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Pcb Screening equipment

  • Sea Marconi - Model SM-TCPs - Total Chlorine and PCB Screening

    The insulating liquids and related systems are classified respectively as “PCB” and “systems containing PCBs”, when the total concentration of the PCBs (209 possible congeners), PCTs (polychlorinated triphenyls – 8557 possible congeners) and PCBTs (polychlorinated Benzyltoluene) exceeds the limits stated by national ...

    By Sea Marconi based in Collegno, ITALY.

  • Dexsil Clor-N-Soil PCB Screening Kit

    Works on all types of soil including sand, topsoil, sediment, and clay. Complete analysis time is about 10 minutes. The kit gives positive or negative colorimetric result to scale of 50 ppm. Kit includes stainless steel scoop, hand-held scale, extraction test tube, organic extraction solvent, filter-syringe assembly, reaction test tube, indicator ...

    By Dexsil Corporation based in Hamden, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Soil Test Instruments, Thermometers & Kits Product line

  • Dexsil Clor-N-Oil PCB Screening Kit

    Portable and simple to use, the kit gives positive or negative colorimetric result to scale of 50 ppm. Kit includes disposable polyethylene pipet for obtaining sample, two test tubes with pre-measured test ampoules, and complete step-by-step instructions. Conducts one test only.

    By Dexsil Corporation based in Hamden, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Soil Test Instruments, Thermometers & Kits Product line

  • Model L2000DX (LP-SR2) - Reagents - 2-Step Soil Extraction

    On-Site Test Reagents for PCB and Other Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in Clay Like Soils. Some soils, such as wet clays, pose an extraction problem with most extraction solvents on the market today. If the extraction solvent cannot solvate the soil and remove the contaminate efficiently, an underestimation of the contaminate may occur. The L2000DX ...

    By Dexsil Corporation based in Hamden, CONNECTICUT (USA). from PCB and Chlorinated Organics Product line

  • Doing - Model 100kg -200kg - PCB board e waste recycling machine

    PCB board e waste recycling machine is widely used for all kinds of circuit boards, PCB,FPC flexible circuit boards and so on. This technology can separate the materials containing the circuit board directly without disassembling.The circuit boards are separated and recycled by the following process: coarse material, magnetic separation in first ...

  • FMS - Sample Cleanup System for Dioxins and PCBs

    Imagine performing the Sample Cleanup process for POPs analysis in Liquids and Solids automatically in as little as 30 minutes. Built on 25 years of FMS, Inc. experience and technology that has processed millions of samples for the analysis of  Dioxin and PCBs  FMS introduces a new family of integrated, economical sample cleanup systems ...

    By Fluid Management Systems, Inc. (FMS) based in Watertown, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Sample Cleanup & Fractionation Product line

  • XDS-CALUX - Model Assay - Rapid, Accurate and Affordable Dioxin/Furan and PCB Analysis

    The XDS-CALUX system is a reporter gene-based screening bioassay for dioxin and related dioxin-like chemicals. It can measure dioxin faster and less expensively than traditional GC/HRMS instrumental methods. Among many other approvals, it is validated as method 4435 by the U.S. EPA to be used for measuring emissions gas, dust, ashes and other ...

    By Xenobiotic Detections Systems, Inc. based in Durham, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • Model CLOR-N-SOIL - Field Screening Kit

     The CLOR-N-SOIL field screening kit detects PCB in soil samples. In 10 minutes the test will tell you if your sample contains greater or less than 50 ppm PCB. The kit can test any kind of soil including sand, topsoil, sediment and clay.

    By Dexsil Corporation based in Hamden, CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • Screen Printing mesh, Printing screen mesh

    Polyester printing mesh, polyamide printing mesh and stainless steel printing meshScreen printing mesh are widely used in precision electronics, textiles, ceramics, printed circuit board(PCB), flexible circuits, keyboard, Electroluminescent films (EL), liquid crystal display (LCD) and signal display (LED), ceramic glass, optical, nameplates, ...

    By Dalian Ou Filter Technology Co., Ltd. based in Dalian, CHINA.

  • Stokkermill - Model HD Series - Heavy Duty Refining Granulators

    Blade mill solid rotor for PCB’s, E-scrap and non ferrous metals grinding. The high speed blade granulators Stokkermill HD series are used for the size refining of particularly tenacious materials such as electric boards PCB, shredder residue ASR – ZURIK – ZORBA, non-ferrous metals, heterogeneous materials and enable to reach ...

    By Seltek Srl - Stokkermill based in Udine, ITALY. from Granulators Product line

  • Zebron - Model ZB-XLB - Fused Silica GC Column

    Unique low polarity si-arylene column for MS detectors. Provides alternative selectivity to standard 5-type phases. Often used for confirmation of pesticide, PCB, or other environmental sample. Good tool for sample screening to identify unknown contaminants.

    By Phenomenex, Inc. based in Torrance, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Zebron GC Products Product line

  • Pm - electronics dismantling machine by fire method

    electronics waste dismantling machine is for the computer board scrap / cellphone board / TV board / electronic components scrap through the fire dismantling , the bared PCB will separated from electronic components . this method , its not only can get the purity tin but also for the bared PCB , the electronic components also . 1. Energy saving , ...

  • Green Fuel (RDF) From Waste

    Dry municipal solid waste is dried, crushed, screened and packed into brick form, used as substitute to conventional fossil fuels in boilers.

    By Hanjer Biotech Energies Pvt Ltd. based in Mumbai, INDIA.

  • Data Link - Model 450 - Specialist Transceiver

    The Data Link 450 transceiver is a miniature high-quality module for data and telemetry transmission in the less-congested rural markets where distance of communication is the most important factor. Combining sensitive receiver circuitry with a matching 500mW RF transmitter section, this module will find use in short-, medium- and long-range ...

    By Wood & Douglas based in Tadley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wireless Telemetry- Data Product line

  • swissRTec - Recycling Plants

    swissRTec offers comprehensive turnkey solutions for the processing of a variety of composite waste streams including waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), auto shredder residue (ASR), cables, and printed circuit boards (PCB). The core competency of swissRTec is the shredding, delamination and separation of such materials and the ...

    By swissRTec AG based in Kreuzlingen, SWITZERLAND.

  • Model SRT 1 - Shredding and Separation Plant

    SRT 1 is first choice for the primary shredding and separation of E-waste, ASR, mixed metals and many more waste materials. swissRTec is able to tailor the system based on your specific requirements of throughput, input material and downstream processing. The unique advantage of the Kubota Vertical Shredder is its ability to liberate and downsize ...

    By swissRTec AG based in Kreuzlingen, SWITZERLAND.

  • DIVISIO - Model 2000 Ergo - Semi-Automatic Depaneling System

    The DIVISIO 2000 Ergo is a semi-automatic system for stressfree depaneling of PCBs. By positioning the routing axis either above or below the electrically driven rotary table, the system has the flexibility to represent a verified production process. It can therefore be used without any restrictions as back-up for the ...

    By ASYS Automatisierungssysteme GmbH based in Dornstadt, GERMANY. from DIVISIO Depaneling Routing Product line

  • BLUBOX - Flat Panel Display Recycling Plant

    The BLUBOX can be used to process all kind of flat panel displays. The flat panel displays are crushed by a shredder into flakes in order to reach different materials. The hazardous substances (e.g. mercury) are aspirated and collected separately within the BLUBOX. Afterwards the flakes are sorted in magnetic and non-magnetic fractions and ...

    By BLUBOX Trading AG based in Birrwil, SWITZERLAND.

  • RLC - Model ATDU - Anaerobic Thermal Desorption Unit

    RLC Technologies Anaerobic Thermal Desorption Unit (ATDU)  is an complete waste processing plant built around an indirect fired rotary drum. Included equipment includes the vapor recovery unit, oil water separation, solids discharge and conditioning system and centralized plant controls. Every ATDU manufactured is designed to meet our ...

    By RLC Technologies, Inc. based in Glen Allen, VIRGINIA (USA).

  • Permanent Outdoor Microphone & Preamplifier

    The Larson Davis 426A12 Outdoor Microphone has been designed for permanent outdoor use in any weather condition. It is constructed of stainless steel to resist corrosion, and its profile minimizes both wind resistance and acoustic reflections. It includes a rain hat, wind screen and bird spikes and an electrostatic actuator which can be controlled ...

    By Larson Davis, a division of PCB Piezotronics based in Depew, NEW YORK (USA). from Microphones & Accessories Product line

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