oil-water separator equipment in Bolivia

  • Oil Mist Separators for Gas and Diesel Engines

    For gas and diesel engines it is important to maintain constant vacuum in the Crankshaft housing. FRANKE-Filter Oil Mist Separators allows exact adjustments of vacuum. Due to fluctuations in the crankshaft housing, the separator is equipped with a frequency converter. The pressure transducer records pressure and transmits it to the side channel ...

    By Franke-Filter GmbH Office in Casilla Postal, BOLIVIA.

  • Retrofitting turbines with an Oil Mist Separator

    The replacement of an existing blower or outdated separator to a more modern unit, FRANKE-Filter can offer various advantages. We support you with planning, execution and assembly of your new Oil Mist Separator on site.  Not only for new units is it important to have good communication with our customers, but also by the retrofit as well, in ...

    By Franke-Filter GmbH Office in Casilla Postal, BOLIVIA.

  • Model FF2-011 - Oil Mist Separator with 10 - 23 m³/h

    Volume Flow: 10 - 23 m³/h. Material: Carbon steel. Flange tank: DN 65 PN16 EN1092-1/ ASME ANSI. Handover flange: DN 50 PN16 EN1092-1 / ASME ANSI. Vacuum machine: Side channel vacuum pump. Power: 0,25 kW. Power supply: 230/400 V, 50 Hz. Pressure Gauge: 0 to - 160 mbar. Filtration: 99.9 % at 0.1 micron. Maintenance interval: 20,000 - 30,000 ...

    By Franke-Filter GmbH Office in Casilla Postal, BOLIVIA.

  • Generators

    Saving investment costs for turbine and generator with just one Oil Mist Separator. In some cases operators have installed a further separator, e.g. for the generator. So with our system the cost and maintenance time is reduced. Normally an Oil Mist Separator is installed on a lube oil tank. With sufficient power output of the side channel pump ...

    By Franke-Filter GmbH Office in Casilla Postal, BOLIVIA.

  • Premium

    Turbimax - Model CUS71D - Ultrasonic Interface Sensor

    Memosens immersion sensor for sedimentation tanks in water, wastewater and utilities. Turbimax CUS71D continuously monitors the separation and transition zones in clarification and settling tanks, ensuring safe, economic and efficient sedimentation processes. It provides you with reliable, real-time measured values in real-time for quick control ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Office in La Paz, BOLIVIA. from Ultrasonic Interface Sensor Product line

  • Premium

    Prosonic - Model FMU90 - Ultrasonic Measurement Time-of-Flight Transmitter

    Prosonic FMU90 separated version with field housing or top hat rail housing for control cabinet instrumentation are suited for continuous, non-contact level measurement of fluids, pastes, sludge and powdery to coarse bulk solids. Also the flow measurement in open channels and weirs is possible as the simultaneous measurement of level and flow in a ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Office in La Paz, BOLIVIA. from Ultrasonic Measurement Time-of-Flight Transmitter Product line

  • Premium

    AMETEK PI - Model TDLAS 5100 HD - Gas Analyzer

    The Model 5100 HD hosts a dual laser platform. Two separate lasers are installed in the instrument, sharing a common optical path through the sample, enabling the measurement of two analytes simultaneously. This results in significant cost savings to our customers. Where the required concentrations of the analytes differ considerably such that ...

    By Ametek Process Instruments - THERMOX Distributor in Santa Cruz, BOLIVIA. from Gas Analyzer Product line

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