optical instrument equipment in Switzerland

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    OTT Sea-Bird - Model ECO FL - Environmental Characterization Optics of Fluorometers

    The Environmental Characterization Optics (ECO) series of fluorometers delivers both high resolution and wide ranges. The ECO series excels in biological monitoring and dye trace studies. The potted optics block results in long term stability of the instrument and the optional wiper delivers truly long term field measurements.

    By OTT HydroMet Office in Mellingen AG, SWITZERLAND. from Environmental Characterization Optics of Fluorometers Product line

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    Multiparameter Density Meter

    Density, refractive index and pH of raw material, intermediate and finished products are important parameters that need to be accurately determined. Often, the color or the optical rotation of the samples also needs to be measured. The LiquiPhysics density meters can be upgraded to a dedicated automatic multi-parameter analysis system for quality ...

    By Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc based in Greifensee, SWITZERLAND. from Multiparameter Density Meter Product line

  • Model LensAFM - Atomic Force Microscope

    The Nanosurf LensAFM is an atomic force microscope that can be used as a normal objective lens on almost any optical microscope or profilometer. It greatly extends the resolution and measuring capabilities of these instruments. The LensAFM not only provides 3D surface topography information, but can be used to analyze various physical properties ...

    By Nanosurf AG based in Liestal, SWITZERLAND.

  • Raman-AFM and Nano-Raman (TERS)

    Physical and Chemical imaging on a single platform. One powerful tool for all your needs. HORIBA's leading Raman technology is now integrated with outstanding scanning probe microscopy (SPM). The platform integrates Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), near-field optical techniques (SNOM, NSOM), Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM), tuning fork ...

    By HORIBA Europe GmbH Office in SWITZERLAND.

  • VisGuard - Visibility Monitor

    The VisGuard measures the scattered light intensity of a sample drawn into the instrument. Filtered purge air is fed through the flow cell, thus enveloping the sample in a protective shroud of clean air. This effectively keeps the optics clean. Installations are either in the tunnel cavity/niches (in-situ) respectively using extractive sampling ...

    By SIGRIST - PHOTOMETER AG based in Ennetb├╝rgen, SWITZERLAND. from Visibility Monitor Product line

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    Nitratech - Model 18.40 - 5-500 ppm Reflectometer

    The Nitrachek reflectometer is a pocket size digital measuring instrument for a simple and quick determination in the field of the nitrate content in water or in a watery extract of soil or crop. The method is based on read-out of nitrate test strips. After a test strip is held in the solution it is placed in the optical read-out apparatus. The ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water Distributor in SWITZERLAND. from 5-500 ppm Reflectometer Product line

  • Model 106-L, 106-M, 106-MH and 106-H - Ambient Ozone Monitors

    For industrial ozone applications, 2B Tech offers the Model 106-L, 106-M, 106-MH and 106-H Ozone Monitors, where L, M, MH and H refer to Low (0-100 ppm), Medium (0-1,000 ppm), Medium-High (0-10,000 ppm) and High (0-20 wt%) ozone concentrations, respectively. These instruments have different optical path lengths in order to accommodate an extremely ...

    By 2B Technologies Distributor in Boudry, SWITZERLAND. from Ambient Ozone Monitors Product line

  • Signal - Model 9000MGA - Multi Gas Analyser

    The 9000MGA is a Series III microprocessor-based gas analyzer featuring gas filter correlation infrared measurement and a paramagnetic oxygen module. Up to three gases may be measured in a single 3U high standard Series III instrument case. High and low concentration analyzers employ a unique dual length optical path for drift-free, linear ...

    By Signal Group Ltd Distributor in SWITZERLAND. from Multi Gas Analyser Product line

  • Model 211 - Scrubberless Ozone Monitor

    The new Model 211 Scrubberless Ozone Monitor uses the proven ultraviolet (UV) absorption method in combination with our patented (US Patent No. 8,395,776 B2) gas-phase scrubber technology to measure ozone virtually free of interferences. The instrument is ideally suited for measurements of ozone in heavily polluted air where interference is likely ...

    By 2B Technologies Distributor in Boudry, SWITZERLAND. from Scrubberless Ozone Monitor Product line

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