocarbons and NOx. These sources of air pollution include both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, hand held devices, generators, lawn equipment and marine applications

    By Hypercat ACP based in West Chester, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • IPCO - Model FID - Emissions Purification and Combustion Improvement System

    Emissions purification and combustion improvement system designed to create a stable “water in fuel” emulsion. The implementation of emulsified fuel significantly enhances fuel atomization and distribution in the combustion chamber. This results in more effective combustion, lower fuel consumption and a reduction of NOx, HC and PM ...

    By IPCO Power B.V. based in Dordrecht, NETHERLANDS. from Fuel Treatment Product line

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific - Model 111 - Zero Air Supply

    The Thermo Scientific™ 111 Zero Air Supply is designed for applications where pollutant-free levels of NO, NOx, O3, SO2, CO and hydrocarbons are required, with flows up to 20L/min. at pressures of 30psi. This model uses an external compressor; the pressure regulators, chemical scrubbers, reactor and temperature controller are all contained ...

    By Thermo Scientific - Air Quality Instruments based in Franklin, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Ambient Gas Analyzers Product line

  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) NOx Removal System

    Nitrogen oxide (NOx) in exhaust fumes from factories and power stations undergoes a photochemical reaction triggered by powerful ultraviolet rays in sunlight to produce toxic photochemical oxidants such as ozone, which are the primary cause of photochemical smog that is harmful to plants and humans alike. NOx also undergoes a chemical reaction in ...

    By Hitachi Zosen Corporation based in Tokyo, JAPAN.

  • Airpointer - Airpointer Compact Monitoring System

    The Airpointer® is a revolutionary, compact, and modular system for air quality monitoring. It is easy to install, cost effective to operate and easy to maintain. Its compact design enables it to be installed almost everywhere.The Airpointer® offers a choice of U.S. EPA approved Federal Equivalent Method (FEM) analysis modules for monitoring the ...

    By American Ecotech LLC based in Warren, RHODE ISLAND (USA).

  • Honda - Model GASPRO SXT - Purifier Mufflers

    Honda gasoline and propane fueled single and twin cylinder engines produce a number of harmful pollutants in the engine combustion chamber during normal operation. These pollutants include: Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrocarbons (HC) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx). OSHA and MOL regulations require that these harmful pollutants be reduced to minimal levels.

    By Catalytic Exhaust Products LTD based in Brampton, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Boysen KNOxOUT - Model B8702 - Exterior Silicone Air Cleaning Paint

    KNOxOUT™ Silicone Air Cleaning Paint is formulated for air cleaning paint applications with more demanding exterior durability requirements.

    By ECO Distribution, Inc. based in San Carlos, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Boysen KNOxOUT Paint Product line

  • DCT - Recuperative Thermal Oxidation Plant

    The recuperative thermal oxidation allows the air depuration by thermal oxidation at 750-800°C. The thermal recovery is done by means of an air-air heat exchanger.

    By Donau Carbon Technologies S.r.l. (DCT) based in Guanzate (CO), ITALY. from Thermal Oxidation Plants Product line

  • Dustex - Model CDS - Circulating Dry Scrubber

    The Dustex Circulating Dry Scrubber (CDS) system is designed for multi-pollutant removal efficiency, addressing SOx, NOx, HCl, HF, Hg, Pb, Dioxins and Furans.

    By Dustex Corporation based in Kennesaw, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Boysen KNOxOUT - Model B8701 - Interior Acrylic Air Cleaning Paint

    KNOxOUT™ Acrylic Air Cleaning Paint will be of benefit areas with high NOx and/or VOC levels, such as parking garages, tunnels, logistics centers, or living spaces along high traffic roadways, especially when used with appropriate lighting to maximize its air cleaning capabilities.

    By ECO Distribution, Inc. based in San Carlos, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Boysen KNOxOUT Paint Product line

  • C.E.M. - Process Monitoring Systems

    Due to stringent regulations, some facilities are required to install aftermarket pollution control systems to reduce criteria pollutant concentrations such as NOx and SO2. In order to control the performance of the pollution control system, monitoring systems are located before and after the control device(s). C.E.M. Solutions provides ...

    By C.E.M. Solutions, Inc. based in Hernando, FLORIDA (USA). from Other Product line

  • GCES - NOx Abatement System

    NOx is considered a harmful greenhouse gas and substantial releases into the atmosphere are prohibited. The abatement system is configured with a NOx reducing catalyst and an ammonia injection system. The catalytic reaction of the ammonia across the Selective Catalytic Reducer (SCR) reduces the emission of NOx by converting it into basic ...

    By Gulf Coast Environmental Systems, LLC based in Conroe, TEXAS (USA). from Air Pollution Control Equipment Product line

  • Steel Re-Rolling Mill

    Steel Re-rolling is a major steel section and bar producing technology used in India and abroad. Since its inception in India with setting up of first re-rolling mill in Kanpur in 1928, this technology has contributed significant steel making capacity in secondary steel sector in India.

    By Eros Envirotech Private Ltd. based in Ludhiana, INDIA. from Air Pollution Control Device Product line

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