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    Waste Wood Recycling System

    Recycling waste wood plays an important part in environmental protection. Particularly clean waste wood can be recycled and reused as a new product (e.g. recycled chipboard).

    By Lindner-Recyclingtech GmbH based in Spittal/Drau, AUSTRIA. from Waste Wood Recycling System Product line

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    InTrac - Model 781 - Retractable Housing, Chemical Applications

    InTrac 781 retractable housings are specially designed for use in a wide range of harsh industrial processes. Wetted parts are available in different materials, offering installation flexibility in many applications. The intelligent sensor locking system prevents deployment of the insertion rod if no sensor is present. InTrac housings can be ...

    By Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc based in Greifensee, SWITZERLAND. from Retractable Housing, Chemical Applications Product line

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    MCZ - Static Volumetric Injection According to ISO 6144

    Mixing chamber (injection chamber) to inject a known volume of a component to generate a gas mixture with known concentration. The process is the primary standard to generate gas mixtures to calibrate gas analyzers. The development was for the most part carried out by the National EU Clean Air Reference Lab, a division of the Federal Environmental ...

    By Umwelttechnik MCZ GmbH based in Bad Nauheim, GERMANY. from Static Volumetric Injection According to ISO 6144 Product line

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    TunnelTech - Model 503 - Electrochemical NO2 Monitor

    The TunnelTech 503 NO2 sensor, is an essential part of any road or rail tunnel safety system. Firstly, it monitors the atmosphere within the tunnel and ensures that the tunnel ventilation system provides sufficient clean air to protect tunnel users health. NO2 is produced naturally by the combustion processes within the internal combustion engine ...

    By Codel International Ltd based in Bakewell, UNITED KINGDOM. from Electrochemical NO2 Monitor Product line

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    Siemens - Low NOx Standard Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS)

    The Standard CEMS is a low cost emissions monitoring package designed to operate in a general purpose, environmentally controlled shelter or cabinet. The targeted markets are NOX reduction sites at Refining, Hydrocarbon Processing and Chemical Plants. The standard monitoring requirements are based on the US EPA 1990 Clean Air Act as detailed in 40 ...

  • BETH - Small Electrostatic Precipitator

    For middle volumes of gas, BETH offers small electric filters in different sizes. Since the use of biomass for the power generation has been supported through state subsidy programmes, cheap and unproblematic processes are necessary for the de-dusting of small kettle plants between 1,000 and 2,500 kW which surely comply with the required clean gas ...

    By R&R BETH GmbH based in Bad Lobenstein, GERMANY. from Small Electrostatic Precipitator Product line

  • Danieli - Model DCR - Shredding Plant

    Through a continuous process of product development, Danieli Lynxs scrap shredder plants combine technical ingenuity with engineering excellence. A complete service is available to the scrap shredder operator, from full turnkey design, manufacture and installation of new integrated facilities to the supply of replacement rotors and wear parts. At ...

    By Danieli Centro Recycling based in CHAMBERY, FRANCE. from Shredding Plant Product line

  • Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner

    Crest Ultrasonics introduces the AP (All-purpose) line of ultrasonic parts cleaners that are ideal for heavy-duty industrial component cleaning. Engineered with high-intensity ultrasonic power that goes beyond industry standards, our parts washers’ pull-through bag filtration and specially designed pump recirculation eliminate the loss of ...

    By Crest Ultrasonics Corporation based in Trenton, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner Product line

  • PTA - Model UNI - Washer

    The Uni Washer from PTA, specially developed for medium production capacities, combines the best cleaning results with substantial ecological and economical benefits. The new development for the fully automatic special cleaning of small industrial parts with a high end-finish demand is characterized by extremely high purification level results and ...

    By PTA Pharma-Technischer Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG based in Mauern, GERMANY. from Washer Product line

  • Warman - Model Q-Series QCV - Axial Flow Pump

    The Warman Q-Series Axial Flow Pumps ensure continuous circulation of abrasive and corrosive fluids. The QCV model is bottom flange designed for direct mounting to a reactor vessel. The Warman Q-Series Axial Flow Pumps offer high quality and reliability, high efficiencies and low energy consumption for continuous circulation of ...

    By Weir Power & Industrial based in Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM. from Axial Flow Pump Product line

  • Model JTM Series - Submersible Transducer Pack

    Immersible ultrasonic transducer box-embedded in your existing tank. Good quality custom made size chemicals resistance-moveable-convenient install JTM series immersible ultrasonic transducer system includes transducer box and generator. It can be used when the standard model ultrasonic cleaner is inapplicable in the specific working conditions, ...

    By SAT Group based in Catania, ITALY. from Submersible Transducer Pack Product line

  • Rinsing Bath Maintenance - PURO System

    General task requirements for rinsing bath maintenance systems: Low investment costs, High quality rinsing baths which also minimize operation and disposal costs, High process reliability due to constant cleanliness of all parts. The PURO was developed specifically to prepare rinsing baths for parts cleaning, for cleaning and pretreamtent before ...

    By MKR Metzger GmbH based in Monheim, GERMANY. from Rinsing Bath Maintenance - PURO System Product line

  • sell sieve bend screen

    Sieve bend screen is the solution to many de-watering, sizing, and wastewater cleanup problems. Typical uses are sewage treatment, laundry wash water clean-up, poultry, fish, fruit and vegetable wastewater processing, minerals processing, coal preparation, paper production, textile plants, and many more. Sieve bend consists of a concave curved ...

    By Haixing Filter Company based in Hengshui, CHINA.

  • Marsyntex - Filter Cloths

    Filter presses play an important part in almost all areas in which liquids are separated from solids. All marsyntex filter cloths are fabricated so as to make them suitable for the specific features of the filter press and the technical conditions of the filtration process. marsyntex filter cloths are manufactured as: single filter cloths, double ...

    By OTTO MARKERT & SOHN GMBH based in Neumünster, GERMANY. from Filter Cloths Product line

  • Allance - Model ALEB series - Egg Breaking Machine

    Egg breaking machine is used for breaking and separating eggs. We mainly have three types for your choosing.1.Eggs Breaking Machine: is only used to break eggs.2.Eggs Breaking and Separating Machine: is used to break eggs and then separate egg yolk from egg-white automatically.3.Eggs Breaking Processing Line: is a whole automatic egg processing ...

    By Allance Egg Machinery based in Zhengzhou, CHINA.

  • Hellweg - Model 250 Series - Slotter - Slow Cutter

    The Hellweg ”Slotter” (”Slow Cutter”) type roll mill works without use of sieves and with low speed of just 25 rpm, so that gentle granulation of sprues and gating parts takes place, preventing thermal degradation,ensuring faster output of ground material and regrind with an extremely low level of dust, that is often a ...

    By Hellweg Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG based in Roetgen, GERMANY. from Slotter - Slow Cutter Product line

  • EMS - Air Knife Separation

    EMS ltd’s air knife is a tool used to blow off liquid or debris from products as they travel on conveyors. Air knives are normally used in manufacturing or as the first step in a recursive recycling process to separate lighter or smaller particles from other components for use in later or subsequent steps, part of component cleaning. The ...

    By EMS Ltd. Environmental Marketing Solutions based in Killyman, NORTHERN IRELAND.

  • ZERO - Model BNP 250 - Wetblast Cabinet

    ZERO BNP 250 Wetblast cabinets deliver affordable, dust-free media blasting to efficiently clean and finish all kinds of parts. The wetblast process produces a smooth surface, a bright shine, and does not produce static electricity common in dry blast operations.

    By Clemco Industries Corp. based in Washington, MONTANA (USA). from Wetblast Cabinet Product line

  • KIESEL - Piston Valve

    KIESEL manufactures pigging stations in nominal diameters from DN 25 to DN 250 (additional diameters upon inquiry). The piston valves are individually designed based on the manufacturing process of the final customer. This provides for our customers maximized flexibility in various areas of application as well as special degrees of cleaning within ...

    By G.A. KIESEL GmbH based in Heilbronn, GERMANY. from Piston Valve Product line

  • Rake Screens

    Rake screens are applied for separating solids from process and waste water. When the water passes through the filtering grid all the held back solid parts are collected and carried away by special cleaning combs on the tops of the filter. The particular shaping of the bars allows expulsion of the solids and accurate cleaning of the combs. The ...

    By Redox Water Technology B.V. based in Winterswijk, NETHERLANDS.

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