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Particulate Matter equipment

  • Model HFM - Industrial Air Cleaner

    The HFM is an industrial air cleaner with a (disposable) bag filter. The HFM is ideally suited for filtering particulate matter, rubber particles from transportation belts and truck wheels as well as fumes through processing.

    By Euromate BV based in Alkmaar, NETHERLANDS. from Air Cleaners- HF Product line

  • Gradko - Model DC1700 - Air Particle Counter

    Scientific studies have found an association between exposure to particulate matter emissions and significant health problems. The Air Particle Counters are affordable instruments which can monitor indoor air quality in homes and workplaces.

    By Gradko International Ltd based in Winchester, UNITED KINGDOM. from Environmental Product line

  • ElvaX - Model PmX-5050 - Online Elemental Analyzer

    ElvaX PmX is an online elemental analyzer of heavy metals in the ambient air. There is a growing concern about the health impact of particulate matter (PM) in the air. Previous solutions for PM monitoring were able to get only total amount of particles in the air. But for a complete understanding of health impact and air pollution source ...

    By Elvatech Ltd based in Kiev, UKRAINE.

  • Sensidyne - Nephelometer – Aerosol Monitor

    Real-time Dust Monitor for Measuring Total Suspended Particulate (TSP)

    By Sensidyne Industrial Health and Safety based in St. Petersburg, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Dissolved Air Flotation Plants

    These are used for the removal of small particulate matter and oil droplets, for which gravity separation can be extremely slow, requires an alternative process. Removal of free and emulsified oils and fats, reduction of C.O.D. and T.S.S. with clarification in sizes up to 100m3/h.

    By Stetfield Separators Ltd. based in Penryn, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • AirSpot City - Low Power, High Precision Air Quality Monitoring Device

    Low power, high precision air quality monitoring device designed for industrial sites, towns and cities. Measures a range of pollutants including Particulate Matter, SO2, CO, NO2, O3, temperature, humidity and air pressure.  Can communicate data via Lora, Sigfox, 3/4G, Wifi and Bluetooth.

    By Spot Sensor Technologies based in Scotland, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Marine

    Growing concern over the environmental impact of shipping has forced local, regional and global action, requiring reductions in emissions such as Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Sulphur Oxides (SOx), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Particulate Matter (PM).

    By Johnson Matthey Emission Control Technologies based in Royston, UNITED KINGDOM. from Applications Product line

  • West Systems - Environmental Radioactivity

    West Systems designs and develops integrated systems for the monitoring of environmental radioactivity. Thanks to its long experience in the field, West Systems is able to develop specific instruments for the monitoring of radionuclide pollution, systems for the measurement of alpha, beta and gamma radioactivity, for the evaluation of radon ...

    By West Systems S.r.l. based in Firenze, ITALY. from Instrumentation Product line

  • Verantis - Mist Eliminators

    Verantis® offers high performance chevron mist eliminators to remove liquid entrainment from gas streams with removal efficiencies up to nearly 100%. All wet scrubber designs incorporate mist eliminators or entrainment separators to remove entrained droplets, which contain the contaminants or particulate matter.

    By Verantis Environmental Solutions Group based in Middleburg Hts, OHIO (USA). from Mass Transfer Tower Internals Product line

  • Assimilation Traps

    The Assimilation Traps are similar to our Coaxial Foreline Traps in that they are used between the rough vacuum pump and the diffusion (or turbo) pump to prevent backstreaming of oil into the diffusion pump. In addition, these traps prevent particulate matter from entering the vacuum pump.

    By Scientific Instrument Services Inc. based in Ringoes, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Vacuum Systems Product line

  • Cumulate - Model FBM25-01 - CO2 & PM2.5 indoor air quality monitor- Desktop

    Cumulate CO2 & PM2.5 indoor air quality monitor – Desktop (FBM25-01) simultaneously displays concentration of CO2, Particulate Matter (PM) 2.5, relative humidity and temperature. With five facial icons idicating the concentration level of CO2 & PM2.5, it’s easier for you manage the current indoor air quality level.

    By Cumulate air quality monitor based in TAIWAN.

  • Ambience Data - BlueJay

    The BlueJay is an indoor portable hand-held device that is capable of sensing the pollutant levels wherever you go, whether it’s in a hospital going from one patient room to another, or the gymnasium in school. The BlueJay is able to monitor carbon dioxide, particulate matter 2.5 and 10, as well as temperature and humidity.

    By Ambience Data Inc based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Dust/Fume Extraction Systems

    We design conventional type and ventury scrubber type dust collectors for use in various dust collectors for use in various dust extraction systems. These high efficiency scrubbers are compact and provide effective removal of particulate matter from stream of Gas.

    By Wollaque Ventilation & Conditioning Pvt Ltd based in New Delhi, INDIA.

  • Air Quality Sensor Device

    Air quality sensor device designed to track a range of pollutants and environmental conditions for homes and buildings. Measurements of VOC, CO2e, Particulate Matter, Temperature and Humidity conditions.   Useful for customers keen to improve health and well being

    By Spot Sensor Technologies based in Scotland, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Electromedia - Model III - High Suspended Solids Filtration

    High suspended solids are high concentrations of particulate matter that can cause increased sedimentation and siltation in streams or rivers. High suspended solids can come from many sources including natural erosion, runoff, agricultural practices, domestic and industrial wastewater discharge and pollution.

    By Filtronics, Incorporated based in Anaheim, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Electromedia Systems Product line

  • ennox - Model GFR - Gravel Filter

    The gas removed from biogas digestion or fermentation units can be heavily contaminated with foam particles, various particulate matter and water vapour. A pre-filtration of the gas (often adequate enough) can be achieved with the use of an ennox gravel filter.

    By ennox biogas technology GmbH based in Hard, AUSTRIA. from Gas Treatment Product line

  • UltraCat - Catalytic Filter System

    Tri-Mer catalytic ceramic high temperature filter systems remove particulate matter (PM), NOx, SO2, HCl, dioxins, and mercury in a single system. The filters operate up to 1650°F.

    By Tri-Mer Corporation based in Owosso, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • Emtek - High Pressure Diffuser

    Due to frequent inquiries, EMT is happy to offer a High Pressure Diffuser to assist in the testing of compressed air/gas systems for total air particulates. This diffuser can be used in conjunction with almost any Laser Particle Counter (LPC) on the market with a 1 CFM, or 28.3, 50, 75, or 100 LPM Flow Rates for testing of particles down to 0.3 ...

    By Emtek, LLC based in Longmont, COLORADO (USA).

  • Rypos - Model DPF/ULETRU™ - Transport Refrigeration Units

    California Air Resources Board (CARB) Level 3 Plus verified for use on Carrier and ThermoKing Transportation Refrigeration Units (TRU) using 2003 and newer model year engines, the Rypos Active DPF/ULETRU™ diesel particulate filter reduces particulate matter by 85%+ in TRU applications. The RYPOS Active DPF/ULETRU can be used to comply ...

    By Rypos, Inc. based in Franklin, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • LESNI - Tailormade Dust Filters

    Air purification systems for removing mist, dust and particulate matter. LESNI delivers tailormade dust filters for removing soot, tar, smoke, fine dust particles, droplets and particulates as part of total air purification solution. The dust filters are typically placed in the air duct system upstream of the waste air treatment plant, designed ...

    By Lesni A/S based in Billund, DENMARK.

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