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oil spill recovery equipment

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    Oil Stop - Fast Sweep System

    Oil Stop, Inc.'s Fast Sweep System is an extremely rugged boom system constructed of 100% urethane coated material for maximum tensile strength and abrasion resistance. Oil Stop's FAST SWEEP systems have been tested by the U.S. Coast Guard at the Ohmsett Test Tank Facility and performed exceptionally well in offshore sea conditions. The U.S. Coast ...

  • Power Carrier

    The Power Carrier is a versatile, petrol engine driven, tracked carrier, capable of handling loads of up to 500kg. It is especially useful to access areas that can not be reached by road. The Power Carrier makes an ideal addition to any land based oil spill recovery package.

    By Vikoma International Limited based in East Cowes, UNITED KINGDOM. from Ancillary Equipment Product line

  • Model P Series - Oil Spill Recovery Vessel

    The P Series is an oil recovery platform, which is designed to address the oil-pro-duction settling pond market The P Series leverages the proprietary drum technology first commercialized in the C Series product line.

    By Robix Alternative Fuels, Inc. based in Lethbridge, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • Oil Spill Recovery

    ENSOL, a renowned name in the field of environmental technology, now offers the all new vehicle-mounted, PTO (power take-off) driven ENSOL-OSR System. Various regulations are laid down by relevant government agencies concerning cleaning of oil spills, which need to be adhered, for safeguarding the environment. Until recent years there was no ...

    By Ensol Multiclean Equipments Pvt. Ltd. based in Jaipur, INDIA.

  • MiniBagger - Oil Spill Recovery System

    MiniBagger is a flexible and cost efficient way of improving oil spill recovery in harbours, rivers, canals and other shallow or narrow water areas. With MiniBagger you can collect even diesel from the water with any vessel. SeaHow offers two detachable side collectors. MiniBagger is the smaller of them and can be installed to boats as small as 5 ...

    By Meritaito Ltd / SeaHow based in Helsinki, FINLAND. from Oil Spill Response Product line

  • VikoPumps

    Vikoma has designed and developed the VikoPump specifically for use in the oil spill recovery and associated industry markets. It is a robust and versatile positive displacement pump, which is available in a range of capacities (5m3/hr to 200m3/hr). They can be supplied as trolley mounted, skid mounted or floating versions. The drive can be ...

    By Vikoma International Limited based in East Cowes, UNITED KINGDOM. from Ancillary Equipment Product line

  • Model C Series - Oil Spill Recovery Vessel

    The Robix C Series is a patented oil spill recovery vessel capable of efficiently recovering oil in rough, debris laden sea conditions as well as lakes, rivers and tailings ponds. Where other conventional mechanical oil recovery systems quite often fail in anything more than calm waters, the Robix C Series can operate in up to 8 ft waves.

    By Robix Alternative Fuels, Inc. based in Lethbridge, ALBERTA (CANADA).

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    Fuel Storage Bladder Tank

    Fuel bladder tanks are ideal for temporary storage of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, oils and other hydrocarbon based petroleum products. These collapsible tanks are compact, lightweight, durable and easy to deploy. They can be used for a variety of commercial and industrial refueling or storage applications. Manufactured using heavy-duty nylon ...

    By Interstate Products Inc/ Interstate Products based in Sarasota, FLORIDA (USA). from Spill Berms Product line

  • IRIS - Boom Vane - Fast Water & Boom Towing

    Boom Vane is a device for oil boom deployment in rivers and other waterways where strong currents are a factor in oil spill recovery. Boom Vane can deploy boom without the need for boats and anchors. When used in sweep operations, Boom Vane has important advantages for responders towing boom in the U configuration for collecting oil. Boom Vane can ...

  • Envirocat

    An alloy multi-role craft capable of various applications within the oil spill recovery scenario designed for easy transportation and deployment. Along with the ability to operate in shallow water, it also has the potential to operate alongside terminals etc. For safety, the main drive engine is a water-jacketed marine diesel operating with a low ...

    By Vikoma International Limited based in East Cowes, UNITED KINGDOM. from Vessels Product line

  • NorLense - Harbour Oil Boom

    NorLense delivers two types of harbour oil boom, NO-250-F and NO-350-F. These types of booms are manufactured with a freeboard containing expanded polystyrene. Solid flotation means no need for air filling during deployment. Solid flotation booms are easy to handle and store. The solid flotation booms are delivered in 25 m long sections. All our ...

    By NorLense AS based in Strønstad, NORWAY. from Oil Spill Recovery Product line

  • Elastec - Elastec Low Speed Water Skimmer (20 m³/h)

    It is the oil spill contractors skimmer of choice for fast efficient oil spill recovery, available in pneumatic or hydraulic drive It is ideal for industrial applications such as API separators and cleaning oil containment pits. The pneumatic model can be connected directly to a vacuum truck for an efficient oil spill response unit or routine pit ...

    By Meke Marine Environmental Protecton Services Ltd. based in Ataşehir, TURKEY.

  • Multi Oil Skimming System (MOSS)

    The Vikoma MOSS system has been designed to offer a complete packaged oil spill recovery solution that is easily portable, will recover oil with a broad range of viscosities and will allow fast reaction to spills in remote or difficult locations. Each component of the MOSS system is designed to be man-portable and the whole system is supplied in a ...

    By Vikoma International Limited based in East Cowes, UNITED KINGDOM. from Recovery Systems - Combinations Product line

  • OilTrawl - Containerized One-Man-Operated System

    The Fast Current Boom System from NorLense is a containerized one-man-operated system with single point inflation of the boom part. The deployment and the retrieval of the system are operated by only one man. There is no need for deck space as the system is deployed directly from the container/reel into the sea. The system is fitted with ...

    By NorLense AS based in Strønstad, NORWAY. from Oil Spill Recovery Product line

  • Musthane - Model MS - Towable Floating Tanks

    Muststore type MS towable floating tanks are designed for oil spill recovery operations for the recovery of fuel and its safe transportation on sea water. Muststore  type MS floating tanks are collapsible, foldable and rollable on a reel. Muststore type MS towable floating tanks  are made of a heavy duty material with an outstanding ...

    By Musthane based in Willems, FRANCE. from Flexible Storage Tank and Refueling Pump & Filters Product line

  • NorLense - Air Compressor System

    Purpose: Inflation and back-up air for NorLense booms. NorLense/DYNASET hydraulic compressors are compact and integrated all-in-one units, especially designed for mobile installation. The only power source is a hydraulic system to provide compressor with required hydraulic fluid flow at demanded pressure. Air compressors are installed in frame ...

    By NorLense AS based in Strønstad, NORWAY. from Oil Spill Recovery Product line

  • Towable Floating Tank - Marine Use

    This flexible storage tanks are heavy-duty enclosed floating tanks. The tanks have inflatable cuffs running along both top sides. Once inflated these provide buoyancy for the tank. The tanks are supplied with two valves for filling and draining, two bridle assembly, manual inflator and towing drogue. Ideal for uses in oil spill recovery ...

    By Eco Equipments Inc. based in Taipei, TAIWAN.

  • Oil Spill Recovery Barges - OSRB

    Application: Global OSRB Oil Spill Recovery Barges are floating storage containers used to store recovered oils and fuels from skimmers or working boats in harbours, marinas and open waters. The barges can be towed behind recovery vessels or anchored in place when receiving oil from mechanical skimmers and pumps.

    By Global Spill Control based in Thomastown, AUSTRALIA. from Spills on Water - Storage Tanks & Barges Product line

  • Koseq - Model MCPS - Modular Crane Pedestal System

    When a large offshore oil spill occurs it is important to respond immediately. Dedicated oil spill response vessels (OSRV) like the once fitted with Rigid Sweeping Arms and its handling cranes are not often directly available, therefore, temporary vessels of opportunity (VOO) have to be prepared instead. The MCPS offers the oil spill responder a ...

    By Kampers Oil Spill Equipment (KOSEQ) BV based in Ridderkerk, NETHERLANDS. from Modular Systems Product line

  • Model MOP - Recovery Device

    Designed for oil spill recovery, the MOP is a belt system with an endless absorbent material, that extracts oil from the water for recovery and disposal. Especially effective and efficient when used in conjunction with our Boom equipment, the MOP recovers oil spills that have been already isolated and contained by the boom.

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