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ozone advanced oxidation equipment

  • Advanced Oxidation Processes

    Spartan offers turn key advanced oxidation processes (AOP) systems for industrial water treatment applications including ground water remediation, wastewater treatment and pretreatment.  Oxidation processes are most often used to remove TOC, COD or specific organic compounds from water.  Spartan offers laboratory and pilot plant services ...

    By Spartan Environmental Technologies, L.L.C. based in Beachwood, OHIO (USA). from Advanced Oxidation Processes Product line

  • Advanced Oxidation Ozone UV Processes

    Spartan offers UV/Ozone advanced oxidation processes.  In the UV ozone process, photons in the UV spectrum convert ozone in the presence of water to oxygen and peroxide.  The peroxide then reacts with the ozone to form the hydroxyl radical.  Call Spartan to discuss your application and learn whether Ozone/UV might be the proper ...

    By Spartan Environmental Technologies, L.L.C. based in Beachwood, OHIO (USA). from Advanced Oxidation Processes Product line

  • ESCO - Model Domestic UV Series - Sterilizer Unit

    UV Range for Disinfection, TOC and Ozone Reduction and Advanced oxidation.

    By ESCO International (EI) based in Glan Conwy, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Premium

    DO2E - Model GOAT - Grease Oil Aeration Tank

    Our Grease Oil Aeration Tanks are designed for the permanent oxidation and removal of F.O.G. (Fats, Oils, and Grease) & H2S gas in commercial and industrial applications. The G.O.A.T. is a compact stainless steel tank located in close proximity to a sink or dishwasher for the treatment of “Gray Water” effluent. It incorporates ...

    By DO2E Waste Water Treatment LLC based in Stapleton, ALABAMA (USA).

  • ULTRAZONE - Ultraviolet Ozone Advanced Oxidation System (AOP)

    Removing organic carbon from water (TOC/COD/BOD) is becoming important in many industries because of stricter discharge requirements or increased water quality standards for internal water use.  Ultraviolet (UV) Ozone based advanced oxidation processes can remove organic compounds from water in an environmentally sustainable fashion.

    By Spartan Environmental Technologies, L.L.C. based in Beachwood, OHIO (USA). from Ultrasonic Algae Control Product line

  • Prozone - Cooling Towers

    A truly sustainable technology, Ozone and Advanced Oxidation Processing (AOP) offers a safer, greener, and more effective alternative for the operation and performance of cooling towers. Generated on-site, Prozone’s Ozone+AOP systems provide an overall reduction in chemical requirements and operating costs by destroying biofilms, reducing ...

    By Prozone Water Products Inc., based in Huntsville, ALABAMA (USA). from Industrial Product line

  • Odor Control

    We offer a broad mix of odor control technology ranging from odor-masking chemicals, odor-neutralizing chemicals and ozone units. Advanced Oxidation units are very effective in eliminating odors from organic sources. Advanced Oxidation can replace odor control systems utilizing hypochlorite (bleach), peroxide etc leading to improved efficiency ...

    By Simran Canada based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Albagaia - Advanced Oxidisation

    Albagaia Advanced Oxidation specialises in the environmentally sound destruction of micro-organisms and harmful organic compounds. Albagaia holds patents for processes based on innovative photocatalytic technology. It uses chemical free, natural processes to destroy the reproductive capacity of bacteria and viruses and reduce harmful organic ...

    By Hydrosense Ltd based in Linlithgow West Lothian, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • BKT - Model AOF™ - Advanced Oxidation and Flotation System

    Targeting non-biodegradable COD with high efficiency. To treat problematic wastewater containing non-biodegradable organic, the AOF combines coagulation, flotation, and an advanced oxidation process with ozone. BKT also provides total cost-effective wastewater solutions by combining AOF and other BKT technologies including biological treatments ...

    By BKT United based in Anaheim, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Water & Wastewater Product line

  • ECE - Model WR UV/03 - Advanced Oxidizer Unit

    The WR UV/03 unit provides advanced oxidation for wastewater treatment utilizing UV sterilization and Ozone combined in one unit. The water to be treated is pumped into the wastewater tank and first passes through a venturi where Ozone that is generated from the UV light is injected into the water. The water is then defected into the unit through ...

    By Environmental Compliance Equipment (ECE) based in Stuart, FLORIDA (USA). from Water Rights Systems Product line

  • Twister - Oxidation Air Purification System

    The Twister is more than an air purifier. This unique and powerful device destroys biological & chemical pollutants in the air and eliminates their associated odors — with no harmful by-products. The Twister™ is the only air purification device for individual use to harness the force-multiplying power of advanced oxidation. With ...

    By Prozone Water Products Inc., based in Huntsville, ALABAMA (USA). from Air Purification Product line

  • Plasma Clean - Model 2100 - Ozone Injection Unit

    The Plasma Clean Xtract 2100 ozone generator provides affordable and reliable odour control and grease reduction in a single unit. It’s lightweight and compact, making it an ideal ozone machine for kitchens where space is at a premium. Our very first product, the Xtract 2100 was the first advanced ozone injection unit designed specifically ...

    By Plasma Clean Ltd based in Cheshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Industrial Water Treatment Systems

    Since opening our doors in 1991, our engineers have designed and manufactured water treatment systems for applications ranging from the food industry to semi-conductor manufacturing processes. We like to say that our experience ranges from potato chips to microchips! Put our know-how to work for you!

    By OZOMAX Inc. based in Shefford, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Industrial Products Overview Product line

  • Eco Master - UV and Ozone System for Pool

    Light Years Ahead of Traditional UV and Ozone, nature’s most powerful purifiers, Ozone and Hydroxyls make clean, clear, healthy pool water without the addition of chemicals.

    By Prozone Water Products Inc., based in Huntsville, ALABAMA (USA). from Recreational Water - Residential Pools Product line

  • Drinking Water Production Systems

    Our Drinking water production systems are turnkey self contained systems that can be installed into existing facilities or housed in a stand alone climate controlled stainless steel and aluminum container. The systems can produce pure drinking water from fresh, brackish, sea water or contaminated sources and will do so without the use of any ...

    By Southwater LLC based in Jacksonville, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Produced Water Treatment Systems

    The development of ceraminc membranes is rapidly changing how produced water is treated, these Ultra-flitration membranes are impervious to hydrocarbons, acids and other chemicals that in the past have been very problematic for UF membranes. Our silicon carbide ceramic membranes have a higher flux than any other UF membrane,  a special ...

    By Southwater LLC based in Jacksonville, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Advanced Oxidation Process System (AOP)

    Ozone has been used in waste water treatment for limited applications namely, color removal, BOD reduction, COD reduction etc but the applications were limited because Ozone alone is not sufficient to control all parameters of wastewater treatment. Moreover, the amount of ozone required & residence time is very high making it un-economical to ...

    By Simran Canada based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Wastewater Treatment Product line

  • AOP Water Treatment Systems

    OZOMAX's patented Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) use ozone in the presence of catalysts and/or electro-catalysts to form several powerful mixed oxidants insitu such as hydroxyl radicals, hydrogen peroxide, and atomic oxygen. These work together to mineralise organic pollutants converting them to carbon dioxide and water. Other oxidation ...

    By OZOMAX Inc. based in Shefford, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Industrial Products Overview Product line

  • WEDECO - Model Pro3 Mix - Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP)

    Ideal solution for mitigating bromate formation. Combines Xylem’s Wedeco ozone system with H2O2 dosing unit. Compact and skid mounted. Residual ozone destruction system.

    By WEDECO - a Xylem brand based in Herford, GERMANY. from Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) Product line

  • Advanox - UV Disinfection System

    Advanox is the advanced oxidation solution (AOP) by Van Remmen UV Technology. Advanox combines UV-C Light with hydrogen peroxide or ozone to destroy micro pollutions effectively.

    By Van Remmen UV Technology based in Wijhe, NETHERLANDS.

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