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ACQUITY - UPLC Detectors

by Waters Corporation     Distributor in NEW YORK (USA)

ACQUITY UPLC optical and mass detectors enhance high efficiency UPLC separations, allowing you to analyze a wide variety of environmental contaminants. The ACQUITY UPLC TUV, PDA, and fluorescence detectors provide fast data acquisition capabilities for rapid analyses and the sensitivity required for trace impurity detection and quantification. ...

ACQUITY - UPLC M-Class System

by Waters Corporation     Distributor in NEW YORK (USA)

Let your LC inlet do the work for your Nano- to Microscale separations. System of choice for sample-limited applications in proteomics and biomarker discovery, Higher sensitivity for any MS, Maximum amount of data from any sample, Less sample preparation volume and cost, Reduced solvent consumption, Increased dynamic range, Flexible configurations ...

ACQUITY - Model Arc - Quaternary-Based, Modern LC System

by Waters Corporation     Distributor in NEW YORK (USA)

HPLC and UHPLC method compatibility at the flip of a switch. The ACQUITY Arc System is a quaternary-based, modern LC system for scientists working with established methods who are looking for the versatility and robustness required to bridge the gap between HPLC and UPLC while continuing to support validated assays.

ACQUITY - Model UPLC - H-Class System

by Waters Corporation     Distributor in NEW YORK (USA)

Highest resolution of any quaternary LC system: Improve your laboratory’s efficiency by scaling your methods to UPLC Technology. Use UPLC’s unmatched resolution to get better characterization of your complex samples. Take advantage of tools that simplify and streamline your method development workflow. Future-proof your lab by running ...

ACQUITY UPLC Systems with 2D Technologies

by Waters Corporation     Distributor in NEW YORK (USA)

Expand the dynamic range of your analysis with 2D separatons - the ACQUITY UPLC Systems with 2D Technologies employ solvent managers, a sample manager, a column manager, optical devices, mass spectrometers, and a wide range of separation chemistries to facilitate multi-dimensional analyses. KEY FEATURES/BENEFITS ¦ Eliminate matrix effects. ...

Harrick - Diamond Probe

by Harrick Scientific Products Inc     based in Pleasantville, NEW YORK (USA)

The Diamond Probe is a fiber optic ATR accessory designed for analyzing a wide range of samples in the mid-infrared. Sample types include liquids, pastes, slurries, powders, and solids. Samples can be located up to 1.5 meters from the spectrometer. The single reflection 45° diamond ATR element is Harrick’s crowned hemisphere, ...

CONESEP - Automated Process For External Regeneration Of Ion Exchange

by Ovivo (Formerly Eimco Water Technologies)     Distributor in Brooklyn, NEW YORK (USA)

The CONESEP system is a fully automated process for external regeneration of ion exchange resin, used in deep bed ion exchange condensate polishing. The process achieves superior resin separation to conventional external regeneration systems without operator intervention, which is the key to the highest quality condensate and permits extended runs ...

Model MDGC/GCMS Series - Multi Dimensional Gas Chromatograph System

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc     Distributor in NEW YORK (USA)

The MDGC/GCMS-2010 is a MDGC system that gives excellent separation performance and high reproducibility with the multi-deans switching technology, and supports analyses of complex matrixes like petroleum products, aromas, and optical isomers, with intuitive operation and ease of maintenance.

CompactSpec - Model II - UV-VIS-NIR Spectrometer Systems

by tec5USA, Inc.     based in Plainview, NEW YORK (USA)

The CompactSpec II is a fast, robust UV-VIS-NIR spectrometer systems in a stainless steel housing (IP54) with an integrated industrial PC and touchscreen TFT monitor.

Shimadzu - Model ELSD-LTII - Low Temperature Evaporative Light Scattering Detector

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc     Distributor in NEW YORK (USA)

The ELSD-LTII utilizes a high-efficiency LED and enhanced digital signal treatment to minimize noise and deliver optimum sensitivity for trace analysis. An innovative cell design also reduces band broadening and allows sensitivity levels below 200 picograms. The high-performance optical detection system can also be used for combinatorial chemistry ...

TOMRA - Model AUTOSORT - Multifunctional Sorting System

by TOMRA Sorting (TITECH)     Office in Buffalo, NEW YORK (USA)

The AUTOSORT is a multifunctional sorting system to recover a wide range of pieces of material from different waste streams, single stream, packaging, paper, household waste and other sorting tasks looking for enhanced material information and color in combination.

Model AriaMx - Realtime PCR System

by Agilent Technologies, Inc.     Distributor in NEW YORK (USA)

Total Confidence qPCR delivering flexibility, precision, and performance. The AriaMx Real-Time PCR System is a fully integrated quantitative PCR amplification, detection, and data analysis system. The system design combines a state-of-the-art thermal cycler, an advanced optical system with an LED excitation source, and complete data analysis ...

PIOX - Model R - Process Refractometer

by FLEXIM Instruments UK Ltd     Office in Edgewood, NEW YORK (USA)

In laboratories, Refractometers are quite common measuring instruments used to determine the purity, concentration and density of liquids as these properties are in distinct relation to their refractive index.

ScanDrop - Nano-volume Spectrophotometer

by Analytik Jena AG     Distributor in NEW YORK (USA)

The ScanDrop combines easy measurement of microliter volumes down to 0.3 µl with a standard measuring position for 10 mm cuvettes. This feature results in an exceptionally versatile instrument for routine work. The modular system is available as a single instrument for small sample volumes, as a standard 10 mm position instrument or as a ...

Shimadzu - Model ICPE-9800 Series - Simultaneous ICP Atomic Emission Spectrometers

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc     Distributor in NEW YORK (USA)

ICPE-9800 Series of simultaneous ICP atomic emission spectrometers are next-generation systems that offer the superior accuracy necessary to simultaneously and quickly analyze multiple elements regardless of their concentration levels. They also feature user-friendly software that makes analysis easy. Furthermore, the systems reduce analysis costs ...

Agilent - Model 6495 - Triple Quadrupole LC/MS System

by Agilent Technologies, Inc.     Distributor in NEW YORK (USA)

Improved Sensitivity and Robustness, Greater Productivity. With its new 6495 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS System, Agilent Technologies has raised the standard for quantitative analysis. Built on the proven performance of Agilent’s iFunnel Technology, the 6495 extends sensitivity, dynamic range, robustness, precision, and accuracy to new levels. ...

SafEye - Model 700 Series - Open Path Combustible Gas Detector

by Sensidyne     Distributor in NEW YORK (USA)

Industry-proven open path gas detection for line of sight applications.

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