off-gas treatment system equipment in Massachusetts

  • Hydro Quip - Clarification Separator

    The Hydro Quip Clarification Separator is a horizontal gravity flow treatment system designed to separate settleable solids (specific gravity greater than water), suspended solids (specific gravity the same as water), and free and dispersed (non-emulsified) oil. The Clarification Separator is recommended for any application that has oil and a ...

    By Hydro Quip, Inc. (HQI) based in Seekonk, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Clarification Separator Product line

  • Sewer Collection System

    The Springfield Water and Sewer Commission services approximately 36,400 sewer accounts.  The sewer collection system consists of 138 miles of combined sewer (sewer and stormwater), 312 miles of separated sewer, 23 combined sewer overflow outfalls, 12,000 manholes, and 33 pumping stations.  Wastewater is conveyed to ...

    By Springfield Water and Sewer Commission based in Springfield, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

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    UPA - On-Line Analyzer System for Monitoring Sodium Levels in LPG

    The UPA on-line analyzer system for monitoring sodium levels in LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) is designed specifically for controlling the caustic wash process of the LPG treatment plant. The system consists of a process analyzer and a sample preconditioning unit and can be used withing a process control strategy in refineries.

    By AppliTek NV Office in  Boston, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from On-Line Analyzer System for Monitoring Sodium Levels in LPG Product line

  • Penney - Soil Vapor Extraction Trailers

    Penney Engineering, Inc designs and manufactures an economical soil vapor extraction (SVE) treatment system, neatly housed in a 6’ x 8’ enclosed trailer. It can be easily setup at sites, operated until the site is remediated and then removed to be used at another site. The trailer is insulated and includes an electric heater. A wide ...

    By Penney Engineering, Inc. based in Mansfield, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Abrasion Resistant Pipe

    If flue gas treatment is your first line of defense in the battle for clean air, then Stopline-G2TM abrasion-resistant piping is a powerful ally. Our Stopline-G2TM piping meets increased internal/external abrasion resistance needs in aggressive service applications such as those found in FGD scrubber systems.

    By Fabricated Plastics Limited Office in Westwood, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • TEDOM - Gas Treatment System (CTS)

    The Gas Treatment System (GTS) is intended namely to reduce the moisture content in biogas, landfill gas or mine gas to the level suitable for such gas to be used in CHP unit. The equipment is designed for various CHP unit power series: 200 kW, 400 kW, 800 kW, 1 200 kW, 1600 kW and 2000 kW. The entire equipment is placed on the base frame. ...

    By TEDOM a.s. Distributor in Woburn, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

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    Shand & Jurs - Model 97125 - Condensate Accumulator

    The Shand & Jurs Biogas 97125 Condensate Accumulator is designed to permit the removal and storage of liquid condensation from biogas while maintaining system pressure integrity. Condensate is a typical byproduct that forms in the pipeline when the hot, saturated biogas cools as it moves through the piping system. The removal of condensate ...

    By Shand & Jurs (L&J Technologies & L&J Engineering) Distributor in Middleboro, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Condensate Accumulator Product line

  • EPG - Telemetry Control System

    EPG’s Telemetry Control System is a total operating system solution for landfill management. The cost effective control system allows a variety of remote sites to communicate with a central or master station providing the necessary data to monitor and control processes or generate reports. Devices like pumps, valves, blowers, mixers, flares, ...

    By EPG Companies Inc. Distributor in Fairhaven, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Telemetry Control System Product line

  • TrojanUV - Model 3000PTP - UV Disinfection Unit

    Designed as a generic type of UV disinfection unit, the Trojan Package Treatment Plant (PTP) is very price competitive and offers an 'off-the-shelf' solution for operators with limited budgets and limited treatment requirements.

    By Trojan Technologies - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation Distributor in MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from UV Disinfection Unit Product line

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    In-Situ RDO - Model PRO-X - Dissolved Oxygen Probe

    The RDO PRO-X Probe is EPA-approved for Clean Water Act programs, using optical technology to measure dissolved oxygen and temperature in demanding process environments. The RDO PRO-X Probe lets NPDES permit holders monitor influent, effluent and treatment processes, responding quickly to oxygen and temperature changes for more accurate results. ...

    By In-Situ, Inc. Distributor in MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Dissolved Oxygen Probe Product line

  • EPG - Leachate Recirculation Systems

    For over 35 years, EPG has provided landfill leachate recirculation systems and equipment to more than 1500 landfills worldwide. Leachate recirculation at landfills has shown to reduce leachate treatment costs, elevate landfill gas generation, and lessen the long term pollution potential. Essentially the landfill is converted to an active in-situ ...

    By EPG Companies Inc. Distributor in Fairhaven, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Leachate Recirculation Systems Product line

  • LAR - Model FlowSampler - Maintenance-Free Sampling System

    The FlowSampler is a patented sampling device from LAR which does not require filtration because the sample is siphoned-off from the sample stream towards the main flow direction of the water. Therefore, no large particles can get into the sample stream. The smaller particles are collected because the unaltered sample then enters the system. The ...

    By LAR Process Analysers AG Distributor in MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Maintenance-Free Sampling System Product line

  • AquaBlend - Model FT - No - Shear Flocculation Tank Mixing System

    The EnviroMixAquaBlend-FT system provides mixing in water treatment flocculation tanks by firing programmed short bursts of compressed air through engineered patented nozzles. AquaBlend-FT controller air injection valves fire large (e.g., 4'0) gas volumes through a distributed nozzle array located across the tank floor. Compressed air is ...

    By EnviroMix Distributor in Berlin, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from No - Shear Flocculation Tank Mixing System Product line

  • Ventsorb - Model 55-gallon - Canisters Contain

    VENTSORB canisters, each containing 180 pounds of activated carbon, are ideal for low-flow air purification applications at industrial and municipal facilities. These economical adsorption systems control small volume organic contaminants and/or odorous gas emissions from: Storage tank vents, Reactor vents, API separator vents, Sludge thickener ...

    By Calgon Carbon Corporation Distributor in MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Canisters Contain Product line

  • Calgon Carbon - Mobile Adsorber

    Calgon Carbon offers a comprehensive Mobile Adsorption Service for the purification and treatment of liquid streams. Designed for optimum convenience to the user, the Service is an ideal cost-effective method to employ for the removal of undesirable organic chemical compounds from off-spec liquids, lagoon drainage, wastewater treatment (point ...

    By Calgon Carbon Corporation Distributor in MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Mobile Adsorber Product line

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