Petrochemicals equipment in France

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    E²T - Model PULSAR 4 - Infrared Thermometer

    Infrared thermometry for sulfur reactors and other high temperature furnaces. Temperature range: 350 ... 2000 °C. LumaSense’s E²T PULSAR 4 Advanced is designed to measure two wavelengths for continuous and instantaneous measurement of Refractory Temperature (RT), Gas Temperature (GT) and Integrated Temperature (FF).

    By LumaSense Technologies, Inc. Office in Erstein, FRANCE. from E²T - Petrochemical Sensors Product line

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    Refining involves distilling crude oil to obtain various fractions that are then processed into intermediate and commercial products. In petrochemical manufacturing, products from refining are converted to produce monomers and polymers, molecules which are found in many everyday items.

    By Total S.A based in La Défense 6, FRANCE. from Oil & Gas - Refining & Petrochemicals Product line

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    PlasmaQuant - Model MS - Mass Spectrometer

    PlasmaQuant MS is a mass spectrometer with integrated collision reaction cell technology and all-digital detection system. PlasmaQuant MS is the universal workhorse for a wide range of applications in routine analysis. It offers cost-effective and efficient analysis in environmental monitoring, food safety, quality control of pharmaceuticals and ...

    By Analytik Jena AG Office in Savigny Le Temple, FRANCE. from Analytical Instrumentation - Mass Spectrometry Product line

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    CTP MultiTherm - Direct Thermal Oxidation (TO)

    The MultiTherm safely removes highly contaminated, i.e. halogenous, waste gas streams and liquid waste as well as wastewaters especially in the pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industry. CTP‘s MultiTherm is a combined process in air purification. It consists essentially of a thermal oxidation and one or more upstream or downstream ...

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    airmOzone - Softener Systems Brine Cabinets

    Analysis of the Ozone precursor VOC. Our system airmOzone C2-C12 allows to analyse the VOC thanks : the calibration system with a bottle or permeation tube. a H2 generator. in-built LCD computer with our own operation software VISTACHROM. airmopump sampling. Peltier effect: for cooling. Airmopure : air generator. Applications in the atmosphere ...

    By Chromatotec Group based in Val de Virvée, FRANCE. from Cabinet Range Product line

  • Model EHBF Series - Horizontal Peeler Centrifuges

    Rousselet Robatel horizontal peeler centrifuges are used extensively in the chemical industry for applications such as organic and inorganic chemicals, starch, agricultural products, food products, plastics, petrochemicals.

    By Rousselet S.A. based in Annonay, FRANCE. from Horizontal Peeler Centrifuges Product line

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    PlasmaQuant - Model PQ 9000 Elite - Optical Emission Spectroscopy

    With its supreme spectral resolution PlasmaQuant PQ 9000 Elite sets a new standard in precision, efficiency and analytical performance in ICP-OES technology. The combination of high resolution (High-Resolution Optics) and exceptional plasma performance (High-Frequency Generator, V Shuttle Torch) allows for lowest detection limits. PlasmaQuant PQ ...

    By Analytik Jena AG Office in Savigny Le Temple, FRANCE. from Analytical Instrumentation - Optical Emission Spectroscopy Product line

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    PlasmaQuant - Model PQ 9000 - Optical Emission Spectrometry

    With a clear emphasis on wide applicability, effectiveness PlasmaQuant PQ 9000 is designed for users with high demands in matrix tolerance, analytical power and fast readiness for operation. The latest plasma and torch technology from Analytik Jena guarantees high productivity and method robustness for agricultural, environmental und food samples. ...

    By Analytik Jena AG Office in Savigny Le Temple, FRANCE. from Analytical Instrumentation - Optical Emission Spectroscopy Product line

  • Model RFM900-T - Refractometer

    The RFM900-T Series of high precision Peltier temperature controlled benchtop refractometers, featuring a wide measuring range up to 1.70 RI and new 7” touch-screen user interface, are ideally suited for use in applications within the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, flavours and fragrance industries as well as in academic research.

  • Jacobi - PetroSorb

    Activated carbon products designed for the oil and gas industry, covering water treatment, vapour treatment, and process applications in petrochemical facilities.

    By Jacobi Carbons AB Office in Paris, FRANCE.

  • ITAS - Process Burners

    Installed with a fired heater, a cracker furnace or a reformer, process burners are a critical element in the refining and petrochemical processes. Whatever the application, the technical requirements or project specifications, Fives designs and supplies a complete range of ITAS process burners, from engineering design to site assistance and ...

    By Fives I.T.A.S. s.p.a. Office in Marseille Cedex 08, FRANCE. from Burners Product line

  • Chemical Cleaning

    The diagram below shows a typical petrochemical wastewater treatment system. When storage tanks are taken out of service for cleaning, the washwater is pumped out of the tanks and passed through various filtration devices. Intermediate and final storage tanks are used to facilitate disposal of clean water in a slow, controlled manner to avoid ...

    By BakerCorp Office in Notre Dame de Gravenchon, FRANCE. from Applications our products can be used in Product line

  • Zebron - Model ZB-1 - GC Columns

    Low Polarity for a Wide Range of Applications; Rugged, high efficiency, and MS Certified low bleed. Well-suited for true boiling point separations. Excellent resolving power of critical pairs in complex petrochemical samples. Used for “fingerprinting” and routine quality control analyses (e.g., citrus oils).

    By Phenomenex, Inc. Office in Le Pecq Cedex, FRANCE. from Zebron GC Products Product line

  • Model MAX - ONE - Compact Hazardous Areas Multigas Analyzer

    Max-One system is dedicated for online process monitoring for industrial and petrochemical applications. Packaging is adapted to explosive atmospheres and follows ATEX safety standards. Max-One ATEX system can be coupled with with a NeSSI column developed by Astute and allowing direct connection on industrial process line.

    By Analytical Pixels Technology (APIX) based in Grenoble, FRANCE.

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    compEAct - Micro-Elemental Analyzers

    A New Benchmark in TN and TS Analysis of Organic Sample Matrices. The devices of the compEAct series offer stand-alone systems optimized for sulfur and nitrogen analysis, which can be easily operated even without prior knowledge in elemental analysis, thanks to their intuitive software. The compact, space-saving combustion systems enable fast and ...

    By Analytik Jena AG Office in Savigny Le Temple, FRANCE.

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    AIRE-O2 Turbo - High Performance Surface Aerator

    Aeration Industries’ high-efficiency Aire-O2 Turbo® surface aerator is a low trajectory surface aerator designed to meet the special needs of municipalities, food processors, the pulp and paper, and petrochemical industry.

    By Aeration Industries International (AII) Distributor in FRANCE. from Surface Aeration Solutions Product line

  • FunkeBloc - Model DuoClean - Fully Welded Plate Heat Exchangers

    The FunkeBloc range is used predominantly in the chemical and petrochemical industry, as well as in refineries and when dealing with gas and oil. In addition to the heat recovery, as in the example of gas drying, typical application areas also include process heat and cooling as well as process condensation and evaporation. Depending on the model, ...

    By Funke Wärmeaustauscher Apparatebau GmbH Office in Vaux sur Seine, FRANCE. from Plate Heat Exchangers Product line

  • GCAP Analyzer

    GCAP is a modular development platform with a very flexible and versatile architecture, based on miniaturized nano-scale silicon components. GCAP is compact and lightweigth enabling a portable use for in situ analysis. GCAP can be configured to perform in a number of different modes, including conventional, multi-dimensional or multimodal ...

    By Analytical Pixels Technology (APIX) based in Grenoble, FRANCE.

  • Metal Seat Ball Valve

    Metal seated ball valves are suitable for cryogenic, high temperature, high pressure, abrasive and corrosive working conditions. It is an ideal equipment to shut off some special medium, such as the solid and gas mixed medium, solid and liquid mixed medium, high-viscosity medium, high-fiber medium, high temperature steam. It is widely used in the ...

    By Robvalve based in Strasbourg, FRANCE. from Ball Valves Product line

  • Clearance Seals

    Through the careful application of materials and technical improvements, John Crane designs and manufactures enhanced thermoplastic and metallic labyrinth seals that facilitate a reduction in running clearances, improved safety, increased efficiency and reliability for critical equipment. Our business is serving customers' needs for the design ...

    By John Crane Corporate Office in Deville les Rouen, FRANCE. from Mechanical Seals - Labyrinth Seals Product line

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