off-gas treatment system equipment in Ohio

  • QUES - Closed System Treatment System

    Ques Industries, Inc. fields the expertise and technology to manufacture highly effective chemical formulations for the treatment of closed systems. We can develop water treatment chemicals that prevent efficiency losses and costly downtime while safeguarding systems from future issues. Our products include closed loop, scale, and multi-metal ...

    By Ques Industries Inc. based in Cleveland, OHIO (USA).

  • Premium

    Omnipure - Model Series 64 - Marine Sewage Treatment Systems

    The only marine sewage treatment system to oxidize sewage through an electrolytic process and generate sodium hypochlorite for the disinfection of sewage streams. The new OMNIPURE Series 64 is even smaller and has Type Certification to IMO MEPC.227(64). The all new OMNIPURE Series 64 system is the newest and most advanced offshore marine ...

  • Hydrox - Treatment Systems

    Our HydroxR™ Treatment System combines aggressive aeration technology with the oxidation power of hydrogen peroxide for treatment of virtually unlimited levels of iron, manganese and sulfur gas. At the same time, bacteriological forms of these constituents are controlled without the creation of chemical byproducts, contact tanks or the on ...

    By Chandler Systems, Inc. based in Ashland, OHIO (USA).

  • Acid Gas Control Systems

    Our acid gas control systems use a variety of chemical reactions to convert acid gas to particulate. We have patented acid gas treatment and experience controlling acid gases, sulfur oxides, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen flouride, and boric acid. They are designed to distribute reagent effectively throughout the scrubbing chamber and maximize the ...

    By McGill AirClean LLC based in Columbus, OHIO (USA).

  • Hy-Bon - Waste Water Gas Compression Systems

    One of the by-products of anaerobic digestion in a sewage treatment plant is produced vapor from the digester tank. This relatively low BTU gas (typically 900-1000 BTU/cu. ft.) is comprised primarily of 55% methane and 45% carbon dioxide (CO2). Sewage digestion takes place in an aqueous environment, therefore, the gas is saturated with water when ...

    By HY-BON/EDI Office in Belpre, OHIO (USA). from Waste Water Gas Compression Systems Product line

  • Clearion - Model 300HD-AP - Two Tank Iron / Sulfur Treatment System

    With the advent of constant pressure (variable speed) pumping systems, Clearion Water Technologies went back to the drawing board to engineer a 300 Series System that will effectively treat iron, manganese and sulfur gas when a constant pressure well system is utilized—the 300HD-AP Series.

    By Clearion Water Technologies based in Ashland, OHIO (USA). from Two Tank Iron / Sulfur Treatment System Product line

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    TETRA Denite - Denitrification and Filtration Process System

    With Denite, the denitrification process and the filtration process are combined in a single system and provide superior process synergy. NO3-N is converted to nitrogen gas and captured within the media bed along with suspended solids and biomass formed from the denitrification reaction. The Denite gravity filter system operates in a downflow mode ...

  • Molecular Gate - Nitrogen Rejection Systems

    It is well recognized that a large portion of natural gas reserves are contaminated – about 15% in the USA. With all the challenges of producing natural gas a contaminated reservoir is not a welcome result but with cost effective - and equally importantly easily operated and reliable treatment – contaminated gas can be economically ...

    By Guild Associates, Inc. based in Dublin, OHIO (USA).

  • Ovation - Expert Control System

    The Ovation expert distributed control system is a product of our four decades of experience in process control for the power generation and water/wastewater treatment industries. Ovation utilizes commercially available,  off-the-shelf technology to provide a powerful and secure architecture while allowing your system to easily progress with ...

    By Emerson Process Management based in OHIO (USA).

  • Bio-Sanitizer - Disinfecting Tablets

    Bio-Sanitizer disinfecting tablets are specially formulated to provide safe, efficient and reliable disinfection of water or wastewater flows. Bio-Sanitizer tablets provide treatment plant operators a consistent way to meet disinfection standards without exceeding stringent limits for total residual chlorine. Registered by the U.S. Environmental ...

    By Norwalk Wastewater Equipment Company, Inc. (Norweco) based in Norwalk, OHIO (USA).

  • Blue Crystal - Residential

    Blue Crystal disinfecting tablets are a special microbiocide developed exclusively for use in residential wastewater treatment applications. Designed for positive disinfection during low, sustained, variable and intermittent flow rates that are common to residential systems, the potent Blue Crystal formulation reduces 99% of bacteria within the ...

    By Norwalk Wastewater Equipment Company, Inc. (Norweco) based in Norwalk, OHIO (USA).

  • Clearion - Model 300 HD - Two Tank Iron / Sulfur Filter

    The concept of air injection for the reduction of iron, manganese and sulfur gas is not new. In most cases, these contaminants can be treated in this manner without the use of chemicals, such as chlorine or potassium permanganate. Clearion Water Technologies introduces its own combatant – The 300HD Series. Several new ideas are incorporated ...

    By Clearion Water Technologies based in Ashland, OHIO (USA). from Two Tank Iron / Sulfur Filter Product line

  • HORIBA - Model MEXA-ONE-QL-NX - Laser Spectroscopic Motor Exhaust Gas Analyzer

    HORIBA ONE Series Introduces New N-Compounds Analyzer. High accurate nitrogen compounds measurement system using QCL-IR method newly employs 'HORIBA ONE PLATFORM'. This system provides the usability and expandability for your test laboratories, as well as other HORIBA ONE series instruments.

    By HORIBA Europe GmbH Distributor in OHIO (USA). from Laser Spectroscopic Motor Exhaust Gas Analyzer Product line

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