off-gas treatment system equipment in Arkansas

  • Thermo-System - Active Solar Sludge Dryer

    Parkson’s THERMO-SYSTEM uses the sun as its main power source to generate 95% of the energy required for drying sludge.  The result is significantly reduced operating costs compared to competing technologies like conventional gas or oil fired dryers. The system’s sustainable, drying process is fully automated and is designed with ...

    By Parkson Corporation Distributor in Hot Springs, ARKANSAS (USA). from Active Solar Sludge Dryer Product line

  • Jupiter - Model HVS4000 - Gas Detection System

    The Jupiter gas detection system has a 24 VDC-powered base control unit and an interface module and electrochemical cell located in the sensor housing. The microprocessor-based electronics of the interface module processes information at the sensor site and communicates detected gas values to the base unit for data control and display. The Jupiter ...

    By Halogen Valve Systems, Inc. Distributor in Hot Springs, ARKANSAS (USA). from Gas Detection System Product line

  • KLa - Jet Aeration System

    Jet Aerators transfer oxygen by simultaneously introducing large volumes of high kinetic energy liquid and air through a series of jet nozzles. The high velocity liquid exits the inner, primary jet and rapidly mixes with the incoming air in the outer jet. This intense mixing and high degree of turbulence in the gas/liquid cloud travels outward ...

    By KLa Systems, Inc. Distributor in Hot Springs, ARKANSAS (USA).

  • Chlorine Conversion to UV Disinfection System

    Chlorine gas has traditionally been used for wastewater disinfection for many years. Sodium Hypochlorite (liquid bleach) is an alternative to chlorine gas; however, it is more costly and has the same environmental concerns. UV disinfection can easily be retrofitted into an existing chlorine contact tank and has significant benefits compared to ...

  • Premium

    Stevens - Custom Staff Gages

    Custom staff gages can also be designed by Stevens. They can be individually designed for large size, slopes or flow measurements or for other unique mounting angles that an off-the-shelf staff gage cannot measure. Contact us to discuss your needs.

    By Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc. Distributor in Hot Springs, ARKANSAS (USA). from Custom Staff Gages Product line

  • TrojanUV - Model 3000PTP - UV Disinfection Unit

    Designed as a generic type of UV disinfection unit, the Trojan Package Treatment Plant (PTP) is very price competitive and offers an 'off-the-shelf' solution for operators with limited budgets and limited treatment requirements.

    By Trojan Technologies - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation Distributor in Hot Springs, ARKANSAS (USA). from UV Disinfection Unit Product line

  • Gemini & Mercury - Controllers

    The Gemini System features two Terminator actuators and the Mercury System includes one actuator. The Gemini controller allows for operation of up to 2 Terminator actuators sequentially and is designed for installation in conjunction with automatic switch over systems that employ two chlorine containers to provide an uninterrupted flow of gas. The ...

    By Halogen Valve Systems, Inc. Distributor in Hot Springs, ARKANSAS (USA). from Controllers Product line

  • Odorcarb - Ultra Media

    Odorcarb Ultra Media has the highest removal capacity available on the market for hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S). Odorcarb Ultra is the primary media in Purafil’s odor control systems for wastewater treatment applications. Odorcarb Ultra media contains Media Life Indicator Pellets (patent-pending), which offer a visual indication of remaining ...

    By Purafil, Inc. - Filtration Group Distributor in Hot Springs, ARKANSAS (USA). from Ultra Media Product line

  • Aquapoint - Model ANOX - BDR & MBDR - Biological Denitrification

    The Aquapoint ANOX-MBDR provides a suitable environment to initiate and complete biological denitrification. Biological denitrification is the reduction of nitrate to nitrogen gas by facultative heterotrophic bacteria in the presence of a soluble carbon source.

    By Aquapoint Distributor in ARKANSAS (USA).

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