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  • HAPP - Pipe Cleaning System

    A unique patented pipe cleaning system developed and tested with SHELL E&P in Houston. The particular need to clean parafins and hydrates out of crude oil transportation lines exceeding distances of 10miles led to the joint development of the patented HAPP (Hydraulically Activated Power Pig) Technology. HAPP is a unique system that uses Crude ...

    By Aqua Drill International based in Dickinson, TEXAS (USA).

  • Premium

    Proco - Model Style 271 - Super Wide Arch Expansion Joint

    The Proco Style 271 rubber expansion joint is a single super-wide flowing arch design. It’s self-cleaning, which eliminates the need for a filled arch design and makes it the perfect choice for slurries. The Style 271 can replace and be interchanged with hand-built narrow/wide arch, molded wide arch, and spherical type expansion joints.

    By Proco Products, Inc. based in Stockton, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Super Wide Arch Expansion Joint Product line

  • Jumbo Combo - Large Diameter Pipe Cleaning Truck

    The Jumbo Combo is perfect for large diameter pipe cleaning jobs where smaller water pumps and vacuum systems will not be able to complete the task at hand. The Jumbo Combo is designed with a 5,250 CFM 27” Hg blower and large capacity 120 or 150 GPM water pumps.

    By Aquatech - A Product of Hi-Vac Corporation based in Marietta, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Optimum - Automatic Pipe Cleaning System (APCS)

    Often waste heat recovery cannot be realized as a consequence of fouling or heavy dust loads in flue gases. Waste heat then remains what it is: waste heat, to be discharged through the chimney. OPTIMUM developed a system for the in line cleaning of tubes in heat exchangers, combined with a specially designed heat exchanger or boiler. With this ...

    By Optimum Environmental Technologies BV based in Arnhem, NETHERLANDS.

  • Premium

    Vac-Con - Inspector Cam

    This feature can greatly expand the applications for Vac-Con combination sewer cleaners. Examples: broken pipes, protruding laterals, off grade pipes, offset joints, leaking joints, recessed taps, cracked pipes, blockages, corrosion, grease build up, root infiltration, collapsed pipes, clean outs, drain lines, service laterals vent stacks, floor ...

    By Vac-Con, Inc. based in Green Cove Springs, FLORIDA (USA). from Inspector Cam Product line

  • Premium

    Gecko - Model 9020 - 3 Inch Pan-and-Tilt Pipe Camera

    The Gecko 9020 pan-and-tilt pipe camera is a premium device designed and manufactured in Germany to be extremely durable and great for plumbers, piping/duct work, sewage tanks, manufacturing, weld inspections, and chimney cleaning. They feature a flexible push cable which will not break easily, a solid waterproof camera head, and manual/automatic ...

    By Medit Inc. based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA). from 3 Inch Pan-and-Tilt Pipe Camera Product line

  • Premium

    Defender - Model TE Series - Static Screen

    The Static Screen Defender is constructed from GRP or stainless steel AISI 304. It includes an AISI 316 L stainless steel filter mesh that removes the solids, leaving the filtered water free from waste inside the static screen. It is fitted with drainage piping and clean water outlet piping.

    By Toro Equipment S.L. based in La Cistérniga, SPAIN. from Static Screen Product line

  • Premium

    Gecko - Model 4510-H - 1.6 Inch Pipe Inspection Camera

    The Gecko 4510-H color pipe inspection camera is a larger version of the Gecko 3000S. This German made system has been designed to be used in larger applications, including pipes up to 14” in diameter, and lengths up to 80 meters (262 ft.) deep. It is ideal for plumbers, pipe or duct cleaning companies, and municipalities. This set includes ...

    By Medit Inc. based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA). from 1.6 Inch Pipe Inspection Camera Product line

  • Premium

    Pipe Camera VIPER Replacement Probe

    Viper insertion probes are water-proof PVC coated fiberglass cables with a 36mm (1.4”) diameter and come in 3 different lengths - 20m (65.6'), 35m (114.9’) and 40m (131.2') – to match your specific inspection requirements. They are suited for different applications to inspect remote areas, such as: sewers, ducts, pipelines, heat ...

    By Medit Inc. based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Pipe Camera VIPER Replacement Probe Product line

  • Premium

    Aerosol - Cold Pipe Insulation - 12 Cans/Case

    No sweat Cold Pipe Insulation Aerosol Prevents condensation on cold water pipes as well as an excellent insulation for refrigeration lines and coils, condensers, valves and fittings. Cold Pipe Insulation prevents nosweat moisture build-up on water tanks, metal gutters, ice machines, air conditioning ducts and toilet tanks. This aerosol provides a ...

    By Interstate Products Inc based in Sarasota, FLORIDA (USA). from Cold Pipe Insulation - 12 Cans/Case Product line

  • Premium

    GECKO - Model 3000-S - 1 Inch Drain Inspection Camera

    The GECKO 3000S color drain camera unit is ideal for plumbers, pipe cleaning companies, municipalities, and canal construction. These professional push cameras are manufactured in Germany, with an extra flexible cable that will not snap easily, a fully waterproof camera head, and dual power LED illumination. They can be used in channel and drain ...

    By Medit Inc. based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA). from 1 Inch Drain Inspection Camera Product line

  • High-pressure Cleaning Systems

    High-pressure pipe cleaning and CCTV inspection combined in one unit. Application of OptiHD150-50: Cleaning of pipes and site connections up to 300mm (12'). Removal of obstacles and clogging. Professional CCTV Inspection of pipes from 150mm - 700mm (6' - 28').

    By OPTIMESS Engineering GmbH based in Gera, GERMANY. from High-pressure Cleaning Systems Product line

  • Greyline - Model TTFM 1.0 - Transit Time Flowmeter for Clean Liquids

    Accurately measure the flow rate of clean, non-aerated liquids like water, chemicals, and oils in full pipes. Ultrasonic transducers mount on the outside of a pipe without shutting down flow. Flow rate is displayed on the large, backlit display along with totalizer and signal strength. Use the built-in control relays for flow alarms or flow ...

    By Greyline Instruments Inc. based in Long Sault, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Transit Time Flowmeter for Clean Liquids Product line

  • Premium

    All Surface Bathroom Cleaner Aerosol Spray - 12 Cans/Case

    One product that cleans and deodorizes all bathroom surfaces and eliminates conflicting odors caused by using multiple products. Unique bio-enzymatic action provides continuous cleaning of plumbing after rinsing down pipes and drain lines. Safe on porcelain, chrome, tile, stainless steel, metal, painted surfaces, mirrors, and glass.

    By Interstate Products Inc based in Sarasota, FLORIDA (USA). from All Surface Bathroom Cleaner Aerosol Spray - 12 Cans/Case Product line

  • CuraFlo - Spincast System

    The CuraFlo Spincast System uses specialized equipment and processes to dry, clean and then line large diameter pipes.

    By CuraFlo based in Mesa, ARIZONA (USA).

  • CARELA - Pipes

    Even while they are under construction, potable water tanks, pipe networks and well systems are contaminated with bacteria and germs on all surfaces. Only thorough chemical cleaning with decontamination and/or subsequent chemical system disinfection before commissioning the system can prevent expensive and dangerous consequential damage. This is ...

    By Carela GmbH based in Rheinfelden, GERMANY. from Pipes Product line

  • Model DCR Series - Deep Chilling Removal Systems

    Reduced - Engineering cost, Installation cost. Compact design - Less Land & piping requirement. Speedier project delivery. Lower operating cost. Energy savings.

    By Pioneer Air Systems based in Wartburg, TENNESSEE (USA). from Deep Chilling Removal Systems Product line

  • Smartline - Revolutionary System for Indoor Soil Pipes

    A revolutionary system for indoor soil pipes, where design takes pride of place. The innovative solution offers many benefits: Fewer fittings along with simple and reliable installation are important advantages. The design of the joints makes the pipe system easy to clean and also prevents the lubricant from coming out onto the visible pipe end.

  • Aqua Rover - Diameter Pipe and Aqueduct Cleaning Technology

    You will be impressed with the way we handle your difficult large diameter pipe cleaning. We have developed the self-propelled Aqua Rover® technology to remove calcium carbonate, corrosion, coatings, tuberculation or previously applied liners with substantial reduced cleaning time and precisely controlled cleaning tracks from your pipe system ...

    By Aqua Drill International based in Dickinson, TEXAS (USA).

  • Premium

    2H BIOdek - Fills with Tubular Design

    BIOdek Fills with tubular design are used for biological water treatment and nitrification by contact aeration and for the separation of oil, fat and hydrocarbons. The fill consists of uniform parallel pipes (Tubes) with hexagonal shape. This design makes the BIOdek FAP  specifically resistant to blockage and easy to clean.

    By ENEXIO Water Technologies GmbH based in Hürth, GERMANY. from Fills with Tubular Design Product line

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