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oil spill recovery equipment

  • Koseq - Model VOS - Victory Oil Sweeper

    The Victory Oil Sweeper is unique because of it is capability to not only be pulled alongside the vessel but also pushed in front of the ship. The system floats independently and because of this it is not necessary to carry the unit on the deck of a vessel. Smaller vessels of opportunity can deploy the sweeping arm as well. The ...

    By Kampers Oil Spill Equipment (KOSEQ) BV based in Ridderkerk, NETHERLANDS.

  • Canadyne - Oil Spill Dispersant Equipment

    In addition to Canadyne’s range of mechanical equipment for oil spill containment and recovery, we also offer chemical oil spill dispersants and spray equipment as an alternative response option. Canadyne offers a complete range of products for ship, aircraft, and helicopter mounted spray systems, including standard items, and custom built ...

    By Canadyne Technologies Inc. based in Richmond, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Oil Spill Dispersant Equipment Product line

  • VikoPumps

    Vikoma has designed and developed the VikoPump specifically for use in the oil spill recovery and associated industry markets. It is a robust and versatile positive displacement pump, which is available in a range of capacities (5m3/hr to 200m3/hr). They can be supplied as trolley mounted, skid mounted or floating versions. The drive can be ...

    By Vikoma International Limited based in East Cowes, UNITED KINGDOM. from VikoPumps Product line

  • Power Carrier

    The Power Carrier is a versatile, petrol engine driven, tracked carrier, capable of handling loads of up to 500kg. It is especially useful to access areas that can not be reached by road. The Power Carrier makes an ideal addition to any land based oil spill recovery package.

    By Vikoma International Limited based in East Cowes, UNITED KINGDOM. from Power Carrier Product line

  • Model P Series - Oil Spill Recovery Vessel

    The P Series is an oil recovery platform, which is designed to address the oil-pro-duction settling pond market The P Series leverages the proprietary drum technology first commercialized in the C Series product line.

    By Robix Alternative Fuels, Inc. based in Lethbridge, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • OPFLEX - Model ENV1300 - Mega Pads

    ¼” thick 12” x 72” OPFLEX pads for larger oil-spill removal and recovery

    By OPFLEX Environmental Technologies LLC based in West Hyannisport, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Mega Pads Product line

  • Model C Series - Oil Spill Recovery Vessel

    The Robix C Series is a patented oil spill recovery vessel capable of efficiently recovering oil in rough, debris laden sea conditions as well as lakes, rivers and tailings ponds. Where other conventional mechanical oil recovery systems quite often fail in anything more than calm waters, the Robix C Series can operate in up to 8 ft waves.

    By Robix Alternative Fuels, Inc. based in Lethbridge, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • Envirocat

    An alloy multi-role craft capable of various applications within the oil spill recovery scenario designed for easy transportation and deployment. Along with the ability to operate in shallow water, it also has the potential to operate alongside terminals etc. For safety, the main drive engine is a water-jacketed marine diesel operating with a low ...

    By Vikoma International Limited based in East Cowes, UNITED KINGDOM. from Envirocat Product line

  • Towable Floating Tank - Marine Use

    This flexible storage tanks are heavy-duty enclosed floating tanks. The tanks have inflatable cuffs running along both top sides. Once inflated these provide buoyancy for the tank. The tanks are supplied with two valves for filling and draining, two bridle assembly, manual inflator and towing drogue. Ideal for uses in oil spill recovery ...

    By Eco Equipments Inc. based in Taipei, TAIWAN.

  • Skirted Sorbent Booms

    These booms combine the protection given by a containment boom with the absorbing efficiency of a sorbent boom. Ideal for containing and recovering small and medium sized oil spills in protected waters as well as a complement to larger spill recovery tasks. Include quick connectors. 12.5 m x 20 cm dia. with 25 cm skirt.

    By MARKLEEN Group - Part of Lamor based in Vollen, NORWAY. from Skirted Sorbent Booms Product line

  • Fast Sweep Boom

    Oil Stop, Inc.'s Fast Sweep™ System is an extremely rugged boom system constructed of 100% urethane coated material for maximum tensile strength and abrasion resistance. Oil Stop's FAST SWEEP TM systems have been tested by the U.S. Coast Guard at the Ohmsett Test Tank Facility and performed exceptionally well in offshore sea conditions. The ...

    By American Pollution Control Corp. (AMPOL ) based in New Iberia, LOUISIANA (USA). from Fast Sweep Boom Product line

  • Megator Salarollpump - Super Suction Pump

    This portable pumping system with patented peristaltic pump design features super suction, which enables it to process high-viscous, abrasive, and debris-laden liquids. Developed originally for shoreline/pipeline oil spill cleanup, its durability, unlimited discharge capability and portability make it an effective tool for chemical spills, ...

    By Megator based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Super Suction Pump Product line

  • Interchangable Element Skimmer

    Global Interchangeable Element Skimmers are a floating oil skimmer with either rotating drums or brushes for high volume oil recovery. Perfect for Spill Response Crews who can choose either drum or brush elements, depending on the nature of the oil to be skimmed.

    By Global Spill Control based in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA. from Interchangable Element Skimmer Product line

  • Soft Showel Brush

    The NorMar Soft Shovel Cassette is designed to be mounted on top of the NorMar Weir skimmer. The cassette is delivered with a set of soft shovel units for recovery of heavy oil without picking up any free water. The Soft Shovel has proved itselves in oil spills with viscosities ranging from 80.000 cSt to 400.000 cSt. Each Soft Shovel units is ...

    By Noren Bergen AS based in Godvik-Bergen, NORWAY.

  • CRUCIAL - Model C-14 Series - Oil Skimmers

    C-14 SERIES – Rugged portable wringer units designed for direct mounting to a 55-gallon drum or other suitable oil collection pan; uses 4' (or 6') diameter mop, which is wrung once during each pass through the unit by two 4' diameter squeeze rollers; recovery rates can reach up to 31 barrels/hr.); for emergency spill response or permanent ...

    By Crucial, Inc based in Gretna, LOUISIANA (USA). from Oil Skimmers Product line

  • Mavi Deniz - Oil Fence Boom

    MaviDeniz's OilFence type solid flotation booms offer economical, well proven oil containment. Models range from sheltered/calm waters, low current conditions through the open water oil containment. OilFence Boom is a solid buoyancy, fence-type boom consists of a flexible skirt, flat flotation for spill containment and recovery operation in ...

    By MAVI DENIZ Environmental Protection Services Co. based in Istanbul, TURKEY. from Oil Fence Boom Product line

  • Weir Skimmer

    It is an adjustable weir skimmer designed to be particularly effective in large oil spills when a high oil recovery rate is required. It is capable of handling a wide range of oil viscosities.The system has a floating circular weir device with an onboard hydraulically driven positive displacement ECO-SC02 Pump. The weir lies just below the oil ...

    By Eco Equipments Inc. based in Taipei, TAIWAN.

  • Oil Spill Cleanup Skimmers

    Oil spill cleanup skimmers for recovery of crude oil, vegetable oil, fats, grease and oil sheen. Our range of oil spill recovery skimmers are available with disc, brush or drum technology. Oil recovery skimmers are widely used in industrial lagoons, sumps, harbors, ports and spill clean up operations. Each oil skimmer varies in recovery rate, ...

  • Oilwick - Model 2-inch/4-inch - Hydrocarbon Skimmer

    To recover floating hydrocarbons, thicker viscosity and specific gravity must be accommodated. Our OilWick skimmer recovers spilled oil and denser (less than bunker) mixed hydrocarbon cocktails from ground water. Subsurface spill clean-up requires spilled gasoline recovery, spilled diesel recovery, spilled oil recovery from groundwater, and mixed ...

    By Site Remediation Inc. based in London, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Spillcat

    The Spillcat is an extremely versatile oil spill response craft due to its strength, stability and large working platform area. These features enable it to be fitted with various types of response equipment so that it can be utilised in many different applications, including boom deployment, dispersant spraying, oil recovery and beach clean-up ...

    By Vikoma International Limited based in East Cowes, UNITED KINGDOM. from Spillcat Product line

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