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Photovoltaic Cell

by Enerpoint S.p.A.     based in Nova Milanese (MB), ITALY

The conversion of solar radiation into an electron current takes place in the photovoltaic cell, a device consisting of a thin sheet of semiconductor metal, very often made of suitably treated silicon.This treatment is characterised by various chemical processes including so-called 'doping'.Adding impurities, that is atoms of boron and ...

Solar Photovoltaic Cells

by Udhaya Semiconductors Limited     based in Coimbatore, INDIA

USL manufacturers high performance low-cost silicon solar cells that are designed for terrestrial applications. These solar cells have screen-printed silver front side and screen-printed silver-aluminum back side for better soldering. Textured front surface makes it possible to collect maximum sunlight and hence improved performance.

Sunewat - Laminated Safety Glass with Embedded Photovoltaic Cells

by AGC Solar     based in Chiyoda-ku,, JAPAN

SunEwat is a laminated safety glass with embedded photovoltaic cells.SunEwat can be installed in double glazing to provide the necessary thermal insulation. SunEwat is covered by a 10-year product guarantee, while performance guarantees are given for 10 years (90% of nominal power) and 20 years (80% of nominal power).

Multicrystalline Photovoltaic Solar Cell

by KPE Co., Ltd.     based in Busan, NORTH KOREA

KPE's calibration standards shall be in compliance wit※h the standards applied by ECN.

Simax - Photovoltaic Solar Cell

by Simax Green New Energy Co.,ltd (Suzhou)     based in Taicang city, CHINA

Format 1 25m mx 1 25mm + 0.5mm.Thickness 200 u m±30u m.Front(-)1.9mm bus bars(silver),blue anti-reflecting coating (silicon nitride).Back( + )3mm wide soldering pads(silver),back surface field(aluminum)

Calibrated Reference Photovoltaic Solar Cell

by OAI     based in San Jose, CALIFORNIA (USA)

To insure repeatable testing on any solar simulator, OAI offers 2cm x 2cm calibrated reference cells. Standard reference cell calibration cycles can be set up by OAI's calibration laboratory to insure that your reference cell maintains certification.

Mono-Crystalline Photovoltaic (PV) Cell

by Danish Solar Energy Ltd.     based in Holeby, DENMARK

Dimensions: Length (mm): 340-370 mm. width: 1.348-1.364 mm. ca. 2 pizes per m². Weight per pize ca. 10 kg. Rated Power (Watts):. 56 Watt peak (+/- 3%). Pc.l per. kWp: 18 Stk.

Model 4JET - Laser Edge Deletion of Thin Film Solar Cells

by 4JET Technologies GmbH     based in GERMANY

Our systems for laser edge deletion of thinfilm solar panels offer numerous advantages over mechanical sandblasting or the use of grinding wheel technology.Touchless process without glass damage or micro cracks. Dry process without blasting grid or chemicals, less waste Volume, more environmentally friendly. Effective ablation of TCO, ...

TRINA - Model TSM-DC01, 165W to 180W - Solar Photovoltaic Module

by Enereco S.r.l.     based in Sarcedo, ITALY

Strenghts: Tolerance ± 3%. High Efficiency cells. Plug & Play connectors. Hight Transmission, low iron. Tempered glass.

Jonas & Redmann - Model WIS - Wafer Inspection System

by Jonas & Redmann Group GmbH     based in Berlin, GERMANY

The term wafer is used to describe a sawn silicon panel, which forms the base component in the manufacture of a solar cell. The quality of the wafer is crucial for the effectiveness of the future solar cell; damaged and faulty wafers must be picked out. Jonas & Redmann designs, develops and manufactures systems for quality control and ...

TROSIFOL - Model R40 - Solar PVB Films

by Kuraray Europe GmbH - Division Trosifol     based in Troisdorf, GERMANY

TROSIFOL SOLAR R40 and all other TROSIFOL SOLAR PVB films are distinguished by their outstanding visual properties. For decades now, PVB has been the preferred plastic for safety glazing. These properties, combined with proven high long-term stability in outdoor applications even in non-edge-protected glazing, assure module manufacturers of the ...

TROSIFOL - Model SOLAR UV+ - PVB Encapsulation Film

by Kuraray Europe GmbH - Division Trosifol     based in Troisdorf, GERMANY

TROSIFOL SOLAR UV+ is a ground-breaking PVB encapsulation film with a modified formulation. This highly transparent film with outstanding UV transmittance increases the energy yield of crystalline UV-selective solar cells and CIS/CIGS thin-layer solar modules still further. The film shows excellent resistance to heat, UV radiation and other ...

PLASMA - Model PECVD - Batch Type System

by centrotherm photovoltaics AG     based in Blaubeuren, GERMANY

Batch-type system for passivation and nitride coating in c-Si solar cell processing. centrotherm is the world market leader in the field of Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) for passivation and anti-reflective coating processes in the manufacturing of c-Si solar cells.

Model HE-WU-01 - Wet Bench Unloader

by Diamond Wire Material Technologies (DMT)     based in Colorado Springs, COLORADO (USA)

The Hennecke Wet Bench Unloader is the perfect tool for an inline wafer production. The cleaned and dried wafer are provided on a multi track belt system. It softly picks up each wafer from the tracks and supplies them one by one to the measuring system. It uses a newly developed gripper which is made of the material PEEK. This is a certified ...

GEROLD - Model c-Si - Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic

by Maschinenbau GEROLD GmbH & Co. KG     based in Nettetal, GERMANY

GEROLD supplies process tools and backend-lines for c-Si -module production.

Molybdenum Exposure on CIGS Solar Panels

by 4JET Technologies GmbH     based in GERMANY

During the production of CIGS and similar thinfilm solar cells the molybdenum layer covering the glass has to be exposed in selected areas in order to prepare for welding or glueing processes. This requires removal of the only several hundred nanometers thick semiconductive layers without damaging the metal layer underneath. 4JET´s ...

GEROLD - Model TFPV - Thin-Film-Photovoltaic

by Maschinenbau GEROLD GmbH & Co. KG     based in Nettetal, GERMANY

Frontend automation: Clean room suitable belt and roller conveyors. Automation, including process equipment handshakes. Accumulator & Buffer systems - integrated production. Carts & Auto-loader - non-integrated production.

TROSIFOL - Model R100 - Solar PVB Films

by Kuraray Europe GmbH - Division Trosifol     based in Troisdorf, GERMANY

If TROSIFOL SOLAR PVB films are to be used in a conventional module type or in a module type with a new cell technology, TROSIFOL's Technical Service should be contacted.For the crystalline solar cells most frequently produced and processed internationally, PVB films SOLAR R40 and R100 transparent are used, and exclusively in glass/glass PV ...

Jonas & Redmann - Model WIL and WIU - Wet Inline Loader & Unloader

by Jonas & Redmann Group GmbH     based in Berlin, GERMANY

As a rule, the wafers in the manufacture chain for silicon solar cells also undergo wet chemical procedures. The wafers are cleaned in an etching bath, saw damage is eliminated and they are textured. Another treatment removes the phosphorus silicate glass, which is formed as a by-product of the diffusion process. These process steps can be carried ...

Model DIFF - Diffusion Furnace

by centrotherm photovoltaics AG     based in Blaubeuren, GERMANY

Drawing on more than 30 years of experience, centrotherm ranks as one of the world’s leading suppliers of tube furnaces for diffusion and oxidation processes in the semiconductor and PV industries.

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