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NOx regulation equipment

  • ETEC - NOx Control for Air Preheat Systems

    New advancements in combustion control technologies, such as flue gas recirculation (FGR) and low NOx burners (LNB), have made it possible to achieve ultra low NOx levels without using expensive post-combustion flue gas clean-up technology. For some natural draft units it may be possible to meet the most stringent of the NOx regulations with ...

  • Honda - Model GASPRO SXT - Purifier Mufflers

    Honda gasoline and propane fueled single and twin cylinder engines produce a number of harmful pollutants in the engine combustion chamber during normal operation. These pollutants include: Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrocarbons (HC) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx). OSHA and MOL regulations require that these harmful pollutants be reduced to minimal levels.

    By Catalytic Exhaust Products LTD based in Brampton, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • GCES - NOx and SOx Abatement System

    With ever-increasing regulations on NOx and SOx emissions, Know-NOx provides an optimal, cost-effective, “green” solution, with up to 99.8% NOx and SOx removal. Gulf Coast Environmental Systems, in conjunction with Know-NOx, offers an innovative and cost effective solution to treating or abating your NOx and SOx emissions.

    By Gulf Coast Environmental Systems, LLC based in Conroe, TEXAS (USA). from Other Product line

  • Catalyst Housings

    Advanced designs to keep you in compliance. With ever tightening regulations limiting the amount of NOx, CO and VOCs that can be emitted, you can’t afford to have any bypass leakage threaten your operation. The best catalyst in the world is ineffective if pollutants do not come in contact with the coating. But the housing that holds the ...

    By Catalytic Combustion Corporation (CCC) based in Bloomer, WISCONSIN (USA). from Catalysts for Engines Product line

  • Vapor Combustion Unit (VCU)

    Vapor Combustion Systems designed and manufactured by Combustion Research Associates efficiently destroy harmful emissions such as VOCs and HACs. Used for liquid storage tank operations such as loading of tanks, rail cars, barges, trucks and ships, these enclosed systems are designed to pass the most stringent of emission norms and regulations for ...

    By Combustion Research Associates based in Noida (New Delhi-NCR), INDIA.

  • IMR - Model 1440FL/COFL - Exhaust Gas Analysis for Forklift Trucks

    The exhaust gas analyzer, IMR1440FL/COFL, is designed to measure exhaust gases of Forklift Trucks that are powered by a variety of fuels. According to US regulations, the IMR 1440FL/COFL can measure soot and CO for Forklift Trucks. If state regulations require NOx, the IMR 1440FL/COFL can be equipped with a NOx sensor. The IMR 1440COFL is equipped ...

    By IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc. based in St. Petersburg, FLORIDA (USA). from Portable Combustion Gas Analyzers Product line

  • Model FSC Series - Face Seal Catalytic Converters and Combos

    With ever tightening regulations limiting the amount of NOx, CO and VOCs that can be emitted, you can’t afford to have any bypass leakage threaten your operation. The best catalyst in the world is ineffective if pollutants do not come in contact with the coating. But the housing that holds the catalyst has to be user friendly and yet capable ...

    By Catalytic Combustion Corporation (CCC) based in Bloomer, WISCONSIN (USA).

  • Tail Gas Thermal Oxidizer

    Our Tail Gas Thermal Oxidizer destroys a variety of sulfur compounds in Tail Gas from Sulfur Recovery Units. The Tail Gas Thermal Oxidizer system can be natural draft or forced draft operated. Oxidizing temperatures can vary from 1200 -1800° F with residence times of 0.6 – 1.0 seconds.

    By Callidus Technologies - part of UOP, a Honeywell Company based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Thermal Oxidizers Product line

  • BioTherm HiDelta - Model H3-HD - Closed Combustion Boilers

    Sealed combustion boilers use fans and ducted air vents which improve the performance of a Low Mass Boiler. They also provide low NOx for emission requirements. Generally, these units also ship with upgraded ignition systems that allow for staged thermal performance for different seasonal loads. The reason this technology was developed was to meet ...

    By BioTherm, Inc. based in Cotati, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Heating System - Boilers Product line

  • FKAB - Model L1 - Bunker Tanker for LNG & Light Marine Oils

    FKAB Marine Design’s world unique LNG Bunker Tanker can carry both liquefied natural gas and light marine oils and deliver the products at highest possible safety standards. The FKAB L1 both delivers and runs on environmental friendly energy. With pure LNG propulsion the FKAB L1 is one of the most environmentally friendly tankers on the ...

    By FKAB Marine Design based in Uddevalla, SWEDEN. from Gas Carriers Product line

  • CEM - Model Series CG - Gas Converter System

    The conversion of NO2 into NO depends on a catalytic reaction. Therefore, the sample gas passes the M&C gas converter type CG ... via a catalyst cartridge type C, filled up with molybdenum-coated carbon. This conversion allows an indirect nitrogen oxide measurement with all NO selctive usual commercial measuring instruments. For a ratio of ...

    By CEM Specialties Inc. based in London, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Sampling System Components Product line

  • Proventia SuperTornado - Urea Mixing Technology

    SCR technology uses ammonia in the form of a urea-water solution (DEF/ AdBlue) as a reducing agent for catalytic reactions. Particularly if an airless injector is used, the urea solution has a tendency to form deposits (urea crystallization) in the process of evaporation and decomposition into ammonia. To prevent the build-up of deposits and to ...

    By Proventia based in Oulunsalo, FINLAND. from Emissions Control Product line

  • Air Pollution Control Products

    GBI fabricates and erects air pollution control (APC) structures for the world’s leading industrial and construction companies.   In addition, our experienced crews can help extend the life of existing structures by wallpapering with high-nickel alloys.

    By Great Basin Industrial (GBI) based in Kaysville, UTAH (USA).

  • VECTRA - Model 40G - Power Turbine

    The VECTRA 40G power turbine was developed to match with the GE® LM2500+ gas generator. Together, they offer the most effective power package available for high-speed operation. As part of a complete package with the GE LM2500+, the VECTRA 40G turbine has an ISO rating of 40,200 horsepower (30 megawatts). Thermal efficiency is 39.9 percent at ...

    By Dresser-Rand - a Siemens Business based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Gas Turbines Product line

  • Model 106 - Above Ground Pool/Spa Heaters

    The Raypak 106 is the perfect choice for above-ground pools and spas. Raypak is the only manufacturer of this size heater to use all the engineering and components utilized in our bigger gas heaters. The unit is fully serviceable and built for years of operation. This may be our smallest pool and spa heater, but its built to the same exacting ...

    By Rheem Manufacturing Company based in Atlanta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Pool and Spa Product line

  • Model SCR Series - NOx Control and Carbon Monoxide Control Reduction System

    The most effective method of post-combustion of NOx reduction is SCR. This technology routinely removes up to 85% of NOx and can be pushed to a higher removal efficiency. The gas velocity is reduced in an expanded section of ductwork, ammonia carefully metered ino the gas stream and balanced to match the distribution of NOx across the duct. The ...

    By PPC Air Pollution Control Systems based in Longview, TEXAS (USA).

  • HORIBA - Model MEXA-1400QL-NX - Exhaust Gas Analyzer

    The MEXA-1400QL-NX is an exhaust gas analyzer for four nitrogen compounds simultaneously,i.e. NO, NO2, N2O and NH3, utilizing mid-infrared Quantum Cascade Laser technology. By using the high power, high resolution lasers, the analyzer can measure each component accurately,even in low concentrations, with minimum interference from other components ...

    By HORIBA Europe GmbH based in Leichlingen, GERMANY. from Automotive Test Systems Product line

  • Injection Lances

    For our plants we produce injection lances for ammonia or urea in various designs – specifically adapted to the current case of application.

    By M.A.L. Environmental Technology based in Vienna, AUSTRIA. from ANCR Product line

  • Catalyst Coatings for Wood Stove

    High Performance: Superior Manufacturing. Synergy uses only high performance, ultra-low back pressure metallic substrates as supports for our state of the art aftermarket catalysts.

    By Synergy Catalyst based in Coppell, TEXAS (USA).

  • Ultra Low NOx Emission Burners

    Ultra low NOx burners are required in many areas of California as well as several other states.  All of ALZETA’s burner technologies can deliver less than 7 ppm NOx in most applications.  Key to achieving reliable and repeatable results is our premixed, surface-stabilized combustion that provides uniform heating and operates at ...

    By Alzeta Corporation based in Santa Clara, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Advanced Burner Products Product line

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