oil boom containment equipment available in Prince Edward Island

  • Uniboom C Series

    Markleen C Series Booms are booms for containing oil spills on the surface of water. These flat foam floatation booms are lightweight and compact and are ideal for oil spill prevention and response in calm waters. The materials used (high-frequency welded oil-resistant PVC-coated polyester) make these booms robust and highly resistant to oil, ...

    By MARKLEEN Group - Part of Lamor based in Vollen, NORWAY. from Uniboom C Series Product line

  • Uniboom A Series

    Markleen A Series Booms are rugged and dependable oil containment booms for use in sheltered waters. The booms are equipped with flexible cylindrical floats, giving them excellent wave following characteristics and providing exceptional protection against oil spills in adverse conditions.

    By MARKLEEN Group - Part of Lamor based in Vollen, NORWAY. from Uniboom A Series Product line

  • GoSorb - Oil Recovery Vessel Boats

    GoSorb is a chemically modified cellulose based material, (patented technology & proprietary formulation). It is engineered to be the only completely water repellent. environmental ly compatible, lipophilic absorbent product on the market. It has an extremely high absorbency rate combined with permanent water repellent properties and oil ...

    By Gobbler Boats Ltd based in Wingrave, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • P O L Sorb - Absorbent Pillows; Absorbent Socks & Absorbent Booms

    First they are filled with our high grade peat. Second, our Pillows are sewn in a way that excels over other peat brands that heat seal. The sewn seams allow the peat to 'wick' between pockets, making sure you get the full use of your purchase.  The skin is also an absorbent material which is hydrophobic and is helpful when used in water ...

    By The ARK Enterprises, Inc. based in Ionia, MISSOURI (USA). from Absorbent Pillows; Absorbent Socks & Absorbent Booms Product line

  • Rubber Dam Auto Control System

    Rubber booms to contain oil spill is an emergency, to prevent the spread and transfer of oil spill oil spill equipment was important, widely used in open waters, harbors, piers, river rescue and offshore oil platforms and ships such as oil spill waters.

  • Model MOP - Recovery Device

    Designed for oil spill recovery, the MOP is a belt system with an endless absorbent material, that extracts oil from the water for recovery and disposal. Especially effective and efficient when used in conjunction with our Boom equipment, the MOP recovers oil spills that have been already isolated and contained by the boom.

    By Liverpool Water Witch Marine and Engineering Co. Ltd. based in Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM. from Recovery Device Product line

  • Protecteur - Model 500 Series - Floating Magnetic Head System

    Floating Magnetic Head system with tension up to 1000 lbs.  Self-floating, it is used in combination with equipment such as conventional oil booms to complete the containment system.

    By Copdel, Inc. based in QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • ROC Barrier - Model ROC Barrier - Rapid Response System

    The ROC (Rapid Oil Containment) Barrier uses a combination of proprietary high-extension sorbent barrier, along with a patented, extremely compact and easy-to-use deployment system to ensure the rapid response and containment of oil spills unlike anything used in the marketplace today. Using innovative technology, the ROC Barrier is deployed at ...

    By Murrenhil Corporation based in Janetville, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Emergency Response Trailers

    The primary tool for sunken vessels and oil spills is our emergency response trailers. The trailers are outfitted with a skiff, containment boom, sorbent materials, skimmer, dewatering tool, damage control kit, and more to handle small-scale spill response.

    By Global Diving & Salvage, Inc. based in Seattle, WASHINGTON (USA). from Emergency Response Trailers Product line

  • Uniboom S Series

    Markleen S Series booms are the ideal choice for sealing the space between the water and the beach, thus providing perfect containment of oil spills affecting shorelines, rivers, estuaries and other shallow waters. Due to their excellent stability Markleen S Series booms are suitable for use in the presence of strong currents and tides. Markleen S ...

    By MARKLEEN Group - Part of Lamor based in Vollen, NORWAY. from Uniboom S Series Product line

  • MegaSecur - Model WT Series - Spill Dam

    The Water-Gate™ Spill Dam is very effective since it enables to control, contain and collect toxic spill in emergency situations. Its flexibility, cost, accessibility and more importantly, its portability and reusability, help distinguish this innovative emergency response equipment from more traditional models. It is perfectly suitable ...

    By MegaSecur Inc. based in Victoriaville, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Spill Dam Product line

  • Storage Cage

    Markleen collapsible storage cages have been specially designed to optimise the storage, transport and quick deployment of oil spill response equipment (containment booms, skimmers, small power packs, etc.). The cages can be partitioned, making access to equipment quick and easy. Cage measurements are calculated to optimise shipment by truck or ...

    By MARKLEEN Group - Part of Lamor based in Vollen, NORWAY. from Storage Cage Product line

  • OilTrawl - Containerized One-Man-Operated System

    The Fast Current Boom System from NorLense is a containerized one-man-operated system with single point inflation of the boom part. The deployment and the retrieval of the system are operated by only one man. There is no need for deck space as the system is deployed directly from the container/reel into the sea. The system is fitted with ...

    By NorLense AS based in Strønstad, NORWAY. from Containerized One-Man-Operated System Product line

  • Light Floating Marker 50

    Granite Environmental Light Floating Marker 50 is a flashing marker light. It is perfect for oil spill cleanup projects and made for use with oil containment and debris booms, turbidity control curtains, or as a marker for anchor lines and other marine based operations. Our floating marker light is manufactured of durable PVC material and has an ...

  • Lamor - Model HAB 200 - Hydraulic Air Blower

    The Hydraulic Air Blower HAB 200 is a portable hydraulically operated air blower suitable for inflating light and heavy inflatable oil containment booms. The main components of the HAB 200 are: centrifugal air fan, hydraulic motor with quick release hydraulic connectors, light aluminum frame, air hoses with Camlocks (1 x 3 in 10 m + 2 x 2 in 5 m), ...

    By Lamor Corporation Ab based in Porvoo, FINLAND. from Hydraulic Air Blower Product line

  • NOFI 1000 Series

    The NOFI 1000 series consist of reliable manual inflatable oil containment booms specially designed for optimal performance under demanding coastal conditions. Due to its perfect design and superb wave-follower characteristics, Ohmsett test has reported clearly established increased flexibility regarding towing speed and maneuverability. The NOFI ...

    By QualiTech Environmental based in Chaska, MINNESOTA (USA). from NOFI 1000 Series Product line

  • SpinPro - Turbidity Silt Curtains for Dredging and Wastewater Ponds

    Turbidity Curtains also referred to as Silt Curtains, Silt Barriers, or Turbidity Barriers, Turbidity Curtains or Floating Barriers are designed to deflect, contain and isolate sediment in order to stop or reduce suspended or floating particles from migrating from one area to another. Applications include Dredging, Marine ...

    By SPINPRO based in Bellingham, WASHINGTON (USA). from Turbidity Silt Curtains for Dredging and Wastewater Ponds Product line

  • Multi Role Vessels (MRVs)

    Vikoma recently supplied three off high bollard pull steel tugs with multi-role (MRVs) functions to a key client in the Former Soviet Union (FSU). The vessels were able to operate for up to 10 days away from port and were fitted to a very high standard with a four man crew accommodation. The vessels were supplied with hydraulic cranes and oil ...

    By Vikoma International Limited based in East Cowes, UNITED KINGDOM. from Multi Role Vessels (MRVs) Product line

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