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Oil Spill Recovery equipment

  • MiniBagger - Oil Spill Recovery System

    MiniBagger is a flexible and cost efficient way of improving oil spill recovery in harbours, rivers, canals and other shallow or narrow water areas. With MiniBagger you can collect even diesel from the water with any vessel. SeaHow offers two detachable side collectors. MiniBagger is the smaller of them and can be installed to boats as small as 5 ...

    By Meritaito Ltd / SeaHow based in Helsinki, FINLAND. from Oil Spill Response Product line

  • Oil Spill Recovery

    ENSOL, a renowned name in the field of environmental technology, now offers the all new vehicle-mounted, PTO (power take-off) driven ENSOL-OSR System. Various regulations are laid down by relevant government agencies concerning cleaning of oil spills, which need to be adhered, for safeguarding the environment. Until recent years there was no ...

    By Ensol Multiclean Equipments Pvt. Ltd. based in Jaipur, INDIA.

  • Model C Series - Oil Spill Recovery Vessel

    The Robix C Series is a patented oil spill recovery vessel capable of efficiently recovering oil in rough, debris laden sea conditions as well as lakes, rivers and tailings ponds. Where other conventional mechanical oil recovery systems quite often fail in anything more than calm waters, the Robix C Series can operate in up to 8 ft waves.

    By Robix Alternative Fuels, Inc. based in Lethbridge, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • Model P Series - Oil Spill Recovery Vessel

    The P Series is an oil recovery platform, which is designed to address the oil-pro-duction settling pond market The P Series leverages the proprietary drum technology first commercialized in the C Series product line.

    By Robix Alternative Fuels, Inc. based in Lethbridge, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • Oil Spill Recovery Barges - OSRB

    Application: Global OSRB Oil Spill Recovery Barges are floating storage containers used to store recovered oils and fuels from skimmers or working boats in harbours, marinas and open waters. The barges can be towed behind recovery vessels or anchored in place when receiving oil from mechanical skimmers and pumps.

    By Global Spill Control based in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA. from Spills on Water - Storage Tanks & Barges Product line

  • OP Oil Skimmer Vessel / First Response oil spill recovery vessel

    The world first Oil Spill Recovery Vessel approved by and international classification bureau (DNV), an unique oil-skimmer that recovers all oil viscosities, including oil mixed with debris, separates oil from debris and debris from water, with a huge capacity- 350 ton/2200 bbls per hour - and handles strong currents and waves up to 1, 5 meters/6 ...

    By Skimmer Technology AS based in Søgne, NORWAY.

  • Premium

    Chemtex - Oil Snare

    Oil Snare™ products were developed for the recovery of Bunker C, Crude Oil, and Numbers 4, 5, & 6 oil. Oil Snare utilizes the oil’s natural stickiness to entrap it within thousands of plastic tentacles. Operative even in subfreezing conditions. Oil Snare products are made up of flat polypropylene ribbon yarn configured into two ...

    By Chemtex, Inc. based in Cumberland, RHODE ISLAND (USA). from Marine Spill Response - Oil Snare Product line

  • Premium

    Chemtex - Abanaki Oil Skimmers

    Oil Skimmer for Wells and Other Small Openings with Large Vertical Drops. The Abanaki PetroXtractor is a dependable and cost effective means of removing oil, fuel, and other floating hydrocarbons from water where access to the fluid surface is limited. It acts efficiently as remediation equipment for groundwater contaminated by oil, using existing ...

    By Chemtex, Inc. based in Cumberland, RHODE ISLAND (USA). from Marine Spill Response - Skimmers Product line

  • Oil Sponge - Spill Kit

    The NEW Oil Sponge Spill kit is designed to pick up approximately three quarts of spilled oil. It contains all of the necessary products to contain an incidental spill. The spill kit was originally designed for off-road and four-wheel drive enthusiasts to help them stay compliant with the Federal Bureau of Land Management requirements.However, it ...

    By Phase III, Inc based in Chandler, ARIZONA (USA). from Absorbents Product line

  • Absorbents for Harbour Booms

    Absorbents in combination with harbour booms can be an effective solution for containing smaller oil spills. Absorbents absorb only oil, not water and can contain up to 25 times their own weight. You get absorbents as mats, rolls, pillows, bark and as booms with or without skirt.

    By NorLense AS based in Strønstad, NORWAY. from Oil Spill Recovery Product line

  • NorLense - Harbour Oil Boom

    NorLense delivers two types of harbour oil boom, NO-250-F and NO-350-F. These types of booms are manufactured with a freeboard containing expanded polystyrene. Solid flotation means no need for air filling during deployment. Solid flotation booms are easy to handle and store. The solid flotation booms are delivered in 25 m long sections. All our ...

    By NorLense AS based in Strønstad, NORWAY. from Oil Spill Recovery Product line

  • Spill Sorb - Model 150L-AC - Oil Absorbent

    Activated Peat, Air Dried, Heat Treated, Non Abrasive, Non Toxic, Non Leaching, Double compressed 17Kg bag absorbs approx. 150L of Oil.

    By Equinox Global General Trading LLC based in Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

  • OilTrawl - Containerized One-Man-Operated System

    The Fast Current Boom System from NorLense is a containerized one-man-operated system with single point inflation of the boom part. The deployment and the retrieval of the system are operated by only one man. There is no need for deck space as the system is deployed directly from the container/reel into the sea. The system is fitted with ...

    By NorLense AS based in Strønstad, NORWAY. from Oil Spill Recovery Product line

  • DESMI Giant Octopus - Skimmer for Oil Recovery

    The DESMI GIANT OCTOPUS skimmer from DESMI Ro-Clean is the latest skimmer in our range and features a revolutionary new collection method plus 360 degree access to the collection surfaces. This skimmer is a combination and development from our popular TARANTULA and HELIX skimmers and has benefited from a continuing development program over nearly ...

    By DESMI A/S based in Noerresundby, DENMARK. from Oil Spill Response Product line

  • InBuiltRecoverer - In-Built Oil Recovery Solution

    InBuiltRecoverer is the most effective in-built oil recovery solution on the market for collecting light and raw oils. It is a perfect retro-fit for operators looking to improve their collection capabilities of different oil qualities. InbuiltRecoverer is a vessel integrated advancing skimming system designed for work boats from 15 metres to large ...

    By Meritaito Ltd / SeaHow based in Helsinki, FINLAND. from Oil Spill Response Product line

  • Spill Tools - Response System Planning

    The term Spill Tools originally referred to a set of three programs—the Mechanical Equipment Calculator, the In Situ Burn Calculator, and the Dispersant Mission Planner—designed to help oil spill planners and responders develop response plans that save time and money.

    By NOAA`s Office of Response and Restoration based in Silver Spring, MARYLAND (USA).

  • OPEC - Model E-Series - Industrial Oil Skimmer

    The E-Series is the third generation of oil skimmers, developed since the late 1970’s supplying equipment for industry and emergency spill response. The E-Series is the main thrust of OPEC’s drive to battle with pollution control worldwide. Its applications are many and varied, both as permanent installations and emergency spill ...

    By Oil Pollution Environmental Control Ltd based in Batley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Oil Pollution Recovery Product line

  • Oil Spill Sampling Buoy

    InterOcean's Oil Spill Sample Buoy (OSSB) is used to obtain immediate evidentiary samples of spilled oil in the ocean. Originally the OSSB was engineered for the USCG's Marine Safety Division. The innovative, robust, simple to use tool is typically deployed by aircraft that perform long-range pollution patrols or respond to reports of oil having ...

    By InterOcean Systems LLC based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Oil Spill Product line

  • Lamor - Rapid Boom Recovery Unit

    The Rapid Boom Recovery Unit is an innovative ancillary device designed to recover foam filled oil boom (FOB) at a high recovery rate . The recovery unit utilizes a hydraulic driven recovery system and pressurized guiding rails to recover deployed boom onto a vessel or a work platform. The rate of recovery is adjusted to the speed of the operation ...

    By Lamor Corporation Ab based in Porvoo, FINLAND. from Oil Spill Response Products - Ancillary Equipment Product line

  • Lamor - Model LORS - In-built Oil Recovery System

    The Lamor In-built Oil Recovery System LORS is a vessel mounted advancing skimming system that is based on Lamor’s proven conveyor chain brush technology. The system is designed for small workboats and tugs (7 – 15 m / 23 – 49 ft) up to medium and big vessels (15 – 85m / 49 – 278 ft) providing the highest possible ...

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