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Plasma Gasification equipment

  • Plasma Gasification

    A Westinghouse Plasma Corp. gasifier will convert a wide variety of waste streams into a clean syngas which can be further altered to create other forms of energy.A plasma gasifier is an oxygen starved vessel where various feedstocks can be gasified using the very high temperatures achievable with plasma. Rather than being combusted, the ...

    By Westinghouse Plasma Corporation based in Madison, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Millenium - Plasma Gasification Process System

    Description of the process – let us consider a reactor with the capacity to process 5 tons of input material per hour. When the organic input material is gasified in the reactor it produces synthesis gas (a mixture of CO, H₂, CO₂). The energy required to break down complex compounds is supplied by the plasma and the partial ...

    By Millenium Technologies, a.s. based in Praha 1, CZECH REPUBLIC.

  • Plasma Arc Gasification System

    1,000 lbs. of 300°F steam per 100 lbs. of waste processed. All electric process. 90%+Volume and Weight reduction. Non-leaching residual may be land-filled as general waste or sewer discharged. Clean air and water vapor emissions. Less than 500 CFM total air discharge. Low processing costs - 3 to 11 cents per pound with heat recovery. Can ...

    By B-2B Global Solutions based in Margate, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Gasplasma - Gasification and Plasma Conversion Technology

    Gasification and Plasma Conversion waste to energy technology that generates clean, renewable, local energy. Gasplasma is an Advanced Conversion Technology ('ACT') that converts waste feedstock into a clean hydrogen-rich syngas and a vitrified recyclate called Plasmarok that can be used as a building material or replacement aggregate.

    By Advanced Plasma Power (APP) based in Swindon, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model SPT - Plasma Torche

    Developed to combat Montreal Protocol-regulated ozone depleting substances such as CFC and HCFC, the SPT plasma torch is an integral part of our developed refrigerant destruction technology, SPARC. Ionizing water into a heightened energy state, the SPT creates highly reactive conditions to completely destroy feedstock chemicals (including HFC and ...

    By PyroGenesis Canada Inc. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Plasma Torches Product line

  • Model PPT-ST - Steam Plasma Arc Torches

    Steam Plasma Arc Torches of non-transferred mode. The new technological application of steam instead of air in plasma torches does not create additional harmful impurity of nitrogen (N, NOx etc.) during gasification of various waste and simplifies the cleaning system of output gases. The new generation of steam plasma arc torches is direct current ...

    By High Temperature Technologies Corp. (HTT) based in Chateauguay, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Plasma Arc Torches Product line

  • Model PAGV - Waste Streams System

    As the forerunner for our game-changing PRRS waste-to-energy technology, the Plasma Arc Gasification and Vitrification (PAGV) system eliminates future legacy issues for operators of incinerators with a simple process for inerting their grate and fly ash and turning it into a useful construction material. Municipalities, along with managers of ...

    By PyroGenesis Canada Inc. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Plasma Waste Processes Product line

  • Model PRRS - Plasma Resource Recovery System

    Proven out by the US Department of Defense (DoD), the game-changing PRRS harnesses the power of plasma to provide industry, municipalities and the defense sector with a comprehensive, all-encompassing solution to waste management, while producing much-needed clean energy to meet our growing needs. Our team of technology professionals has ...

    By PyroGenesis Canada Inc. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Plasma Waste Processes Product line

  • Plasma Gasifier

    Westinghouse Plasma Corp.’s expertise is the plasma gasifier and its subsystems. Westinghouse Plasma Corp. will design, fabricate and deliver the plasma gasifier to a customer.While some customers will choose to purchase only the plasma gasifier from Westinghouse Plasma Corp., most customers want a complete solution. Westinghouse Plasma ...

    By Westinghouse Plasma Corporation based in Madison, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • ScanArc - Plasma Generators

    A plasma generator is a device for transforming electric energy into heat energy carried by a gas. ScanArc Plasma Technologies AB manufactures non-transferred, segmented type plasma generators in which a gas is heated by an electric arc to high temperature.

    By ScanArc Plasma Technologies AB based in Hofors, SWEDEN.

  • PyroArc - Gasification and Pyrolysis Treatment Process of Hazardous Waste

    The PyroArc process utilises the unique properties of plasma technology to achieve complete decomposition of organic substances and to transform them into a clean fuel gas.

    By ScanArc Plasma Technologies AB based in Hofors, SWEDEN.

  • Utag - Biomass Organic and Non-Organic Pyrolysis Plasma Technology

    It is of interest that the plasma process can be used for many different processes. The only thing in common in these processes is that the equipment will not change much, except in the feeders and  the gas treatment –both of which will be modified to optimize performance. Likewise the by-products of the process can have multiple uses.

    By Utag Green Energy Technologies Inc. based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Technology Product line

  • Plasco - Waste Conversion System

    Plasco and our manufacturing partner, Linamar Corporation, supply the core conversion technology in Energy from Waste Plants by delivering a patented process for the conversion of waste material into synthetic gas and marketable products. The Plasco GPRS efficiently recycles heat from the process to gasify the waste and then uses the unique ...

    By Plasco Conversion Technologies Inc based in Kanata, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Algatek - Model AAA - Demonstrator Plant

    Industrial production of microalgae biomass is even with the latest known production technology suffering from a combination of high production costs,low yields due to reliance on climate and sunshine hours per day and fluctuating qualities. This is caused by lack of control of the critical growth parameters, such as applied levels of carbon ...

    By Algatek Asturias S.L based in Teverga, SPAIN.

  • PEM - Systems

    PEM systems provide a revolutionary way of dealing with two very pressing problems faced by today's society: creating clean, renewable energy and waste treatment and disposal. InEnTec views the PEM system as superior to competing methods of waste treatment and disposal, based on its economic and environmental advantages and potential to be used ...

    By InEnTec based in Bend, OREGON (USA).

  • XCrude - Electricity Technology

    Our patented XCrude technology efficiently converts the broadest range of carbon-bearing material on the planet, into pure hydrocarbon molecules (C5+ liquid hydrocarbons – previously only refined from fossil petroleum), and electricity.

    By XFuels Inc. based in Didsbury, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Technology Product line

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