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Oil Mist Filter equipment

  • Absolent - Model A mist6C - Compact Oil Mist Filter

    The Absolent type A•mist Oil mist filter features one of the most effective systems in the world for cleaning oil mist. Compact filter unit. Designed for air flows up to 600m³/h. Can be installed close by or on top of the metalworking machine. Especially suitable where floor space is restricted.

    By Absolent AB based in Lidköping, SWEDEN. from Filters for Moderate Oil Mist Product line

  • Absolent - Model ODF - Oil-Mist Filter

    Absolent AB 's oil-mist filter ODF was developed in order to guarantee a high separating efficiency, which does not deteriorate even over long periods of operation. The filters have been designed to comply with future OSHA requirements, rather than present day requirements, and is therefore a wise investment. The filter cassettes have a very long ...

    By Ver-tech Air Quality based in Rockford, MINNESOTA (USA). from Mist Collectors Product line

  • MistWizard - Oil Mist Filters

    MistWizard is designed to be direct mounted on a machine tool with no need for ducting or use of additional floor space. The filter will effectively collect the coolant mist and smoke from the machine process and return the recovered coolant back to the machine tool. The filter unit is provided with a range of options to allow easy, fast ...

    By Plymovent Group BV based in Alkmaar, NETHERLANDS. from Oil Mist Filters Product line

  • FibreDrain - Oil Mist Filters

    Nederman Filtac solutions for oil mist filtration are designed for continuous operations in demanding airflow applications. Our unique FibreDrain technology ensures superior separation performance and long filter media life, thus minimizing your overall costs and ensuring total peace of mind. A wide range of filters is available, covering the ...

    By Nederman based in Helsingborg, SWEDEN. from Filters for Oil Mist and Coolants Product line

  • Model IFO - Oil Mist Filter

    The oil mist abatement takes place by means of a multiple process of filtration which provides a plenum chamber, placed in front of the first filtration section, which operates a first separation process in which the heavier particles due to the decrease of the speed precipitate to the bottom of the settling tank and are discharged into the oil ...

    By Icam Srl based in Casalserugo (Padova), ITALY. from Dry Filtration Tecnology - Pockets filters Product line

  • Oil Mist Filters

    This system will mainly be implemented in industrial applications for machining metals whenever machine tools use lubrication and cooling fluids. Using lubrication or cooling fluids for machining metals has given rise to new provisions relating to workplace hygiene and safety which impose increasingly efficient oil mist filters.

    By Cattin Filtration based in Pont-de-Roide, FRANCE. from Other Products Product line

  • Oil Mist Filters

    Problems with Oil Smoke, Oil Mist or Emulsion Mist emissions can be eliminated by using Filtac Filter Units. Filtac units are extra heavy duty Industrial Air Cleaners that efficiently separate oil fumes, oil mists and emulsion mists during continuous operation, even during extreme operating conditions.

    By Multi Fan Systems Limited based in Stourbridge, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Oil Mist Filters

    Dustcheck market MAHLE oil mist filters which collect atomised fluids and re-circulate environmentally safe air. Oil mist can cause a serious health hazard and create a dangerous environment if left uncollected by way of slippery surfaces or a grease covered plant and equipment. MAHLE oil mist filters remove oil/lubricant mist generated through ...

    By Dustcheck Limited based in Fenton, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Geovent GFO Oil Mist Filter

    The Geovent GFO filter for oil mist has a higher airflow (1,200 m³/h) and a higher filtration efficiency (99.9% at 0.3µm) than traditional oil mist filters. The installation is easily undertaken by a snap lock system. The GFO is a filter for the effective filtration of extracted air from processes such as CNC lathes, mills and drilling ...

    By Vent-Tech Ltd. based in Hawkfield Way, UNITED KINGDOM. from Aerospace Product line

  • Nederman Oil Mist Filter - NOM 4

    Nederman Oil Mist Filters are easy to adapt to most applications where capture of coolant or oil mist are the trouble. NOM 4 is designed for single CNC machines with limited oilmist, enclosed cabinet. Low maintenance cost. Designed to fit into limited. Simple installation.

    By Nederman based in Helsingborg, SWEDEN. from Filters Product line

  • BETH - Oil Mist-electric Filters

    BETH oil mist-electric filters have a similar structure as the wet-electric filters. It is mostly carried without any rinse and fog water zone. Suitable for volume flows of 15 000 – 200 000 m³/h. If necessary including CO2-fire extinguishing system, fire damper, pipeline and fan. Due to the low-maintenance operation it is a cheap ...

    By Beth-Filter based in Atlanta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Wet Working Electric Filters Product line

  • Nederman Oil Mist Filter - NOM 11, 18 and 28

    Designed for applications with need for high airflow capacities. These filters fit into a central system, connected to each machine. All models have a pressure gauge for filter controls as well as an indication for need of cleaning - self draining. Low maintenance cost. High airflow capacities. 99.97% filtration efficiency. Self draining.

    By Nederman based in Helsingborg, SWEDEN. from Filters Product line

  • Oil Mist Fixed Filter Unit

    A filter unit that is suited to the extraction of oil and emulsion mist and fumes containing oil in a variety of operations such as laithing, threading, gear cutting and so on.

    By Flextraction Limited based in Melton Mowbray, UNITED KINGDOM. from Filter Systems Product line

  • Clean Mist - Centrifugal Filters

    The air polluted by oil mist or coolant is channelled inside the centrifugal filter crossing the inlet providing a grid so as to prevent the suction of solid material. A conic diffuser guarantees the uniform distribution inside the drum of the mist and vapour that are centrifuged at high speed and then pushed towards the filtering panels. While ...

    By HFiltration S.r.l. based in LEGNANO, ITALY. from Oil Mist Filtration Product line

  • Model Mist Pro & Mist Pro C - Mist Collectors

    T&H has developed a cost-effective mist collector that out performs all other mist collectors in its class. With minimal maintenance required the Mist Pro is manufactured with the specific problem in mind. In addition, our versatile filter combinations are ideal for machines using water soluble or oil based coolants. For instance, we offer an ...

    By T & H Industries, Inc. based in DeKalb, ILLINOIS (USA). from Mist Collectors Product line

  • Model AC 2000 - Oil and Emulsion Mist Filters

    The AC 2000 Solid matter filter, for oil and emulsion mist extraction, is characterized by its service life and low-maintenance requirements. The washable pre-filters are integrated in the housing, and the “Primus B“ version main filter is fully regenerable. Power is supplied as a three-phase current. In addition, this filter ...

    By LTA Lufttechnik GmbH based in Nordrach, GERMANY. from Oil and Emulsion Mist Filters Product line

  • Model AC 3000 - Oil and Emulsion Mist Filters

    The AC 3000 is a compact oil and emulsion mist filter and can be mounted directly on the machine. In addition, it is available with a 1-step as well as a 2-step electrostatic filter cell. It can be equipped with respectively adapted prefilters for removing coarse contaminants and extending the service life. The filter elements used in the AC 3000 ...

    By LTA Lufttechnik GmbH based in Nordrach, GERMANY. from Oil and Emulsion Mist Filters Product line

  • Model AC 500 - Oil and Emulsion Mist Filter

    The AC 500 air filter, for oil and emulsion mist extraction, is compact in design and can be mounted directly on the machine. Recirculation of the filtered medium occurs directly at the machine. The pre-filters are integrated in the housing with fully washable filter inserts. The filter cells have a universal design and can be used for both oil ...

    By LTA Lufttechnik GmbH based in Nordrach, GERMANY. from Oil and Emulsion Mist Filters Product line

  • Model AC 6000 CIP - Oil and Emulsion Mist Filter

    The AC 6000 CIP is an automatically cleanable air filter of compact design. Due to its special design, the AC 6000 CIP air filter is perfectly suited for direct machine integration. The aerosol-containing exhaust air flows through a double-step electrostatic air filter. During this process, the particles (aerosols) contained in the air ...

    By LTA Lufttechnik GmbH based in Nordrach, GERMANY. from Oil and Emulsion Mist Filters Product line

  • NOIL - Filter Units

    The NOIL filter unit has been made to PURIFY THE AIR IN WORKING PREMISES, WHERE OILY FUMES ARE PRODUCED AND TO RECOVER THE OIL ALLOWING THE RECYCLE OF IT.The fitered oil collected in the low part of the separator gets out from the oil outlet which guarantees the almost total oil recovery and the relative recycle.The oil outlet of NOIL provided ...

    By Coral Engineering Srl based in Altavilla (VI), ITALY. from Oil Mist Filtering Product line

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