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Pipeline Condition equipment

  • PipeDiver - Pipeline Condition Assessment Tool

    The PipeDiver tool is an innovative, free-swimming condition assessment platform for water and wastewater pipelines that operates while a main remains in service.

    By Pure Technologies - a Xylem brand based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Platforms Product line

  • Premium

    SafeLine - Model L Series - Profile Pipeline Metal Detectors

    METTLER TOLEDO SAFELINE’s L Series Profile pipeline metal detectors are intended predominantly for use in the food industry. These rugged, compact detection systems are suitable for the inspection of all liquids, pastes and slurries and are able to detect all types of metal contamination.

    By Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc based in Greifensee, SWITZERLAND.

  • Model EPP1400TB - EPB2600TB - Earth Pressure Balance Shields (EPB)

    For soft, cohesive soils tunnel boring machines with earth pressure support are a preferred option. So called Earth Pressure Balance Shields (EPB) turn the excavated material into a soil paste that is used as pliable, plastic support medium. This makes it possible to balance the pressure conditions at the

    By Herrenknecht AG. based in Schwanau, GERMANY. from Tunnelling & Pipelines Product line

  • Starline - Model 1000 - Drinking Water Pipelines

    The starline 1000-technology is for the trenchless rehabilitation of underground drinking water distribution and transport pipes using fabric hose relining. It is designed for a distribution system with a normal operating pressure of up to 10 bar. The old pipeline is relined with an ageing-resistant fabric hose.

    By KARL WEISS Technologies GmbH based in Berlin, GERMANY. from Water Pipelines Product line

  • Medical Area Alarms Panels

    Tri-Tech Medical area alarms panels are designed with state of the art technology for the utmost in safety and reliability.

    By Tri-Techmedical Inc. based in Avon, OHIO (USA). from Pipeline Products- Alarms Product line

  • Model CP - Condensate Pot

    Biogas is saturated with water vapour. In anaerobic digestion plants and their pipeline systems, there typically accumulating condensed water. Condensate can lead to blockages at low points, deposits, corrosion, etc.The EnvironTec's condensate pot / separator effectively drains, collects and removes condensed water from the pipeline system. Biogas ...

    By Bilgeri EnvironTec GmbH based in Nüziders, AUSTRIA. from Biogas Treatment / Biogas Conditioning Product line

  • Exterran - Heated Separator

    The Exterran Heated Separator efficiently removes liquids from oil and gas streams while also introducing heat to protect production equipment, valves and pipelines from clogging due to the buildup of paraffin. Our standard unit is a horizontal three-phase separator equipped with an internal fire tube and is rated to handle higher pressures than a ...

    By Exterran Corporation based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Oil Treating & Conditioning Product line

  • Longwrap Hotcote Petrolatum Tape

    Cold applied petrolatum corrosion control, waterproofing, and sealing tape for high temp applications. Longwrap Hotcote Petrolatum Tape is a 1.15 mm VOC Free, cold applied, wax based tape designed to protect piping and metal structures from damage and deterioration caused by corrosion at temperatures up to 120°C (248°F). This ...

    By Chase Corporation based in Westwood, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Construction Products - Pipeline Coatings Product line

  • Model EX80-SERIES - Electromagnetic Flow Sensor

    EX80-Series insertion electromagnetic flowmeters are designed for use with conductive liquids in 1-10” pipe. They are highly suitable for difficult applications with changing viscosities and pulsating flows such as air-driven diaphragm pumps. With no moving parts, these meters can be used in “dirty” applications where debris ...

    By Dynotek Fluid Data Management based in Arvada, COLORADO (USA). from Pipeline Flow Measurement Product line

  • Pipeliner Macerator

    The Haigh Pipeliner range provides a reliable, straightforward system for disintegration, maceration or conditioning of solids in flow.

    By The Haigh Engineering Company Ltd based in Herefordshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from High Performance Wet Process Maceration Product line

  • Pipeline Macerators

    Pipeline Macerators  are designed to fit into the suction line of raw sewage or sludge pump, homogenizing the medium to improve downstream process, whilst protecting high performance pumps from tramp and rag debris in the medium. It is a disintegrating device for raw sewage and sludges up to 6% solid matter in a pipeline under ...

    By Bellin S.p.a based in Orgiano, ITALY. from Macerators Product line

  • Industrial Refrigeration Systems

    Our industrial refrigeration systems bring food to your favorite supermarket by providing essential industrial cooling equipment to the food processing industry. We also build the unique industrial refrigeration systems required to move gas through pipelines, produce energy, manufacture chemicals and nearly all of the items we use in our daily ...

  • Sahara - Pipeline Inspection System

    The Sahara platform is a tethered tool that can accurately identify leaks and air pockets in water and wastewater pipelines. It is capable of locating very small leaks typically within 1.5 feet (0.5 meters) of their actual location. The tool also features inline video that allows operators to observe internal pipe conditions.

    By Pure Technologies - a Xylem brand based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Sahara Product line

  • ROSEN - Pipeline Data Logger

    ROSEN’s Pipeline Data Logger (PDL) is designed to collect and store operational data during a pipeline run, providing operators with detailed time-dependent information about temperature and pressure conditions within the pipeline.By combination of a differential pressure sensor with a high resolution three axis accelerometer sensor system, ...

    By ROSEN based in GERMANY. from Instruments Product line

  • SeaWater Air Conditioning

    Seawater Air Conditioning (SWAC) takes advantage of available deep cold water from the ocean, a river, or lake, to replace conventional AC systems. SWAC feasibility studies for a variety of sites indicate that electrical consumption is typically reduced by 80 to 90 percent. Simple payback can be from three to seven years, and long term costs can ...

    By Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc. based in Kailua, HAWAII (USA). from Renewable Energy Product line

  • Beaver - Model PSR - Pipeline Survey Robots

    DSI Robotics specializes in design & manufacture of Pipeline CCTV Inspection Robots for Intrusive but Non-Destructive inspections of Sewer, Water & Drainage systems. DSI has launched its 4th and 5th generation robots over the last two years but has also retained its 3rd generation robots as an economic but low end alternative for ...

    By Digital Surveillance Inc (DSI) based in NOIDA, INDIA. from Other Products Product line

  • Vent Silencers for Pipelines

    A vent silencer or a blow off silencer is a device used to reduce unwanted noise created by gas or steam flow in a pipeline discharging directly into the atmosphere. This noise can be generated due to the high velocity flow through the valve and turbulence created around any obstacle in the line that suddenly restricts or changes the direction of ...

    By E.I.Williams Industries based in Ajax, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Premium

    ParticleTrack - Model G600 - Process Technology for Pilot/Production

    The ParticleTrack G600 with FBRM technology production series provides a robust design for pilot or manufacturing needs, with models optimized for installation in: Pipeline (ParticleTrack G600T with FBRM technology), Small process vessels (ParticleTrack G600P with FBRM technology), Large process vessels (ParticleTrack G600R with dip pipe ...

  • Eagle Array Pipeline Integrity System

    Maintaining integrity on thousands of miles of pipeline is a top priority for companies in industries such as oil, petroleum, natural gas, and electricity. Pipeline failures can result in extensive damage to properties or land, or even serious injuries to members of your team. Even in a best-case scenario, faulty pipes or pipelines are likely to ...

    By Berkeley Springs Instruments LLC. based in Cumberland, MARYLAND (USA).

  • EZstrip - Model TR - Muncher for Solids Grinding and Sludge Conditioning

    The latest addition to the EZstrip family is a range of grinders offering a competitive solution to solids grinding and sludge conditioning. The EZstrip TR Munchers all house the quick release access port allowing the cutter assembly to be maintained in place without removing the equipment, reducing maintenance time.

    By Moyno, Inc. based in Springfield, OHIO (USA). from EZstrip Family Product line

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