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plastic separation equipment available in Idaho

  • Liquisort - Plastics Separation Technology

    Liquisort Plastics is engaged in separation of PE/PP mixes. This sorting method is based on the difference in density of the plastics to be sorted. This brand new patented technology is especially developed for plastic mixes with particle sizes below 15 mm; existing technologies as NIR (Near Infrared) are not suitable for the sorting of these ...

    By Liquisort B.V. based in Veldhoven, NETHERLANDS.

  • PolyMag - Plastic Separator System

    Polymag additives bring metal detectability, X-Ray contrast and magnetic susceptibility into plastic mouldings. The PolyMag process was developed as part of Eriez’ commitment to reducing waste in the processing industry. Eriez PolyMag additive is a non-dusting pellet which allows plastic moulders and extruders to produce metal detectable and ...

    By Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd based in Bedwas, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • PM - copper plastic separator

    copper plastic separator machine is for the copper plastic / copper PVC / aluminum plastic / aluminum PVC . input materials condition 1. input size under 3 mm 2. the raw materials should be dry without moisture aluminum PVC materials / aluminum plastic / aluminum PVC also can be fed into the machinery if customer raw materials is surpass 3 mm , ...

  • hamos - Model EKS - Electrostatic Plastics Separators

    You can separate mixed plastics waste into its individual components with the hamos EKS electrostatic separators, as well as separating undesired plastic contamination. Using the hamos EKS, your mixed materials can be separated into pure sorted fractions with a minimum of effort by using the tribo-electric behaviour of the different plastics. You ...

    By hamos GmbH based in Penzberg, GERMANY. from Electrostatic Plastics Separators Product line

  • hamos - Model KWS 1010 - Electrostatic Metal / Plastic Separators

    hamos KWS electrostatic separators are used for dry separation of metals from plastics and other non-conductive materials. Even finest metal particles of < 0.1 mm can be separated.It is therefore an especially efficient way to regain valuable metals by separating them from plastics or to clean plastics from metal parts before further ...

    By hamos GmbH based in Penzberg, GERMANY. from Electrostatic Metal / Plastic Separators Product line

  • Austin AI - Model QXR-P - Engineered Plastics Sorting & Separating System

    Austin AI's QXR-P is a unique automated system that rapidly and accurately sorts and separates mixed plastic scrap into product specific categories by its chemical composition. Based on proven Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) technology, the QXR-P system is ideal for plastics recycling.

    By Austin AI, Inc. based in Austin, TEXAS (USA). from Engineered Plastics Sorting & Separating System Product line

  • Plastic Separaton Plants

    This separation system was developed to provide the possibility for mechanical plastic recycling to detach mono-fraction plastics from mixed-plastic waste. The aim of a purity of variety that enables the re-use of secondary materials thus obtained for the production of new plastic products has been achieved.The process is based on the fact ...

    By PSR Industrieanlagen- und Verfahrenstechnik GmbH based in Waiblingen, GERMANY.

  • Compound Recovery and Concentration Equipment

    Glycol / Lutron Recovery Systems Nominal Capacity: Custom sized. standard 150 gpm. Application: - Plastic Cores Separation Recovery of Glycol solutions.

    By Ecochem International Inc. based in Waterloo, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Separator

    Plastic corrugated separator can repeatedly used. Our products can not affected by open air and atmospheric conditions and can be used in very wide areas. More durable than cardboard , washable and easy to clean. Especially used in the automotive industry. Also when it placed between your products there is no alternative with durability and ...

    By Plastik Koli based in Tuzla, TURKEY.

  • Model 150 V - Separator

    Series V separators use air separation technology and are designed for the recycling of copper from electrical cables. They separate the copper from plastic and other materials which all have different specific weights.

    By MG Recycling srl based in Bondeno (FE), ITALY. from Separator Product line

  • Model 150 F - Separator

    Series F separators use air separation technology and are designed for the recycling of copper from electrical cables. They separate the copper from plastic and other ground materials which all have different specific weights.

    By MG Recycling srl based in Bondeno (FE), ITALY. from Separator Product line

  • Plastic Film and Bag Separator

    Certain residual materials arrive at the sorting centre in plastic bags. While it is convenient for the average citizen to place his or her waste in bags, these can cause problems for a variety of equipment in the sorting centre (contamination of other materials, wrapping around moving parts, hard labour for the workers, etc.) However, it is ...

    By Sherbrooke O.E.M. Ltd based in QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Separation System

    Separation Machinery and equipment for the sorting of plastics, as well as separation of contaminations out of the plastic and for the protection of machines.

    By WiPa Werkzeug und Maschinenbau GmbH based in Stadtlohn, GERMANY.

  • Zhongyi - Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Settlers

    The use of mixer-settlers has spread to a wide range of applications, and they continue to enjoy favor in the mining and metallurgical industry due to their simplicity, easy for operation, stability under a wide range of flows, accessibility for clean-out and reliable scale-up. In its simplest form, a mixer-settler consists of an agitated ...

    By Zhongyi GRP Industrial based in Jizhou, CHINA.



  • Model ASPIROTRI - Aeraulic Separator

    Collecting of the pollutants (plastic bags, small flat bodies), present in a flow of packing.

    By Groupe Vauché based in Sedan, FRANCE.

  • hamos - Model RSS - Elastomer Separators

    With the hamos RSS elastomer separator, undesired elastomers are separated out in a dry way. A highly concentrated elastomer fraction and a high quality practically elastomer-free plastic fraction are obtained. In recycling of plastics from electronic waste, automotive light shredder fractions (SLF), etc. it is important to obtain clean and ...

    By hamos GmbH based in Penzberg, GERMANY. from Elastomer Separators Product line

  • Model EZ-Sorter - Plastic Containers

    The EZ Sorter simply hooks onto a Desksider recycling bin and it instantly becomes a complete source separation system. Waste goes in the EZ-Sorter. Your recycling paper or bottles & cans go into the Desksider recycle bin.

    By Waste Wise Products Inc. based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Plastic Containers Product line

  • Binder+Co CRITERION - Separating System

    CRITERION is the system for separating different types of plastic. Also in developing CRITERION, Binder+Co approached the challenge from the view point of the user. The needs of our customers for a compact multi-stream solution led to the conception of CRITERION.

    By Binder Co based in Gleisdorf, AUSTRIA. from Separating System Product line

  • Friction Separator

    A friction washer or friction separator is a water high-speed cleaning machine for mixed plastics. The system cleans the materials with a high contamination or persistent dirt, for instance, PET and film flakes. Ideally, our friction washer follows both the hot washer as a rinsing unit in the plastic recycling process. Also, B+B supplies ...

    By B+B Anlagenbau GmbH - part of the HEILIG GROUP based in Detmold, GERMANY. from Friction Separator Product line

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