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Odor Control Activated Carbon equipment

  • OXYS - Anti-Odor Carbon Filters

    ANTI-ODOR CARBON OXYS neutralise the sewage system odors right after their installation. There is impregnated activated carbon BA KI 4 used in anti-odor carbon filters. The carbon-based material is converted to activated carbon by thermal decomposition in a furnace using a controlled atmosphere and heat. The resultant product has an incredibly ...

    By OXYS Sp. z o.o. based in Swierklaniec, POLAND.

  • APC - Odor Control Systems

    APC Technologies offers five odor control systems: CarbonPure Adsorption Systems, GP Series (Wet) Gas Scrubbers, Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizers, and Ultra High-Efficiency Filter (UHF®) systems. A variety of factors should be considered when selecting an odor control system, including inlet odor concentrations, contaminants present and loading ...

    By APC Technologies, Inc. based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Air Pollutants Controlled Product line

  • Chemco - Powder Activated Carbon Systems

    Powder activated carbon (PAC) systems for heavy metal removal in flue gas and taste/odor control in water treatment applications. Heavy metal removal in flue gas applications is normally provided with loss-in-weight dosing systems and pneumatic conveying carbon delivery equipment and controls. Taste and odor control in water treatment applications ...

    By Chemco Systems L.P. based in Monongahela, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Systems Product line

  • Carbon Odor Conatrol Filters

    Activated carbon is widely recognized as an effective method of removing and preventing odor/fume buildup in re-circulated air. Utilizing the finest quality coatings, Modern Air Filter Corporation offers a line of high efficiency odor/fume and gas removing air filters, bulk media and pads cut to sizes.

    By Modern Air Filters Corporation based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Galvanised Framed Carbon Cells Filters

    Activated carbon filters are used for the removal of molecular contaminants including odorous gases which are adsorbed into the microporous surface of the carbon granules. Galvanised framed carbon cells containing activated carbon granules in either bonded rigid panel form or loose fill form; used for the removal of molecular contaminants, odour ...

    By Filtrex Global Limited based in Harlow, UNITED KINGDOM. from Carbon Filters Product line

  • Odor Control Systems

    Terminodour odour abatement system uses ionised atmospheric air to neutralize bad odours present on different kinds of ambient, minimizing the maintenance costs of the traditional systems (carbon active, chemical scrubs…).

    By Hidrostank SL based in Tafalla, SPAIN. from Storm Tanks Product line

  • Vent Pure - Model T - Large Pipe Odor Control

    The General Carbon Vent Pure T answers the need for the control of emissions from larger vent pipes. These filters are passive units that treat gases from atmospheric vents in commercial and industrial facilities. They are made to easily slip over standard iron pipe sizes (PVC pipe too) or can be supplied with 150# flanged connections. Each filter ...

    By General Carbon Corp. based in Paterson, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Filtration Equipments Product line

  • Peacemaker - Odor Control Vent Scrubbers

    Technology designed for the control of hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans and other malodorous compounds found in sewer gases. Nearly all vent stacks suffer with odor problems, whether they are on homes, commercial buildings, small lift stations or EQ tanks. The main culprit is hydrogen sulfide (H2S), but other malodorous compounds are present, as well. ...

    By Syneco Systems, Inc. based in Chanhassen, MINNESOTA (USA).

  • In-Line Activated Carbon Filters

    Activated Carbon Filter Vessels are effective in removing chlorine, organic chemicals, tastes and odors, phenols, pesticides, detergents, micro-contaminants, halogenated organic compounds, hydrocarbons and other dispersed contaminants by a carbon 'adsorption' process. They are designed to accomodate any flow rate and are easy to operate.

    By Ecologix Environmental Systems, LLC based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Pressure Filters New Product line

  • Applied Catalysts - Model ACMC - Activated Carbon Monolith Catalysts

    Applied Catalysts develops and manufactures ACMC® (activated carbon monolith catalysts) based on a unique activated carbon monolith. These catalysts are used for a number of applications including chemical process and emission control catalysts. In chemical process applications, ACMC® catalysts can be used for continuous hydrogenation ...

    By Applied Catalysts based in Doraville, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Model VFD-55 - Activated Carbon Adsorber Drums

    VFD-55 Vapor Phase Activated Carbon Adsorber Drum; The VFD-55 is our standard 55 gallon drum adsorber for vapor phase applications, SVE Systems, Odor Control, Air Stripper Off-gas Treatment, Storage Tank Purge, Pilot Study etc.  Drums are filled with 4mm pellet Activated Carbon from coal. 

    By United Manufacturing International 2000 Activated Carbon based in Red Bluff, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • UMI-2000 - HoneyComb Activated Carbon

    UMI-2000 is the manufacturer's representative in the USA of this new Honeycomb Activated Carbon product that has revolutionized vapor phase adsorption applications in industry - including handling of petroleum fuel products at gasoline bulk terminals and refineries. A patented process produces this extruded carbon block product with superior ...

    By United Manufacturing International 2000 Activated Carbon based in Red Bluff, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Activated Carbon Filters

    Our activated carbon filters are designed for outstanding performance and are ideal for removing chlorine, organics, chloramines, colors, odor, THMs and volatile organic compounds ( VOCs ) from water. These custom built units are robust and easy to install. They can be used with standard fleck backwash electronic controller, or wi

    By MECATECH based in Zouk Mosbeh, LEBANON. from Water Treatment Product line

  • Model BPS V-Bank - Activated Carbon Filter

    The BPS V-Bank activated carbon filter is designed to efficiently remove a wide range of odors and common airborne pollutants. Constructed of heavy duty galvanized steel, each module consists of two 1-inch thick BPS bonded carbon panels arranged in a V-configuration. The product is designed for use in most side and front access housings. The BPS ...

    By Ultraviolet Devices, Inc. based in Valencia, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Gas Phase Filtration for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Product line

  • Model EF-061 - EF-064 - Industrial Odor Control

    Many wastewater odor control problems originate from bacterial activity within waste streams, which if left untreated, may lead to releases of hydrogen sulfide gases into the surrounding community. These releases can result in Odor Complaints to system operators. Utilizing Earth First's patented Odor Control technology, our product quickly and ...

    By Global Aqua Solutions, LLC based in Minden, NEVADA (USA). from Industrial Solutions Product line

  • Odor and VOC Control Systems

    BacTee Systems provides technical support, products, and systems that contribute to the design, production, and implementation of biological odor control systems for air or other gaseous waste streams. Biological odor control systems belong to a family of biofiltration technologies. Biofiltration is a biological treatment technique for removing ...

    By BacTee Systems, Inc. based in Grand Forks, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Systems Product line

  • Activated Carbon AC Filters

    AC Filters are used to remove Chlorine, Organics and Improve the Taste and Odor of water. Our units typically use Granular Activated Carbon is made up of Coconut Husks, Coal and Bone that has been Heat treated in the absence of Oxygen and it is this process that allow the carbon to become ‘Activated’. Active Carbon works through micro ...

    By Adept Pure Water Limited based in Wellingborough, UNITED KINGDOM. from Automatic & Cartridge Water Filters Product line

  • Activated Carbon Filter Systems

    Waste gas treatment and odour control systems Activated Carbon Filters are designed and used for the removal of vapors and odours which still may be present within the air or gas flow.

    By LIKUSTA Umwelttechnik GmbH based in Lich, GERMANY. from Waste Gas Treatment Product line

  • EcoPure - Mini Odor Control Systems

    Say goodbye to odor and to enormous odor control systems with the EcoPure Mini, a miniaturized unit with all the power of our EcoPure dual-technology odor solution. This revolutionary product combines BioAir’s breakthrough biological EcoFilter technology (using our EcoBase structured synthetic biotrickling filter media) with an EcoSorb ...

    By BioAir Solutions, LLC based in Voorhees, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Model TSC - Odor Control System

    Odor nuisance is no longer acceptable to the general public and increasing pressure is being placed on management to control site odors. Although malodors do not cause physical harm, they effect human well being and quality of life. Odor nuisance is no longer a problem as Tech Universal technology for odour control are the update for the ...

    By Tech Universal (UK) Ltd based in Cardiff, UNITED KINGDOM. from Domestic Sewage Product line

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