oil boom equipment in Illinois

  • Elastec - Oil Absorbent Boom

    Oil absorbent boom is used to absorb and contain oil. A strong mesh outer sleeve encases a poly sock skin filled with highly-sorbent poly blend. Booms won’t shed or sink, even when saturated with oil.

    By Elastec based in Carmi, ILLINOIS (USA). from Oil Absorbent Boom Product line

  • AirMax - Oil Containment Boom

    Elastec manufactures AirMax, a versatile, inflatable oil spill containment boom, with a high-quality Urethane fabric. The AirMax line of containment booms is designed for compact storage and quick deployment, important characteristics in oil spill response operations.

    By Elastec based in Carmi, ILLINOIS (USA). from Oil Containment Boom Product line

  • AirMax - Model V-Sweep - Oil Containment Boom

    The AirMax V-Sweep is for single ship operations with an outrigger arm mounted to the ship that holds one end of the sweep open. This system allows for a single vessel to conduct containment operations - although a V-Sweep has a reduced encounter rate than a conventional oil spill containment boom array, it is easier to maintain in the correct ...

    By Elastec based in Carmi, ILLINOIS (USA). from Oil Containment Boom Product line

  • Floating Oil Slick Booms

    These booms are designed to be quickly deployed to contain spills at the source of the leak. Constructed of tough thermoplastic and linked together with sturdy connections, the Boa Boom™ is practical, reliable and easy to deploy. See the quote form for information on sizes.

    By Environetics, Inc. based in Lockport, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • American - Fire Boom

    American Fireboom is a fire resistant oil boom that was originally developed in conjunction with 3M and produced under license. Thousands of feet of this boom were supplied around the world for insitu burning (ISB) operations. This product is a first generation fire boom using ceramic floats. During the Deepwater Horizon incident in the Gulf of ...

    By Elastec based in Carmi, ILLINOIS (USA). from Fire Boom Product line

  • Oil Only Absorbent Booms

    Booms float on water. Allows safe and dependable containment while absorbing petroleum-based products on the water´s surface. Available in 5'' and 8'' diameters with 10´ lengths. Other sizes available.Shown BOOM103

    By BASCO, Inc based in University Park, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Hydro-Fire - Fire Boom

    The Hydro-Fire Boom is an inflatable, water-cooled system designed for insitu burning (ISB) operations during oil spill response. Elastec Hydro-Fire Boom holds the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the “Longest Continuous Burn of Oil Spill at Sea,” which occurred during the Deepwater Horizon incident in the Gulf of Mexico.

    By Elastec based in Carmi, ILLINOIS (USA). from Fire Boom Product line

  • FLeXstorm - Model FXO - Standard Woven Bag

    FX bag with additional oil boom for low to moderate hydrocarbon removal. The 3” dia oil absorbent boom (replacements available through any leak and spill company) is strewn through a mesh netting around the top perimeter of the bag. The only drawback with this style is that the boom will require some dwell time to effectively and permanently ...

    By FLeXstorm Inlet based in Naperville, ILLINOIS (USA).


    The C Series Boom Truck is an all-around workhorse that packs a lot of heavy lifting power in a smaller, more maneuverable frame. With a wide range of sizes, capacities and manbaskets, C series models are well-suited for: Oil Field Technicians. Power Line Contractors. Forming Contractors. HVAC.

    By Crane & Machinery Inc based in Bridgeview, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Model 35G - Compact Excavator

    Don’t let its compact stature fool you. Like its larger G-Series siblings, the 35G is exceptionally durable. And for good reason — it shares many of the same uptime-boosting features such as powdered-metal oil-impregnated boom, arm, and bucket bushings. Rigid reinforced D-channel side frames. And heavy-duty X-frames. When you know how ...

    By John Deere based in Moline, ILLINOIS (USA). from Compact Excavator Product line

  • Elastec - Absorbent Folded Sweep

    Folded sweeps float on water to absorb oily spills and even surface sheen. A sturdy nylon strap attaches durable Oil-Only Multi-Laminate Mat to your sorbent boom for a complete waterborne cleanup. Heavy oils adhere, while water is repelled, so the sweep won’t become weighted down and capacity won’t be wasted. This means you can leave ...

    By Elastec based in Carmi, ILLINOIS (USA). from Absorbent Folded Sweep Product line

  • Ultra-Oil Filter Boom

    Capture Floating Oil Quickly And Stop It From Reaching The Shore. Six-foot-long booms made with Ultra-X-Tex absorb oil from water much faster than standard polypropylene booms. Unlike polypropylene, Ultra-X-Tex material will allow water to pass through freely while filtering any oil present on the water’s surface. Each Oil Filter Boom has ...

    By UltraTech International, Inc. Distributor in ILLINOIS (USA). from Ultra-Oil Filter Boom Product line

  • UltraTech - Trench Filter Boom

    Stop oil and other hydrocarbons from entering trench drains. A simple yet effective solution to keeping oil, gas, fuel and other pollutants out of trench drains. Made with Ultra-X-Tex, a high performance sorbent and filtering media that is capable of absorbing an average of 13 times its own weight of liquid hydrocarbons. Allows large volumes of ...

    By UltraTech International, Inc. Distributor in ILLINOIS (USA). from Trench Filter Boom Product line

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