pipe sealing equipment in Florida

  • Internal Pipe and Manhole Joint Seals

    The NPC Internal Joint Seal economically eliminates groundwater infiltration from offset, corroded, cracked or deflected pipe joints and manhole barrel joints.

    By Prime Line Products, Inc based in Altamonte Springs, FLORIDA (USA). from Internal Pipe and Manhole Joint Seals Product line

  • U-S-Pipe - Model NXT Series - Ductile Iron Pipe

    NXT is U.S. Pipe's next generation 'push on' type pipe.  The advanced design utilizes a lip type seal gasket cross section which allows for lower insertion forces and greater joint deflection when compared to similar push on joint designs.  Features incorporated into the joint also allow the gasket to resist being unseated or rolled ...

    By U.S. Pipe. - a subsidiary of Mueller Water Products, Inc. Office in Orlando, FLORIDA (USA). from Ductile Iron Pipe Product line

  • Dekoron/Unitherm - Pre-Insulated Pipe

    Insulate small diameter piping that has a process temperature up to 400°F (204°C). Eliminate insulation gaps that increase heat loss. Provide a fully sealed system. Provide an insulation system that is not affected by weather or rain. Reduce installation cost 50%. Reduce finished pipe diameter to increase loading in pipe racks. Minimize ...

    By Dekoron Unitherm based in Cape Coral, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Cast Aluminum Expansion Pipe Plugs

    These superior, versatile, expandable plugs are used to accommodate a wide variety of industrial applications where an airtight seal is required.

    By COB Industries, Inc. based in Melbourne, FLORIDA (USA). from Cast Aluminum Expansion Pipe Plugs Product line

  • American Aqua Blasters - Cleans Pipes and Tubes from 1” to 24”

    American Aqua Blasters cleans pipes and tubes from 1” to 24” and above, and unplugs, cleans blockages in pipes and tubes large and small. It can navigate 45sand 90s as small as 2 inch. American Aqua Blasters provides superior cleaning including Grease, Tuberculation, Paint, Sand, Barnacles and Marine growth. Our units are better for ...

    By American Aqua Blasters, Inc. based in Weeki Wachee, FLORIDA (USA). from Cleans Pipes and Tubes from 1” to 24” Product line

  • Accu-Freeze - Controlled Liquid Nitrogen Pipe Freezing System

    The patented Accu-Freez system is the most advanced pipe freezing system in the world. It utilizes liquid nitrogen in a controlled and automated system to safely and reliably freeze static liquids in a selected section of pipe or tubing. The standard Accu-Freeze AF1000 Kit is used to create an in-line ice plug capable of withstanding 2000 PSI in ...

    By COB Industries, Inc. based in Melbourne, FLORIDA (USA). from Controlled Liquid Nitrogen Pipe Freezing System Product line

  • Low Pressure Expansion Pipe Plugs (Assorted Styles)

    Low pressure expansion pipe plugs available in a variety of styles including Turn-Tite, Snap-Tite, Hex- Nut and Thumb-Nut pipe Plugs. These plugs provide a quick and easy air tight seal for little to no pressure applications. Available for 3/8” – 4” sizes. (Hex Nut and Thumb Nut styles not pictured.) Neoprene rubber plug with ...

    By COB Industries, Inc. based in Melbourne, FLORIDA (USA). from Low Pressure Expansion Pipe Plugs (Assorted Styles) Product line

  • Nu- Drain - Non-Pressurized Epoxy Lining (CIPP)

    The (CIPP) cured in-place pipe restoration process is an economical and efficient alternative to traditional pipe system replacement. Our CIPP lining technology allows us to restore and Re-Nu aged, corroded piping systems to a “better than new” condition without removing them. The epoxy liner installed to the pipes’ interior ...

    By Nu Flow Corporate Office in North Venice, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Model AC-9 - Grooved Coupling

    Model AC-9 couplings are available in sizes 3'-36' and are designed for connecting ductile iron. pipe. These couplings provide an alternative to flanged piping methods. All sizes are furnished with flush gaskets which provide a triple seal. Couplings are designed for use on flexible or rigid radius grooved ductile iron pipe per ANSI/AWWA C606. ...

    By Star Pipe Products Ltd. (SPP) Office in Orlando, FLORIDA (USA). from Grooved Coupling Product line

  • Uroseal - Model 45V - Polyurethane Joint

    Uroseal 45V is recommended for vertical and overhead expansion joints for roadways, slabs, airport runways & taxi ways, ring seals (ie: manhole chimney seals, pipe joints, etc – H2S resistance up to 800ppm), and industrial & commercial floor slabs. It serves well as an impermeable compound for sealing and as a joint sealant for ...

    By Epoxytec International Inc. based in Hollywood, FLORIDA (USA). from Polyurethane Joint Product line

  • American Aqua Blasters - Tube Water Jetting

    Tube water jetting can remove years of built-up grease, sludge, and other residue and debris inside pipes and drains. Water jetting services are often employed after a video inspection reveals grease or sludge inside piping systems. For water jet cleaning of industrial pipes and drain, water is propelled at various pressures and volumes into the ...

    By American Aqua Blasters, Inc. based in Weeki Wachee, FLORIDA (USA). from Tube Water Jetting Product line

  • Custom Manufactured Plugs

    COB Industries, Inc. is offering and producing more custom-manufactured plugs then ever before. this is a growing section of the Pipe Plug products that COB Industries has been offering for over 30 years. More and more customers are having customized plugs built to address requirements associated with specific applications. These include ...

    By COB Industries, Inc. based in Melbourne, FLORIDA (USA). from Custom Manufactured Plugs Product line

  • FEC - Hilliard Gas Filters

    HILCO gaseous fuel filters are available in simplex design and in duplex arrangements for continuous operation. The filters are specifically designed for gas turbine systems with high pressure, high flow rate, and minimal dirt load. Dry Seal Gas Integral Duplex Filters simplify piping and operation of the duplex filter arrangement. Duplex housings ...

    By Filter Equipment Company, Inc.(FEC) Office in Apopka, FLORIDA (USA).

  • 4" Yellow Gripnlock Vented Locking Well Cap

    Watertight tamperproof hinged nylon locking monitoring cap, fits SCH 40 & 80 PVC PIPE. The gripNlock well cap or Vented Locking Well Cap is a redesigned version of the old Snap Cap. It is a watertight and tamperproof hinged nylon locking cap for SCH 40 to 80 PVC pipe fittings. Securely held by 10 internal watertight concentric rings, the ...

    By Enviro Design Products, Inc. (EDP) based in Dunnellon, FLORIDA (USA). from 4" Yellow Gripnlock Vented Locking Well Cap Product line

  • BADU - Model Block - Filter Circulation Pump

    The vertical monoblock design permits excellent circulation performance with minimal space requirements. The maintenance-free bellow-type mechanical seal is cooled and lubricated by the pumping liquid. This results in long intervals between maintenance periods. An external circulation line/air bleed piping with a fitted air drain valve not only ...

    By SPECK Pumpen Verkaufsgesellschaft GmbH Office in Jacksonville, FLORIDA (USA). from Filter Circulation Pump Product line

  • Syntho-Glass

    Syntho-Glass is the originally, patented fiberglass pre-impregnated composite that is activated by salt or freshwater. Packaged in a hermetically sealed foil pouch, it is ready to use and does not require any measuring or mixing. This system, when used with the appropriate primary sealant, enables you to repair and reinforce virtually any diameter ...

    By Neptune Research, Inc. based in Riviera Beach, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Plasti-Fab - Gray Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Slide Gates

    Industrial Slide gates are commonly used in open channel and moderate head applications to isolate equipment, divert flow, close off a wall opening, or cover a pipe that is flush with the wall. Plasti-Fab slide gates are manufactured of gray fiberglass reinforced plastic containing ultraviolet inhibitors. Plasti-Fab penstock is reinforced to ...

    By Plasti-Fab, Inc. Office in Lakeland, FLORIDA (USA). from Gray Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Slide Gates Product line

  • PLC - Dual Phase Extraction Systems

    Product Level Control manufactures a variety of dual phase extraction (DPE) systems; custom-equipped for optimal on-site performance. By offering flexible system designs and a wide range of available product parts and accessories, we meet your individual project goals for the best possible value. We size and match model type according to your air ...

    By Product Level Control Inc. (PLC) Office in Micanopy, FLORIDA (USA). from Dual Phase Extraction Systems Product line

  • Model Type 21 - Ball Valves

    Features: True Union design for easier installation or repairs without expanding pipe system. Blocked in both directions allowing valve union disassembly from either side under full pressure. Type 21 Ball Valves carry a two-year guarantee. Materials: PVC, CPVC, polypropylene, PVDF with EPDM, or FKM elastomer seals. Pressure rated to 230 psi (PVC, ...

    By Harrington Industrial Plastics Office in Jacksonville, FLORIDA (USA). from Ball Valves Product line

  • Epoxytec - Model CPP - MH - Sprayliner

    Epoxytec CPP Sprayliner MH is a two-component, 100% solids, high build, spray-applied, structural grade epoxy system. Formulated specifically for rehabilitation and lining of sanitary sewer collection systems (manholes, cylindrical lift stations, pipe); designed with high moisture tolerance, with H2S resistance and sealed I&I barrier ...

    By Epoxytec International Inc. based in Hollywood, FLORIDA (USA). from Sprayliner Product line

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