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Alliance HPLC System - HPLC has never looked better...

by Waters Corporation     Distributor in PUERTO RICO

- Time-tested, flexible, and reliable workhorse for your HPLC separations- New industrial design, exemplifying Waters' continued commitment to our industry-trusted HPLC line- Bridge the gap between HPLC and UPLC performance with XP 2.5 µm columns- Integrated solvent and sample management to ensure consistent system-to-system performance and high ...

ACQUITY - UPLC Detectors

by Waters Corporation     Distributor in PUERTO RICO

ACQUITY UPLC optical and mass detectors enhance high efficiency UPLC separations, allowing you to analyze a wide variety of environmental contaminants. The ACQUITY UPLC TUV, PDA, and fluorescence detectors provide fast data acquisition capabilities for rapid analyses and the sensitivity required for trace impurity detection and quantification. ...

Zebron - Model ZB-1 - Fused Silica GC Column

by Phenomenex, Inc.     Office in San Juan, PUERTO RICO

Low Polarity for a Wide Range of Applications; Rugged, high efficiency, and MS Certified low bleed. Well-suited for true boiling point separations. Excellent resolving power of critical pairs in complex petrochemical samples. Used for “fingerprinting” and routine quality control analyses (e.g., citrus oils).

Model ionKey/MS - Mass Spectrometry System

by Waters Corporation     Distributor in PUERTO RICO

Easily More Sensitive, Just Turn the Key. With an ionKey/MS System, Waters transforms what your lab can do. By integrating the UPLC separation into the source of the mass spectrometer ionKey/MS gives you: Increased sensitivity, Simplified user experience, The power to perform multiple analyses on limited sample volumes, The power to analyze ...

APGC - Atmospheric Pressure Gas Chromatography (APGC)

by Waters Corporation     Distributor in PUERTO RICO

Waters Atmospheric Pressure GC (APGC) adds GC capability to today’s advanced MS technologies. This provides users with access to ultra-trace quantification, comprehensive qualitative MS and MS/MS, and high resolution, ion-mobility separations. ‘Soft’ ionization means less fragmentation for many compounds compared with techniques ...

Max - G

by Teva Energy LLC     Office in Bayamon, PUERTO RICO

MAXG’s proven preheating technology delivers more energy per square foot than any other solar technology available today, maximizing available roof space. Using highly efficient, lightweight solar collectors, the MAXG system preheats incoming ground water to between 90 and 120 degrees. Traditional water heaters can then boost the preheated ...

Corrosion-Resistant Rotating Scum Skimmers

by Plasti-Fab, Inc.     Distributor in Guaynabo, PUERTO RICO

The FRP Rotating Scum Skimmer is designed for rectangular basins. Typical sizes range from 6 ft. to 20 ft. in length, and 6 inches to 18 inches in diameter. Most are manually operated with a lever arm. A handwheel or electric operator are available options. Normal maintenance consists of routine plant washdown. Typical applications include: grease ...

ProteinWorks - Reproducible and Standardized Protein Quantification

by Waters Corporation     Distributor in PUERTO RICO

Reproducible and Standardized Protein Quantification with a Simplified Kit-Based Approach. Routinely achieve reproducible, accurate, and sensitive protein quantification with ProteinWorks, Waters new family of protein bioanalysis sample preparation kits. ProteinWorks eXpress Digest Kits simplify and accelerate protein digestion, streamlining and ...

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