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Eldan - Model WST - Water Separation Table (System)

by Eldan Recycling A/S     based in Faaborg, DENMARK

The Water Separation System is a cost effective solution to recover metal dust and fine wires from the plastic fraction after the metal separation. By using a well-balanced combination of water, table inclination and oscillating movements you will get an almost clean plastic fraction with metal losses as low as 0.2%. The metal fraction will have a ...

CJC - Model PTU 15/12 - Compact Filter Separator

by C.C.JENSEN A/S     based in Svendborg, DENMARK

PTU 15/12 is a compact filer separator for maintaining clean oil and dry oil, such as: diesel oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils, food grade oils. With a specific weight lower than that of water.

PE-Film System

by RUNI A/S     based in Tarm, DENMARK

Drying H5flE3 is a very expensive process. By installing a RUNI screw compactor to press out as much water as possible after the washing process, a great deal of energy is saved and at the same time capacity of the washing line is increased. During the production of recycled plastic from PE film, the cut-up film is washed thoroughly and then ...

Grid Screen with Aero Wing Profiles

by FREA Aquaculture Solutions ApS     based in Kibæk, DENMARK

Used as inlet and outlet grid screen. Used for internal screening in all types of farms. Are produced according to customer specifications. Can be produced with different openings between the profiles. High water-flow with minimal pressure loss due to the special-designed aero-wing profiles. Minimal nose-damage to the fish due to the rounded ...

De-Watering Reject Waste Paper System

by RUNI A/S     based in Tarm, DENMARK

Before waste paper can be converted into recycled paper, all undesirable material must be separated out. This reject has a high water content and it can be compacted and de-watered using the  RUNI Screw Compactor. Draining in a RUNI Screw Compactor reduces the water content of the reject from 65 % to 35 %, making it dry enough for use as ...

FiltraSep - Unique Rotating Separator System

by DANTECH - Danish Technology Center     based in Vedbaek, DENMARK

The unique rotating separator ensures recovery and usage of raw materials and by-products otherwise lost in the waste water. Apart from the possibility of additional revenue, the FiltraSep prevents the waste water from being polluted unnecessarily by residues and waste from the production. FiltraSep is also an effective system for grading and ...

Screw Separators

by REKO Industrial Equipment b.v.     Office in Esbjerg N, DENMARK

Separation of settling solids from waste water and process water by means of sedimentation.

Separation Plants

by RENEW ENERGY A/S     based in Svendborg, DENMARK

RENEW ENERGY’s separation technology is a further development of the traditional biogas plant. In a natural biological process bacteria convert organic waste into energy and produce a significantly improved residual product. The biogas is cleaned and used for the production of power and heat. Modern separation technology is used to refine ...

DESMI TERRAPIN - Self-Adjusting Weir Skimmer

by DESMI A/S     based in Noerresundby, DENMARK

The DESMI TERRAPIN is a self-adjusting weir skimmer ideal for installation and deployment in tanks, industrial separators, wells and sumps where floating oil and other floating liquids need to be recovered.

Model TP - Three Phase Separation / Decanter Centrifuges

by EUROSEP A/S     based in Odder, DENMARK

Three-phase separation of oil, water and solid matter in one step Type: TP Nominel capacity range: 1,5 - 100 m3//hr

DESMI - Model MINI-MAX - Self-Adjusting Weir Skimmer

by DESMI A/S     based in Noerresundby, DENMARK

The unique DESMI MINI-MAX is a self-adjusting weir skimmer that is capable of recovering a wide range of oils and products floating on the water surface. It is ideal for small industrial separators, tanks and waters. This skimmer can be coupled directly to a vacuum truck or other suction pumps such as diaphragm pumps. The DESMI MINI-MAX is ideal ...

DESMI - Model BELT - Heavy Oil Recovery System

by DESMI A/S     based in Noerresundby, DENMARK

Many oil spills over recent years have highlighted the problems of recovering very viscous oils at sea. To respond to this challenge DESMI Ro-Clean has developed a line of belt skimmers.

Model SDS 50 - Sludge Dewatering Separator

by Faroe Maritime Technic     based in Vágor, DENMARK

The SDS has three main components – a pre filter - a settling-tube and a boiler. After the filter, the sludge is pumped through the settling tube. The settling tube takes up to 80% of the water content out of the sludge.

Model SDS 20 - Sludge Dewatering Separator

by Faroe Maritime Technic     based in Vágor, DENMARK

Reduces the water content i The Oily Sludge to 1%. Reduces the Sludge Volume by 70-85%. The SDS 20 can process up to 600 L Sludge pr. day. The SDS 20 messur only d 750mm x w 750mm x h 2500mm.

DESMI - Model Polar Bear - Ice Skimmmer

by DESMI A/S     based in Noerresundby, DENMARK

The design of the Polar Bear Ice skimmer has benefited from a continuing development program over nearly 3 years. The resulting system is a very versatile, reliable, powerful and seaworthy oil skimming system that can be used in ice-infested waters. The Polar Bear is a powerful offshore ice skimmer which because of its compact hexagonal design ...

HORIBA - Model OCMA-500 - Oil Content Monitor

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in DENMARK

The OCMA-500 Oil Content Monitor has been redesigned for even better operability, maintaining its user-friendly features.After injecting the sample, all you have to do is press a button to get the monitoring operation done quickly, from oil extraction to sample measurement and draining. This machine is easy for anyone to use.The OCMA-500 cuts ...

HORIBA - Model OCMA-25 - Automatic Oil Content Monitor

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in DENMARK

Over the past several decades, HORIBA has designed and manufactured a complete line of high-quality non-dispersing infrared analyzers and analyzer systems. HORIBA has extended infrared gas analyzer technology to the continuous measurement of oil in water for process monitoring and waste water alarm applications. The OCMA oil content analyzers are ...

HORIBA - Model TPNA-300 - Automatic Total Nitrogen/Phosphorus Monitoring System

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in DENMARK

Everything from precise measurement to reduced running costs. HORIBA-leading the world in practical environmental analysis technology will give a benefit for Total Nitrogen/Phosphorus monitoring. Total nitrogen, total phosphorus. To measure these two new targets in the 5th of Total Water Contaminants Regulation enforced in Dec. 2001 in Japan, the ...

Floatation Separator

by Beyer GmbH     Distributor in Herning, DENMARK

The floatation separator for light density materials is designed for the separation of light density materials like wood, styrofoam and light concrete from building rubble. The separation takes place by a water bath. Material with a density lower than 1 kg/dm3 floats up and is stockpiled by a belt conveyor with brush bars. Material with a density ...

Model G6100 - Wash Water Monitoring System

by Green Instruments A/S     based in Brønderslev, DENMARK

The G6100 Wash Water Monitoring System provides reliable and highly accurate measurements for your exhaust gas cleaning system. Its design ensures fast response time within a broad system pressure range from 0-4 barg. It is compact in size and easy to commission, thus offering a true plug’n’measure installation.

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