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odor filter equipment available in Ethiopia

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    WesTech - Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Pressure Filters

    WesTech granular activated carbon (GAC) contactors are an effective means for removal of various-molecular-weight contaminants from aqueous solutions. They are especially suited for the removal of dissolved organic compounds responsible for poor taste and odor in drinking water, as well as removal of chlorine from industrial waters.

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Pressure Filters Product line

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    ENEXIO - Biotrickling Filter and Bioscrubber

    Biological Exhaust Air Cleaning Structured Packings for Biological Processes. With the biological elimination of odors, a better efficiency can be achieved with less effort and less use of chemical agents than in a purely chemical-oxidative process. An increasing number of biological processes are being used nowadays. For example, in order to ...

    By ENEXIO Water Technologies GmbH based in Hürth, GERMANY. from Biotrickling Filter and Bioscrubber Product line

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    ENTA - Activated Carbon Filters System

    Inside the cylindrical steel tank, there is found steel plates in which the filter nozzles are installed, gravel bed and filling materials formed to prevent the blocking of the nozzles. The type of the activated carbon which will be used as filling material, changes according to the applications. The cambered steel tank is designed according to ...

    By ENTA Treatment Systems Engineering Contracting LTD based in Seyrantepe-Sarıyer, TURKEY. from Activated Carbon Filters System Product line

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    Shelco MicroSentry™ - Model SCB Series - Carbon Block Filter Cartridges

    Activated Carbon Block Filter for Reducing Chlorine and Organic Chemicals. Sintered carbon filter performs dual function role as activated carbon filter and 5 micron nominal sediment filter. Acid washed carbon provides high adsorptive capacity and efficiency for reducing chlorine taste and odors and organic chemicals. No Release of Carbon Fines. ...

    By Shelco Filters based in Middletown, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Carbon Block Filter Cartridges Product line

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    ProMark - Model PMA 90 - Honeycomb Disposable Trays

    Honeycomb Disposable trays hold ProGuard gas-phase media. They come in many sizes and can be filled with a variety of media and blends of media. The internal honeycomb structure ensures even distribution of media over the whole panel in an economical format that easily replaces existing particle-only filters. These honeycomb filters also control ...

    By ProMark Associates, Inc. based in Skokie, ILLINOIS (USA). from Honeycomb Disposable Trays Product line

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    ProMark - Bulk Fill Scrubber

    Bulk-fill scrubbers are large beds of media at least two to three feet deep. We design them to handle highly corrosive and/or odorous gases found in wastewater plants, steel mills, and chemical plants. A bulk-fill scrubber can include pre- and post-particle filters, pressurization capabilities for rooms, and explosion-proof electrical systems for ...

    By ProMark Associates, Inc. based in Skokie, ILLINOIS (USA). from Bulk Fill Scrubber Product line

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    ProMark - Model RP Series - Room Air Filtration Systems

    Our recirculation and pressurization series of room-air filtration systems remove corrosive and odorous gases and particulates. Design flexibility gives you the option of three different kinds of gas phase media in each unit. The final HEPA filter removes dust particles to achieve hospital-grade levels. Room pressurization control can easily be ...

    By ProMark Associates, Inc. based in Skokie, ILLINOIS (USA). from Room Air Filtration Systems Product line

  • EcoVerde - Model EG-6/EG-6T Series - Bioscrubber

    A cost-effective solution for lift stations, wet wells and small to medium plant processes. The modular design of the EG-6 series bioscrubber ensures total flexibility for your unique application. Each unit in the EG-series of next-generation bioscrubbers / biotrickling filters provides the highest efficiency, cost effectiveness and modular ...

    By EcoVerde Technologies based in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA). from Bioscrubber Product line

  • EcoVerde - Model EG-8 - Bioscrubber

    Designed to quickly resolve odor control issues with mid-size sites. The EG-8’s multistage capacity and its modular design ensure not only total flexibility, but scalability as well. Each unit in the EG-series of next-generation bioscrubbers / biotrickling filters provides the highest efficiency, cost effectiveness and modular adaptability ...

    By EcoVerde Technologies based in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA). from Bioscrubber Product line

  • Model ST1 & ST2 - Clear-Flo Water Filters

    Application - Industrial, Residential, School, or Farm Use. Filtration Of Salt, Taste, Odor or Sediment.

    By Unitra Inc, based in Stafford, TEXAS (USA).

  • Polydepth - Polypropylene Sediment

    Quality polypropylene filter media. Will not impart taste, odor or color. Superior chemical resistance. Compatible with a wide range of industrial filtration. Available in a wide range of micron ratings and lengths. Filter Media: Polypropylene. Temperature Rating: 40˚F to 175˚F (4.4˚C to 79.4˚C).

    By Pentek Inc. based in Coraopolis, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Polypropylene Sediment Product line

  • anti-bacteria air filter

    This air filter consists of HEAP,nanometer anti-bacterial material,absorption material and other purification materials.It can successfully capture airborne dust,particle,remove odors,and kill bacteria.

    By Dongguan Uniclear New-material Co.,Ltd. based in Dongguan, CHINA.

  • Model S1000FX-GX - Filter / UV Sterilization

    The S1000FX is a combination Ultraviolet - Filter Air Purifier. The S1000FX can be used in applications ranging from hospital clean room biological treatment, to smoking environments, to garbage room odor treatment.

    By Sanuvox Technologies Inc. based in QUEBEC (CANADA). from Filter / UV Sterilization Product line

  • Fumex - Model FA1-E - Mini Industrial Air Purification System

    The FA1 Mini laser fume extraction & air filtration system utilizes a high performance blower and a 4 stage hybrid filter system to capture and treat the hazardous particulates and gases generated in laser cutting & laser engraving processes. Two large capacity prefilters protect the systems HEPA and gas/odor ...

    By Fumex, Inc. based in Kennesaw, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Mini Industrial Air Purification System Product line

  • Model EKBF Series - Ventilation Shaft Biofilter

    The biofilters of the series EKBF which consist of a stainless steel cladding with integrated separately removable and refillable biofilter cartridge have been designed and optimized specially as a complete system for odor reduction of waste water chambers. instead of a chimney the ventilation shaft can be used as a complete system. It can be put ...

    By Bioteg Biofilter Systems GmbH based in Thurnau, GERMANY. from Ventilation Shaft Biofilter Product line

  • Nederman - Bench Top Fume and Odor Extraction Kits

    Complete kits for extraction of soldering fumes and capturing of odors when gluing, or working with solvents, The Bench Top extraction kits includes arm(s) with hood or nozzle, fan with speed control and standard filter (particle, HEPA or gas), hose, connection details, and table bracket. The speed of the fan is variably controlled by a speed ...

    By Nederman based in Helsingborg, SWEDEN. from Bench Top Fume and Odor Extraction Kits Product line

  • VOC Biofilters

    In biofiltration, VOC laden air is humidified, then passed through a proprietary AirScience filter bed composed of a variety of materials such as: organic matter, bulking agent, acid buffer, holding agent and nutrients. There, naturally occurring microorganisms break down the offending compounds, releasing clean air to the atmosphere along with ...

    By AirScience Technologies Inc. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from VOC Biofilters Product line

  • Special Filter

    High Capacity in reduction of Scale, Chlorine, Lead and Heavy Metals, Bad Taste and Odor, Cysts and organics. Built-in Scale Inhibitor with FILTERSORB SP3.

    By Watch Water GmbH based in Mannheim, GERMANY. from Special Filter Product line

  • Shower Filters

    Reduces over 98% Chlorine for 5,000 to 30,000 gallons. Reduces Hydrogen Sulfide. Eliminates Odors. No calcium or soap scum build-up on shower glass doors or tile. Easy to clean. Wide variety of styles & finishes available to fit all customer needs. Easy to replace filter cartridges. Restores Natural Softness to Skin, Scalp and Hair by removing ...

    By Paragon Water Systems, Inc. based in Tampa, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Double Action 1 Stage Water Filtration System

    This is an under-the-ounter water filter system that is conveniently installed under the kitchen sink. A long reach tap is supplied with the system for easy access to the filtered water and no drain line is necessary.  The system fits any standard kitchen cabinet.  This system filters sediment, chlorine, bad taste and odor.

    By Noga WaterCare B.V. based in Nieuwegein, NETHERLANDS. from Double Action 1 Stage Water Filtration System Product line

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