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Petroleum Hydrocarbon Bioremediation equipment

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    Chemtex - Model OIL927 - Aqueous Polymer/Bentonite Blend

    Rapid solidification of aqueous sludge streams with residual organics and petroleum contamination. This is a blend of super absorbent aqueous polymers and bentonite and organo clay. The polymers will absorb up to 275 times their weight in water, and the bentonite clay will absorb the oil. This product is great for sludge stabilization prior to and ...

    By Chemtex, Inc. based in Cumberland, RHODE ISLAND (USA). from Granulars, Neutralizers & Bioremediation - Polymers Product line

  • Gator Wash - Microbial Industrial Cleaner

    Non-Toxic * Non-Flammable * Biodegradable. Gator Wash is a unique blend of natural surface active agents that promote the wetting, solubilization and emulsification of various types of organic chemicals. The naturally occurring microbes are dormant until hydrated in the Gator Wash solution. Once hydrated the microbes enhance Gator Wash® to ...

    By MFG Reps, LLC based in Hutto, TEXAS (USA). from Bioremediation Product line

  • EOS EOx™ - Aerobic Bioremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons

    EOX is an established in situ technology that enhances the aerobic biodegradation of a wide range of contaminants.

    By EOS Remediation, LLC based in Raleigh, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Electron Acceptors Product line

  • EOS EAS - Anaerobic Bioremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons

    EAS provides sulfate to stimulate anaerobic degradation of hydrocarbons in groundwater under sulfate-limiting conditions. Takes advantage of pre-existing anaerobic conditions at petroleum sites through enhanced sulfate reduction

    By EOS Remediation, LLC based in Raleigh, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Electron Acceptors Product line

  • Oil Cept - Model BFL - Oil Interceptors Enables Biodegradation

    BFL OilCept is a product specifically formulated to accelerate the biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons in oil interceptors. BFL OilCept reduces the maintenance time and costs associated with the management of such systems. As the oil accumulates on the surface of the water in the interceptor, it forms an insulating layer which prevents oxygen ...

    By Biofuture Ltd based in Dublin, IRELAND. from Bioremediation Products Product line

  • Microbubbler - Oxygen Generation & Delivery System

    Microbubbler™ is an inexpensive oxygen generation and delivery system that reduces the cost of dissolved oxygen to below $0.40 per pound.  Depending on site conditions, typical oxygen requirements for biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons is 2 to 3 pounds.  The cost of alternative sources of oxygen such as solid peroxygens can ...

    By Terra Systems, Inc. (TSI) based in Claymont, DELAWARE (USA). from Bioremediation Solvents Product line

  • OBR (Oil Bioremediation) – Petroleum Industry

    Over long periods of time and without human intervention, nature eliminates both natural and most manmade pollution. This happens as naturally occurring microorganisms, enzymes, chemicals and weather combine to eliminate toxins. Recent advances in technology have made it possible to greatly accelerate these natural processes by selecting, ...

    By ELM WATANIYA General Trading & Contracting Company based in Kuwait City, KUWAIT.

  • Bioremediate Hydrocarbon Contaminated Water Cleaner

    Quickly and economically bioremediate hydrocarbon contaminated water. Nature's Way MarineClean is an aqueous cleaner and bioremediation agent for cleaning and/or elimination of unwanted hydrocarbon wastes in the marine environment (food or petroleum). It contains naturally occurring aerobic microbes, specially adapted to consume hydrocarbons in ...

    By Integra Environmental, Ltd. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Model VB997 - Soil for Hydrocarbons and Oil Spill Bioremediation

    VB997 Soil remediation through bioremediation utilizes a nutrient formulation that accelerates the growth and activity of on-site, naturally occurring microbes that consume hydrocarbons and contamination in soil safely, producing only water and carbon dioxide.

    By BioNutraTech, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Petrox - Model EC - Rapid Bioremediation

    Bioremediation and cleaning solution for removal and destruction of petroleum hydrocarbons and other chemicals.  Petrox EC combines the benefits of surfactant with microbial bioremediation for immediate and long-term oil spill treatment.

    By CL Solutions, LLC based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA).

  • MUNOX - Model SR - Rapid Bioremediation

    MUNOX SR is for rapid bioremediation of environmental contamination caused by surface spills of petroleum hydrocarbons. MUNOX® SR contains a highly-concentrated solution of strains of naturally-occurring organisms that were extracted from once-contaminated sites and isolated under controlled laboratory conditions. The organisms metabolize ...

    By CL Solutions, LLC based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA).

  • Petrox - Rapid Bioremediation

    Petrox delivers active, rapid bioremediation of environmental contamination caused by industrial and commercial hydrocarbons. It contains a highly-concentrated solution of live, strains of lyophilized (freeze-dried) Pseudomonas organisms that occur naturally in the earth’s ecosystem. These cultures are free of pathogens and there is no ...

    By CL Solutions, LLC based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA).

  • Bioremediation Bacteria

    Custom Biologicals offers a complete line of Bioremediation Products containing our signature blends of natural, safe and powerful bioremediation bacteria. Our Exclusive Line of Technical Concentrates translate into easier handling, lower freight, and reduced maintenance costs. For Oil / Water Separators and other water bioremediation ...

    By Custom Biologicals, Inc. based in Deerfield Beach, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Nutrisulfate - Sulfate Enhanced Bioremediation

    Enhanced aerobic bioremediation technologies such as the iSOC gas inFusion technology or the use of oxygen releasing compounds such as TersOx are commonly used to accelerate naturally occurring in situ bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons, and fuel oxygenates such as MTBE and TBA, by indigenous microorganisms in the subsurface.  However, ...

    By Tersus Environmental, LLC based in Wake Forest, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • RemActiv - Liquid Concentrate Bioremediation Contains

    RemActiv is designed to accelerate the bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons in soil. The product contains selected micro-organisms and a specially formulated nutrient mix that result in faster remediation times and cheaper processing costs. RemActiv is supplied as a liquid concentrate (20:1) in 1000L volumes and can be simply applied using a ...

    By Ziltek Pty Ltd based in Thebarton, AUSTRALIA.

  • Natures Way - Model PC - Concentrated Bioremediating Fluid

    Nature's Way PC (Parts Cleaner) a concentrated bioremediating fluid for cleaning metal parts. Intended for use only in parts cleaning machines that are outfitted with aeration and heated reservoirs.An excellent parts cleaner/degreaser that is sensibly priced and really works. Nature's Way PC is a non-toxic, heavy-duty aqueous fluid designed to ...

    By Integra Environmental, Ltd. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

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    Compass Remediation - Calcium Peroxide for Soil and Groundwater Remediation

    Calcium Peroxide is an oxygen-generating compound used for enhanced aerobic bioremediation for treatment of a variety of contaminants, including petroleum hydrocarbons, some solvents, pesticides, and others. The use of calcium peroxide promotes increased contaminant removal and  provides a sustained release of oxygen (up to 12 months) with no ...

    By Compass Remediation Chemicals based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

  • TersOx - Inorganic Peroxygen for Enhanced Aerobic Bioremediation

    TersOx is proprietary formulation of food-grade, calcium peroxide that produces a controlled-release of molecular oxygen. TersOx stimulates natural degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons such as benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes (BTEX). This is not a chemical oxidation product. The high ratio of oxygen in TersOx (>16% by weight) provides ...

    By Tersus Environmental, LLC based in Wake Forest, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • Model PRP - Powder for Hydrocarbon Spill

    PRP Powder for hydrocarbon spill clean up on oil, fuel and other liquid petroleums. PRP Powder is especially well adapted for land, water and hard surface petroleum spills in areas such as industrial plant settings (such as cooling ponds and tanks), shorelines – whether rocky or sandy – marinas, railroad tracks, oil wells/oil fields, ...

    By Universal Remediation Inc based in Pittburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • SpillAway+ - Fast Acting Hydrocarbon Absorbent

    Multi-use absorbent with bio-remedial microbes for hydrocarbon spills. This product absorbs & degrades oil, fuel and petroleum hydrocarbons into harmless, environmentally safe by-products. SpillAway+ Absorbent introduces a new era in the absorption & disposal of hydrocarboncontaminants in the work place. This product merges the ...

    By EnviroLogic, Inc. based in Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Construction & Building Product line

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